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Kids fly free to Disneyland


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  • Kids fly free to Disneyland

    Does anybody know about the promotions on Alaska and (I think) United Airlines that allows kids to fly free with a paying adult to So Cal?

    How do you take advantage of this if you don't want the hotel, airport transfers, park tickets etc. ? ? ? Does anybody know if this is available without the whole package?

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    Re: Kids fly free to Disneyland

    No, that is how they can "claim" that kids fly free. Overall, you are still paying for them to fly. You just don't see the charge.

    It's called "Marketing".

    You still are better off making your own deals direct. Sure, it takes a little time, but it saves you money too.

    Some folks prefer the all-in-one package. And that is fine. But they will pay more for the service. To some people, that's more important than saving a few bucks.


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      Re: Kids fly free to Disneyland

      With the "Kids Fly Free" offers, you typically pay a very high full-price fare for two adults which ends costing more than four discounted tickets. As long as you buy a few weeks or more in advance, getting discounted tickets is very easy. They are non-refundable, which means that if you can't make the flight, you can keep credit with the airline for another flight at another time, but you can't get your money back. (FYI, I know the policies for Southwest airlines are different, but I don't know the details.)

      Thus, as suggested, you would likely be better off shopping around on your own for airline fares and Disney packages to save money.


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        Re: Kids fly free to Disneyland

        Only one time was the Kids Fly Free/Play Free a good deal for us and that was back in Dec. 2001. For the most part, paying for a hotel and airfare and what tickets we need is cheaper when we piece it out individually.

        I would try both. Also, don't buy your character meals from alaska air. Call ahead to Disneyland and make your reservations, sure, but don't purchase the meals through aa. I did it once....fall of 2001....and got ripped off!

        We always fly Alaska to Disneyland...for us, they have the largest selections of flights/times/locations and usually the lowest prices!

        Have fun planning.


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