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  • Your thoughts on Buzz

    For those who had a chance to ride Buzz, what did you think?

    I rode it last night, and have to admit, I thought it was "just ok". Nothing too great or exciting. It was a pretty descent new interactive experience, but overall I thought the entertainment value was a bit lacking. Anyone else think it wasn't anything to write home about, or is everyone falling head over heals for Buzz?
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    I really love the shooting aspect of it, but in general, it's not *fabulous*. However, it's a ton of fun, and I don't feel gypped at the end when it's over.

    My favorite part of the ride: The fact that the bottom of Buzz's foot says "ANDY" on it. Now that's attention to detail.


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      If you put the gun down, sat and looked at the ride, you would quickly notice- its not a great ride. Nothing special, cardboard cut outs and a few semi-animatronic figures and special effects- kinda like Pooh.

      Howevre you do have a gun and it is interactive and the cart does move and Buzz Lightyear in the standby entrance is engaging so you know what, its pretty good after all.


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        I think a fair comparison is Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin. They are both essentially C-ticket Fantasyland dark rides with some extras that make them a D ticket. Roger Rabbit is better themed (queue and inside) and is longer.

        As much as I love the interactive aspect of Buzz the queue ain't so good overall. I like the Buzz robot, the hanging planet lamps, and the rubber (old Space Mountain) flooring. The rest of the queque looks flat, and is. And I can't see it holding up to all the hands touching the pictures on the walls.

        Roger Rabbit was designed to hold almost the whole standby queue inside, and Buzz barely fits a few people inside and the rest spill out into the streets of Tomorrowland. And this is not just because it is new. There is no themed queue area for the standby line (aside for the few switchbacks inside the door) and that, I predict, will be it's greatest flaw. It makes the outside look congested and this is exactly what the entrance to Tomrrowland doesn't need.

        The Fast Pass entrance area for Buzz was also ill-conceived. (all three lines start together) The flow of the original lines and been abandoned (at least on Thursday and Sunday) and guests just use the exit to go into the Fast Pass area. Confusing and not pretty either. (though I do like the fast pass machines themselves)

        Lots of customers in the hot sun in chained queues is not good theming for the standby outside queue. Summer isn't going to be pretty. Hopefully, some shade is coming???

        Overall, though I'm happy it's here and I've enjoyed it 6 times already! I can't seem to break the 500,000 mark yet, but I'm trying.
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          it's not the best ride, but I like to shoot at the targets. The whole cardboard robots/toys and bright paint is not done very well. If there was nothing to shoot it would be a boring ride. Thankfully there are things to shoot and I like rotating the car.


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            I thought it was great. interactive rides are few and my kids and I had a blast with the target shooting.
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              Originally posted by ah schucks
              If you put the gun down, sat and looked at the ride, you would quickly notice- its not a great ride. Nothing special, cardboard cut outs and a few semi-animatronic figures and special effects- kinda like Pooh.

              Howevre you do have a gun and it is interactive and the cart does move and Buzz Lightyear in the standby entrance is engaging so you know what, its pretty good after all.
              Yeah... too bad there's no guns on Pooh...

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                Originally posted by Pizzapants
                Yeah... too bad there's no guns on Pooh...
                Oh, how i would love that...
                You would think that being in New York for eight months out of the year would be cool...not when the closest thing you have to Disneyland is the World of Disney Store on Madison.


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                  Originally posted by Pizzapants
                  Yeah... too bad there's no guns on Pooh...
                  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

                  Ahhh, an entirely new theme for "Critter country"

                  Maybe the next ride could feature road kill and some redneck hillbillies?
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                    Overall, I thought the ride was of Disney quality, although I thought the entry queue was a little too much on the "Chuck E Cheese" side. The "breifing" area (where the animated Buzz Lightyear was installed) was very cool. I like the use of giant sized etch-a-sketch as the display screen. The ride itself is pretty much what I expected, although I give the Imagineers a few creativity points for the laser-gun concept. Most kids under 14 seem to love it. Considering the ride really didn't take much time to complete from breaking ground to soft opening, I'd be inclined to give an overall grade of C+. Just the fact that the new ride seems to have hopefully breathed some new life into TL and the fact that the cycling capacity of the ride is really good (read: fast lines), makes me pretty happy as a customer and a fan.
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                      I was really pleased with the ride.

                      I personally love the queue. It reminded me of "a bugs land" and how after you enter everything is much larger so you feel as if you're the size of a toy. The Buzz animatronic is fantastic.
                      My only problem with the ride is that it's way too short. But given the fact WDI had such a small amount of space to work with, I can't complain. As for the queue, some shade needs to be added for the upcoming summer months. at least some cheap overhead coloured cloth covering like at Soarin' Over California... SOMETHING. But, all in all, I was not disappointed by the ride. I LOVE the speed tunned... does anybody know if that's the homage to Rocket Rods/People Mover? It could be, cause I don't know how exactly a tunnel like that fits into the narrative of the ride unless I missed something when I was too busy trying to hit the targets hidden in the tunnel.. haha.

                      I also love how "Andy" is written on Buzz's foot. Great attention to detail. Also, I love how the targets react. Very nice.

                      It's going to definately become a staple attraction when I visit Tomorrowland from now on...

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                        I agree with the overall sentiment... a basically mediocre ride, punched up with an interactive component. After all.... who doesn't like shootin' stuff? Yeee-haw!!!!

                        I think it will become one of those rides that I go on when I'm in the area with some time to kill... not one of those that I just have to ride every time I go. I think the best part is the fact that it's one more attraction in TL (which is looking amazing after the refurb!!!!).
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                          I pretty much agree with Glad Game Guy. Without the shooting element the ride is unremarkable. In fact the videogame feeling of the attraction is the only thing that ties it to Tomorrowland. WIthout it Astro Blasters is just a Fantasyland attraction caught in the wrong land.

                          The queue is a big problem right now as it causes a lot of congestion. What with the throngs of people waiting to get in, the "rocks" and the Astro Orbiter you can barely even get into Tomorrowland. A new quque solution needs to be found quick!

                          For me the biggest positive of Astro Blasters is that it seems to have instigated the repainting of Tomorroland. Finally we can get away from all those ugly rust colors and get a shimmering bright future again. Yes!
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                            I took my sister last Friday and we thought it was really fun. Maybe it isn't a huge E-ticket ride, but it was nice to ride something new. She had never been on the one in Florida, so she was pleasantly surprised (and beat me by over 20,000 points!).

                            I agree the the beginning of the line is confusing. There was a huge group of people waiting for their fast past time to arrive, so when we walked up to the line my sister and I weren't sure what was going on. There must be a way to discourage people from doing that, it clogs up the entrance.
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                              I got to ride it a few times this weekend and thought it was fun. It's not the best ride in the park, but it's certainly not the worst by far. It's a little hard to really look for the detail and storyline going through the ride with being so busy shooting at everything, but it is bright, cheerful, and fun. I especially like how you can email your picture and score, but it's also one of the least planned parts in the ride. I think they should have CM's do the emailing. Some of these people were totally lost trying to figure this out and then you have the people who want to send the picture to all their friends and family. They should limit you to one email and then you can forward it from home to whoever else. I was behind one family who were in two cars, so they had to send both pictures to numerous addresses. By the time they finished, my picture was gone off the screen


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