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Fantasmic or World of Color Premium Viewing

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  • [Question] Fantasmic or World of Color Premium Viewing

    We will be visiting the Disneyland June 16-22nd. I have been to Disneyland several times and I know this time of year can be real busy. I found on the Disney vacation site that you can opt for Fantasmic and World of Color Premium Viewing. Have any of you ever bought tickets for premium viewing? Is it nice or not worth it? It's been about 13 years since I last visited so I've never seen the World of Color and want to make sure this is special for my family.

    Thank you!! I'm so excited!! :yea:

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    Re: Fantasmic or World of Color Premium Viewing

    At WoC it come with meals, and can be seen as paying for a meal and getting the WoC FPs as a bonus. If you were going to eat one of the meals anyway it's really nothing extra. You get possibly good views, can still have people standing in front of you, and you stand. Without it you can certainly get a better view.

    At F! you get a snack box and drink, plus a chair to sit in. You get a good view from your chairs. It's expensive but you get something out of it. Otherwise you will be sitting on the ground or standing.
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