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Limited Time Magic: 'Oz The Great and Powerful'-inspired menu items at Award Wieners


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  • [Review] Limited Time Magic: 'Oz The Great and Powerful'-inspired menu items at Award Wieners

    Dogs, drinks, and foam! Oh, my!

    To be honest up until this point I have never ordered anything from this little hot dog place called Award Wieners. I always felt if I wanted to get a hot dog I would go to Doggy Stylez where I live, or Cupids when I am in Southern California. Hot dogs just never seemed to be a highlight for theme park food when so many other options are available. How good can a hot dog really be to justify the six of seven dollars you spend? To top that off I had been spoiled by a local mini-chain called Doggy Stylez and other then a chili cheese dog from Cupids in SoCal I felt I had turned into a hot dog snob. To give you an example of some of my favorite gourmet dogs, so you understand where I am coming from:

    Click image for larger version

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    This is "The Dirty Harry", fresh cooked chili, nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheese, and mustard.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is "The Duke", a bacon wrapped dog, covered in home-made BBQ sauce, and topped with chopped pineapple and onion.

    They even had a new one out where they partnered with a neighboring restaurant called The Persian Grill to make a decadent home-made 5-cheese macaroni that was made fresh daily as a topping for a new hot dog. It was absolutely delicious.

    Ever since "One More Disney Day," I vowed to fit in whatever unique and limited edition food items were available in the parks. This time the Yellow Brick Roll and Wizard Blizzard were on my list. It was the the final day of my groups stay when I was guiding two of my girl friends who had never been to DCA around when we wanted to stop for lunch. They sat down at the shaded eating spot next to Award Wieners so they could watch the Pixar Play Parade as I ordered. Award Wieners was particularly busy compares to when I usually walk by and most people were ordered the LE items.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	WizBlizLowRedDes.jpg
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    WIZARD BLIZZARD: Mysteriously Glowing Minute Maid Light Lemonade with a breeze of Granny Smith Apple flavor, topped with Citrus Foam. $6.29

    Click image for larger version

Name:	YellowBrickRoleDes.jpg
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    YELLOW BRICK ROLL: Kobe All Beef Chicago-style Dog served in a Cheddar-Poppy Yellow Roll with Dill Pickles, Tomatoes, Onions, Pepperocinis and Sweet Emerald Green Relish. $7.19

    The advertising on the windows was nicely designed compared to other LE signage (sometimes there isn't any) for prior food offerings. The most expensive dogs at this location are $7.19, and since the Yellow Brick Role was a LE option I expected it to top the rest of their offerings (which it did, but we will get to that in a moment). The Wizard Blizzard would be the fourth drink I have dried with Disney's foam topping and to be honest I was a little hesitant and almost ordered no foam. I had Filmore's Groovy'ades and I thought the foam actually took away from the all-natural lemonade, the foam on Doc's Grape Tonic didn't help, and I absolutely despised Red's Apple Freeze in both the drink and foam. It had tasted like it was meant for the taste-buds of a six year old by how overly sweet all the components were. But I took a chance.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	WizardBlizzardLowRes.jpg
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    The first thing I tried was the Wizard Blizzard. I thought on the advertising when it said, "Mysteriously Glowing" it was just cute advertising, but no, it actually came with one of the light-up ice cubes typically reserved for Disney alcoholic beverages such as the Glowtini at the Cove Bar or the Glowjito/Digitini in former ElecTRONica. The normal cost for a foam drink is $4.29, and the prior cost for alcoholic beverages with the glowing ice cubs was around $7 or $8, so I think $6.29 is a fair cost for this drink to have the souvenir to take home with you.

    The drink itself is by far the best foam drink that Disney currently makes. The slightly acidic citrus foams compliments the sweet and tangy granny smith lemonade liquid perfectly. It is not overly sweet and when you drink it you might have an aftertaste of the inside of a Warhead or Skittles candy, but its not over powered.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	YellowBrickRoleLowRes.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	YellowBrickRole2LowRes.jpg
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    Next came the dog, it's presentation wasn't anything special and who really cares about the generic potato chips or apple slices sides. However the taste really made up for everything. Many people not have been familiar with the term Chicago-Style, but it essentially covers the basics of all the toppings Disney used in this hot dog. You will notice there is no ketchup and that because typical Chicago Dog's and their critics find ketchup to be a major no-no on their hot dogs. However if you want some there are packets on the outside of the window.

    The Kobe dog was charred just right and cooked to perfection. The bun was soft and warm and the topics were all fresh and vibrant. As I was eating the hot dog I couldn't believe how delicious it really was and ended up being an eating highlight on my trip. As I was drinking the Wizard Blizzard and eating the Yellow Brick Roll, one of the girls I was with ended up ordering the same thing for how delicious mine looked, and soon after the other girl with us went back and ordered the Yellow Brick Roll as well.

    This one dish has changed my mind about hot dogs at Disney and in a future visit I will give Award Wieners an opportunity to prove itself with one of it's normal offerings but the bar has been placed rather high.
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    Re: Limited Time Magic: 'Oz The Great and Powerful'-inspired menu items at Award Wien

    Nice review. The duke looks so good minus the pineapple.
    In the quest for quality, I have no problem with the characters footing the bill.


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      Re: Limited Time Magic: 'Oz The Great and Powerful'-inspired menu items at Award Wien

      I had the drink a few weeks ago and liked it. But it was borderline on the sweetness. But I'm obsessed with those glow cubes anyway so I enjoyed it.
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        Re: Limited Time Magic: 'Oz The Great and Powerful'-inspired menu items at Award Wien

        Yes!! I LOVE food reviews!! Thank you for sharing.

        I am not a veggie fan, so I passed on trying this hot dog. I have found that I LOVE the mac n cheese dog at Coke Corner. I recommend giving it a shot if you haven't yet!

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