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California Adventure BGM

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  • [Question] California Adventure BGM

    My husband (well,the whole family really) loves the new background music at California Adventure. Is any of it (other than the somewhat short CarsLand CD) available for purchase?

    If not, does anyone have the playlist so we can recreate it out of our own collection? Thank you!
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    Re: California Adventure BGM

    The Music of Cars Land has been released, along with The Carthay Circle Sessions (that one's actually available on iTunes and Amazon)

    Aside from that, not a lot of the new Background music has been released. Disney Music Loops has a list of background music used in different areas, but that site's about six years out of date at this point.

    You can also check out Mr. Theme Park Audios on YouTube (sorry, can't provide a link because YouTube is blocked on my work computer). They have a good collection of attraction music and area music.


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      Re: California Adventure BGM

      I have the new Paradise Pier music loop up on my channel. Just Search New Paradise Pier Music Loop (2010) on Youtube. I would like to find the BGM for Hollywoodland though...


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        Re: California Adventure BGM

        And just as a reminder for any new members since this thread involves music.... I realize the OP is looking for legit sources but just so everyone remembers...

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          Re: California Adventure BGM

          If you feel like streaming, then find KMRE from the Museum of Radio and Electricity. It's mostly golden age of radio, mostly commercial free, legal. They also do the old Lone Ranger, Sherlock Holmes, and other old radio shows with period commercials. Lots of doctors advising you to smoke.


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            Re: California Adventure BGM

            If you know your movie scores, you can pretty much put together the Condor Flats BGM yourself.
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