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Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

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  • [Question] Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    Do a top 5, or 10 if you want. Rank them accordingly. Personally I put Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland version) as #1. Here is the list:

    #1 Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland) - Even before riding the Disneyland version I thought the WDW version was the best ride ever. Disneyland's version is clearly better and longer which is the type of ride you want to be longer. This is a ride that has everything. Nostalgia, attention to detail, top notch theming, and a sense of escapism. I was skeptical about how they could combine the Blue Bayou with the beginning of the ride but they do it rather well. They theme it well with the New Orleans swamp atmosphere before transitioning into the Caribbean. Unbelievable ride, I've loved it more than anything since I was 10 years old. At 32 it is still my favourite. We rode it 4 times on our Disneyland trip. I get taken right back to that ride whenever I hear the "Yo Ho" Pirates song.

    #2 Haunted Mansion (WDW) - The one time we were in Disneyland it just so happened to be the exact time it was closed for the Halloween makeover transition. That's a shame, because I love everything about it in WDW. From the reports I have been told the WDW version isn't any worse. I love the tombstones out front, the stretching room and the overall mood of the ride. I almost wish I could just get out and explore the place. Few rides give you that Disney feeling like this one.

    #3 Splash Mountain (WDW) - I think the WDW version is noticeably superior. It's longer and better paced. Again, this is a ride that has everything in it. A nice drop at the end, you get a little wet, the music is great, the characters and the story is great and in the WDW version the hidden mickeys are fun to find.

    #4 Tower of Terror (either version) - Maybe the WDW was a tad better because there is more time before the drops but either way this is an attraction that takes you right into another era. It takes you into into 1930s Hollywood in the Golden age. I have always felt that a drop in pitch black is scarier then the run of the mill ones in broad daylight in a normal theme park. The music, Rod Sterling's commentary and the fact that the scariest part is the anticipation makes this the attraction we've all come to love.

    #5 Radiator Springs Raceway - We saved some time and went in the singles line. We still ended up in the same car. It was totally worth the wait, even 30 minutes. It's a great all around ride and it is themed wonderfully too. Definitely a better attraction than Test Track at Epcot.

    #6 Small World - Doesn't matter the version. Both are great. I like the added characters in Disneyland's version. I know that irritated some people but it isn't intrusive and they blend it in there well. I might be one of the few people who never get annoyed with that song. This is the first attraction I ever went on at WDW when I was 10 and it has always had a special bond with me.

    #7 Indiana Jones - Better than Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom which is a ride it often gets compared to. The theming is done too well here for me not to put it on the list.

    #8 E.T. - Yeah I have to throw in at least one Universal ride. E.T. is mind blowing for me. If you watched the movie it is impossible to not feel connected with it on this ride. It is total immersion that is Disneyesque. Very touching too. You don't think you're on a theme park ride which is a commentary on how great an attraction actually is.

    #9 Country Bear Jamboree - One thing I didn't like is how they took it out of Disneyland. I wish it was in there because I love it in WDW and hope it always stays (they just did a tune up of it). It has this charm to it that only Disney can duplicate. The songs and the characters are lovable. I look at the space around Winnie in Disneyland and can't understand how they couldn't have still kept the Bears around and added Winnie too.

    #10 Jurassic River Adventure - Again, another Universal ride that captures the Disneyesque way of transporting you into that movie and feeling a part of it. The T-Rex at the end gets me every time. I'm a big fan of the movies, especially the original one, so it really hits home with me.

    The funny thing is there are 8 Disney rides on here and 2 Universal. I am a big rollercoaster junkie and yet when you compare them to things like Pirates you always favour Pirates first and foremost. It is the all around feeling and atmosphere of a ride that keeps me coming back and forces me to place them on this list even over other rides that surpass them in the thrill department. Thrills are certainly not everything when it comes to attractions, and my list proves it.

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    1. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue
    2. Splash Mountain
    3. Space Mountain
    4. Matterhorn
    5. Peter Pan
    6. Tower of Terror
    7. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    8. Haunted Mansion
    9. Jungle Cruise (night)
    10. Muppet Vision 3-D
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      Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

      These aren't ranked but here are the Disney attractions I like.
      1.Journey Into Imagination (Original version with Dreamfinder & Figment)
      2.Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
      3.Captain EO
      4.Space Mountain
      5.Pinocchio's Daring Journey
      6.Peter Pan's Flight
      7.Mr.Toad's Wild Ride
      8.Alice In Wonderland
      9.Snow White's Scary Adventures
      10.Splash Mountain
      11.The Country Bear Jamboree
      12.The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
      13.Pooh's Hunny Hunt
      14.Soarin' Over California
      17.Indiana Jones's Adventures
      18.Star Tours (Original and Modern)
      19.Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters
      20.Toy Story Mania
      21.Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully to the Rescue
      22.Pirates of the Carribean
      23.The Haunted Mansion
      24.The Haunted Mansion Holiday
      25.The Jungle Cruise


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        Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

        Oh my gosh! I forgot Muppet Vision 3D. Lol


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          Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

          The Disneyland Resort is the only Disney resort I have been to so all of these are the versions from Disneyland/DCA

          1. Splash Mountain
          Okay so maybe it isn't the best ride I am going to mention here but Splash has always been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid so nostalgia alone makes Splash top the list for me. I think it is a great upbeat family thrill ride, with immersive scenes, great music, a some thrills.

          2. Pirates of the Caribbean
          Pirates at Disneyland is probably the best themed ride ever built. hands down. I have never been on anything that matches the scale and level of immersiveness of pirates. From the creepy grotto scenes, to the fun yo ho mayhem this ride is perfect from beginning to end!

          3. Radiator Spring Racers
          Racers is amazing! I think it is the perfect combination of dark ride/thrill ride, and its fun for everybody in the family, because while thrilling it is not intense. This is another ride of a massive scale, and the rockwork alone makes you feel transported to radiator springs. And let's not forget the animatronics. My jaw dropped the first time I rode RSR and the sheriff pulled out and started talking, these are THE BEST AA figures out there!

          4. Indiana Jones Adventure
          Recently demoted thanks to RSR, IJA is still one of the most advanced themed rides in the industry and its almost 18 years old. This ride has hands down the best queue in the entire resort, its really a shame that it doesnt get used to its fullest potential, but it really immerses you in the world of indiana jones. The ride itself is still so much fun and thrilling despite the fact the it isnt at it former glory, but still a solid ride that is tons of fun!

          5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
          Thunder Mountain holds so many great memories, It is so much fun to whip around the mountain flying all over the seats! From theme to thrills there is just so much right with thunder mountain and I cannot wait for its refurb and see what gets done here!


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            Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

            These are really not ranked, as they are just my favorites. I'm not sure that I could really choose which one I love the most! There are many others that I love, but these just stand out for me:

            1. Big Thunger Mountain Railroad
            2. Space Mountain
            3. Haunted Mansion (original and holiday version)
            4. Star Tours
            5. Indiana Jones
            6. Tower of Terror

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              Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

              1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
              2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
              3. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
              4. Tower of Terror
              5. Millennium Force


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                Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

                1. splash mountian
                2. indiana jones adventure (extremely close to #1)
                3. tower of terror
                4. space mountain
                5. big thunder railroad
                6. radiator springs racers
                7. haunted mansion
                8. pirates of the caribbean
                9. jungle cruise
                10. california screamin'


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                  Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

                  1. Tower of Terror
                  2. Space Mountain
                  3. Indiana Jones Adventure
                  4. Star Tours
                  5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


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                    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

                    Being that the op added non-Disney rides on their list here's my top 10 favorite all time rides.

                    1. Haunted Mansion DL
                    2. POTC - DL
                    3. Space Mountain - DL
                    4. Thunder Mountain - DL
                    5. Small World - DL
                    6. Calico Mine Ride - Knotts
                    7. Timber Mountain Log Ride - Knotts
                    8. Tram tour - USH
                    9. Transformers ride - USH
                    10. Tiki Room - DL


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                      Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

                      Disney is really the only theme park I go to or have ever been to, so all my favorites are located within Disneyland and DCA.

                      Maybe someday in the future I will have the strength to choose Universal Studios over Disneyland.
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                        Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

                        Great Thread!!! Many of mine are outside of Disney. There are other parks out there!!!

                        1) Tower of Terror (DHS)
                        2) Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland)
                        3) Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (IOA)
                        4) Haunted Mansion (MK)
                        5) Test Track (EPCOT)
                        6) Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)
                        7) Mr. Toads Wild Ride (Disneyland)
                        8) El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure
                        9) Men in Black (Universal Studios Florida)
                        10) DLRR (Disneyland)


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                          Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

                          Mine are mixed from a variety of parks. Ranked in order.

                          1 - Haunted Mansion, Disneyland. Prefer the solid robotic hitchhikers at the end over Florida's projections, but Florida has Constance in a better version and like the preshow and staircase room, but their 'interactive' cemetery has stuff that is just plain lame and kiddie-centric. Disneyland original wins.

                          2 - Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland. Longer and all around better, more atmospheric in terms of the ride, but the Florida queue circa 2000 would have won before adding the booming movie theme throughout the whole thing.

                          3 - E.T. - Universal Orlando. My favorite queue ever and a little gem of an attraction, bizarre alien jamboree finale and all.

                          4 - Calico Mine Ride - Knott's Berry Farm. A low-tech classic, high on ambiance and charm.

                          5 - Space Mountain, Disneyland - very smooth coaster, love the interior star effects and music.

                          6 - Tower of Terror, Walt Disney World. Superior in every way due to the larger exterior grounds and post-show areas, better themed and detailed, and a longer ride.

                          7 - Snow White's Scary Adventures, Disneyland. Classic spookhouse elements delivered in Disney style.

                          8 - Journey Into Imagination (original), Walt Disney World. Imaginative and engrossing with great characters and amazing music - a shame to have lost it.

                          9 - Submarine Voyage, Disneyland and Walt Disney World - tie. Both had the elements I love (mermaids, deep sea fish, goofy plastic sea life, the giant squid, the sea serpent, atmosphere) but presented differently and the WDW version had the Captain Nemo/20,000 Leagues aspects, and I love that film. A true loss and Disneyland's Finding Nemo resurrection is a pallid knock-off.

                          10 - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Walt Disney World. Pure Rolly Crump weirdness married to a Disney classic, sight gags abound and almost too much to take in. Disneyland's version is great, but Florida's was something else entirely. Very much missed.

                          I have not experienced Wizarding World, so placement of Forbidden Journey remains a possibility but speculative at this point. Jurassic Park River Adventure from Florida or Hollywood almost made it onto the list.
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                            Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

                            I'll just keep it simple and do a top five for each park..


                            1) Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
                            2) Haunted Mansion
                            3) Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
                            4) Pirates of the Caribbean
                            5) Pinocchio's Daring Journey/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride


                            1) California Screamin'
                            2) Tower of Terror
                            3) Radiator Springs Racers


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                              Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

                              1. Haunted Mansion (Disneyland) - Everything about this attraction amazes me. It totally engulfs you into another world. I especially love the Peppers Ghost effect in the ballroom which still looks convincing even though I know the secrets of it. I love entering the foyer and listening to the slow organ version of Grim Grinning Ghosts. Overall my favorite attraction ever. 2. Indiana Jones Adventure (Disneyland) - Like Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones Adventure does a perfect job in immersing me into an ancient temple in the middle of the jungle. The queue is probably my favorite out of any of the queues at Disneyland because it allows the guests to become a part of the story with its interactive elements. I love the ride vehicles because they emphasize the roughness and unpredictability of your journey through the temple. My only nit pick with this ride is that the boulder never seems to work when I am around, and that is supposed to be the climatic part of the ride, so I expect to see that working. My favorite part is when you go on the bridge and see Mara's skull shooting green lasers. 3. Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland) I am quite a fan of rides that immerse you in another world, and pirates does just that. I consider the Blue Bayou to be one of the most serene places inside Disneyland because its quiet relaxed atmosphere. The caves are filled with many details that may not be seen on just one trip. This makes the ride highly repeatable and that's great. While the constant name calling of "Captain Jack Sparrow" gets rather annoying after a while, this ride still has it. 4.Radiator Springs Racers (DCA) - A new experience in the once struggling theme park succeeds in garnering my interest. When I first visited Cars Land back in June, I was amazed by the scale and detail of the rockwork and how realistic the place felt. The ride makes for a very exciting trip through Ornament Valley, and I especially love the part where the car makes a sudden quick dash up a hill to escape Fred. The audio animatronics are the best I have ever seen in a Disney ride; they are very fluid and convincing. Overall, it is a great addition to DCA. 5. Grizzly River Run- This ride differs from the other rides I have mentioned because it does not have characters or a story. I love this ride just for the joy it brings when I ride it. I like the interactivity with other people on the raft and the laughs we share when getting soaked.