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  • [Chat] Club 33

    Club 33. A seemingly magical, wonderous place that so many dream of getting just a peek within that green door in New Orleans Square. And rightly so, I know from personal experience and have dined there for several important celebrations with friends, it is indeed a wonderful way to escape the crowds wondering the streets below and the food is really very good. In my opinion, Club 33 is worth the cost of dining there, pure and simple. To experience dinner inside that incredible, historic club (in terms of Walt's life) it's very top drawer. This place is on so many peoples "bucket list" , and with good cause.
    Each time I visit, I can feel and see Walt and Lilian Disney's touch everywhere, as this was to be HIS place to host important park guests, and join his family to enjoy many wonderful meals together. That is the spirit Club 33 was designed to foster and host.
    After Walt's untimely death, the club was opened up to memberships (in pure Disney fashion, and rightly so) as a profit center for the company. It has been said for years "The Club" never breaks even or makes a profit. I find that very hard to believe, but that's coming from a very good inside Disney source. The expected profit and what the true bottom line at the end of the day are two different things.
    I know from decades of theme park employment (including Disneyland) that even when a projected attendance is not met, there is still plenty of money brought in.
    With all that said, the current mindset of TEAM DISNEY is to forget who has supported them (and Club 33) and that feathered their nests while they have been waiting for their Disney Golden Egg when they leave the company. The current members (Golden level) that waited years to be accepted as members, paid tens of thousands of dollars since being members agreed to a contract that listed the perks of being a PAID member in good standing, and have the rug pulled out from under them.
    Truth be told I have been to both Club 33 and the 1901 Club and see less than a handful (5) of other guests in either location several times.
    All due to the current Disney greed now , more than ever. The wait staff at Club 33 have lost hours due to lack of reservations, ( and the Club has lost revenue) in the 1901 club, cast members stand around looking at each other with nothng to do! I have seen this with my own eyes. All this because Disney wanted to get rid of the gold membership, and have, it's no longer offered. Seems like the $35,000 to join the "Clubs" has backfired in Mickey's face. And Mickey has gotten too big for his little red shorts and popped his big yellow buttons !!
    Funny how you see "articles" (ads) all over the media about 1901 and Club33. How exclusive they are and difficult to gain access. Used to be that way with Club 33, there was a waiting list so long Disney stopped accepting applications. Now these articles are everywhere to lure new members in, but that is not happening.
    The 1901 Club (Pretend Club 33) and really just a bar, kinda like at a medium grade hotel. If you want more than snacks and "smaller plate" meals go next door and eat. All this for what? The club used to be booked all the time, but with enough lead time you could get a reservation without question.
    I for one am fine with the limited 50 tickets per year allowed to Club 33 members, people did take advantage and yes, as with any other "membership club" you shoud have to pay for your meals. Even with the Disney pricing, and it's not inexpensive to eat at Club 33, that's part of the deal. Look at the prices of the stuff they call food in the park. The best deal is the Plaza Inn Chicken Meal. The sad thing is the Suits at Disneyland don't seem to understand the park guests and current Club 33/ 1901 member are not stupid and even the name Disney has only so much value before anyone realizes they are getting gouged big time. Wake up Mickey, in today's world there are many options with better price points than you offer. Smart business leaders know that value is only a value when it's a VALUE. Yes, quality costs, but todays consumer are better informed, educated, and spend where they are considered important, and valued (there goes that word again)
    Disneyland, don't cut off the big white gloved hand that fed you all these years, Shame on you for treating long time supporters of your Magic Kingdom and Club 33 so poorly.

    Social media is watching you Disney and spending accordingly!

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    Re: Club 33

    There is already a thread or two regarding complaints about Club 33. Perhaps you should check those out? They have been active recently and seem to have decent member participation.

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      Re: Club 33

      Man oh man, give this chap a Club 33 Fruit Punch and a plate of Chateaubriand! It's on me!
      Yes, I concur with you 100%, this entire issue of not allowing Old Gold members into 1901 is purely greed and in general, extremely poor management of a once grand place.
      I really disliked the elimination of unlimited comps and lowering us to 50 but, for all of the letters to Disney that were never answered, our pleas were completely ignored but many of us Old Golds trudged on and on, hoping things would get better. Things didn't, they got worse!
      Being disallowed in 1901 after paying so many thousands of dollars is, as I've stated previously, completely asinine, without logical reasoning except profit. Long term however, Disney is going to lose money as they are losing Gold and Silver Members and very few are willing to purchase Platinum.
      And yes, formercast1997 is correct, the times that I've been inside 1901, it's been purely crickets and not the cute type that double as your conscience! Just plain old empty. The waiters were so excited to see real live humans inside, they couldn't do enough to keep us in there, bringing life into the place. Perhaps they talk to Walt's shadow when they're all alone!
      On a more serious note, if Disney really wants 1901 to make money, for Mickey's sake, allow Old Golds and Silvers to enjoy the place.
      Let's face facts, there are very few members of Club 33 and rarely are there are more than 2 to 4 members in toto within either park at any one time. But, there are more Golds than Platinums and we have the numbers to really kick up the profit margin and bring life into the place.
      You know, like most of you I'm a Disney share holder and I really want the place to make a profit. But, I don't like seeing quality of service fall into such a pit of despair because in time, fewer and fewer guests will enjoy Disney. Many are beginning to resent current management and club members fall especially into this most depressing of categories.
      Disney needs to take a step back and re-evaluate how they are handling Club 33 and do so quickly.
      Segregating Gold and Silver Members by not allowing them to attend specific levels of club events is very much pure foolishness. Our money is just as good, but perhaps we want Disney to work a little harder for it.
      Formercast1997 is also correct in his statement that social media plays a powerful roll in dispersion of feedback and issues, good or bad, to interested fans and potential guests/members.
      Warren Buffet frequently refers to a terrific publication entitled 'The Haves and The Have-Nots'. Disney 'has' money now and is doing well, but without careful guidance, the tides could change very quickly.


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        Re: Club 33

        Thanks for the kind words, and I support you 110%. As a former cast member I can say Disney has changed since the days when they were beyond compare to other theme parks and other entertainment industries. They are now just one of many choices and yes they may have an edge, but they are no longer the leaders. Very sad, I remember when Disney designed elements of the park(s) to raise guest expectations of the company and what to expect from Disney, Now they dumbed down their thinking to the Walmart level. IE cheap (and poorly designed) shooting gallery rides replacing a classic like Circlevision in Tomorrowland. Horrible outdoor vending merchandise like glow in the dark roses on a stick! What a crime and insult to a once great name, image and leader. I suppose it's eaiser to give in to the masses and make a quick buck then really believe in the once true operating statement...Disneyland will never be complete as long as there is IMAGINATION left in the world. Gee, I guess there is none left. Sorry Walt.


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          Re: Club 33

          Don't hold back! Tell us how you really feel.


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            Re: Club 33

            Originally posted by Joshnyah View Post
            Don't hold back! Tell us how you really feel.
            Thanks, I always do and Disney will never known how everyone feels about their product unless they are voiced . Don't misunderstand, Disneyland and I go way back from designing for the company and working at Disneyland for 7 years. I loved every second of my time as a cast member. That said, I am not the type of Disney fan that will accept everything Disney does as the current team at the top only looks at profit at all costs, even disregarding the image, spirit and history of the company overall. Disney does many things better than most. Look what has happened to Knott's Berry Farm, at one time a beautiful little park with it's own charm and unique flavor. Now it's a carnival. ( I know I was an art director there for 13 years when the Knott family owned and operated the park).
            I expect quality and true honest attempts of design in all mediums from every place I will give my money to, when it's worth my time and money I give it very freely.


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              Re: Club 33

              I can't help but feel that Disney has become an entity of almost monstrous proportion and their attitude about price increases is based too predominantly upon seeing just how much they can squeeze out of guests and not necessarily what is fair and reasonable. All this while depleting customer service.
              I've said it before, but this situation has truly become a case of 'The Kings New Clothes' or in this case Mickey's.
              Fellow Walt fans, just because Disney says something or changes something, or raises their prices to laughable proportions, truly does not mean that it's right.
              I hear guests complain so much about the high prices yet they still visit the park and dump massive amounts of cash into the place. If you're not happy, search elsewhere for entertainment. If you honestly feel that Disney has any modicum of loyalty to their guests, you're very sadly mistaken.
              Since 2012 I have been extremely displeased with the management of Club 33. A lot of Pixie Dusters have not been happy with my posts and that's alright, but at least I'm speaking up and not just cowering away, afraid to take action and speak against the majority.
              This chat process is a wonderfully creative tool to express satisfaction and dissatisfaction and the Disney loyalist should realize that the Disney company will care only when you stop spending money.
              I still love the park, the history, the terrific cast members, but the company has fallen far short of my management expectations. If I treated my clientele in the same manner as Disney has treated legacy club members, well, my business would drop tremendously and rightly so.
              My cash deposits in the park have decreased tremendously and you know, I've found many terrific places to enjoy besides Disneyland. Sure, I'll still drop in from time and time but I'll spend my money elsewhere.
              Again, I know this will raise the hackles of those who swear Disney can do no wrong but think how nice the park would be if they really had to work for your money instead of merely 'expecting' it.
              As for the club, well, walking into the place somewhat turns my stomach. I once loved it so dearly but that love has now soured and not by my own doing but rather by exceptionally poor management.
              Disney has proven they can manage money but they've lost their touch in managing people.


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                Re: Club 33



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                  Re: Club 33

                  You guys gotta break that stuff up with some paragraphs breaks and indents. Those huge bricks of text and a mite difficult to read.


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                    Re: Club 33

                    In an attempt to bring several threads together which have very similar and overlapping content, this thread is closed.

                    We ask that you move further discussion on this topic over to this thread:


                    Thanks for your understanding and your follow through in not creating additional similar threads.
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