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Evacuting Rides in an Emergency


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  • [Question] Evacuting Rides in an Emergency

    Like my question says, how would the cast members evacuate during an emergency (fire, earthquake, Bad people in the parks)

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    Re: Evacuting Rides in an Emergency

    I can tell you that there are procedures in place.
    Maybe someone else can elaborate.
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      Re: Evacuting Rides in an Emergency

      Do you mean evacuate rides or the park? Rides I would imagine would just be like breaking down.

      The whole park evac I would bet would have all the backstage areas leading towards any and all exits open and having cms directing people to the closest exit.
      Just sayin'


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        Re: Evacuting Rides in an Emergency

        It strongly depends on the specific attraction and the specific circumstances. Each attraction has numerous sets of procedures that all cast members at the location learn. There's no "one size fits all" approach. Forgive me for not going into more detail than that......the bottom line is that if you ever need to be evacuated from an attraction, please just follow the directions of the cast members. The procedures are in place to help everyone leave the attraction safely.


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          Re: Evacuting Rides in an Emergency

          I work Indiana Jones and this is how it works for us... During an earthquake we keep the attraction moving if it is safe to do so. If we stop the ride, the safest and easiest way to remove guest out of the ride is to restart the ride and bring them back to the station. If its not safe to continue ride motion, CMs will evacuate guest, if for any reason it's not safe for us to go on the track, we will exit the building and spiel on the ride that guest need to get themselves out and exit through marked exits OR wait for fire department. CMs ARE NOT TO PUT THEIR OWN SAFETY AT RISK. If we get a fire alarm and you are on the ride, the ride will still continue as normal but the ride control systems will prevent gates at the loading station to open prevent any more guest to board a car. CMs will continue moving the ride until all guest have exited the ride. Again, the safest way to remove guest from the ride during an emergency is to keep moving the ride and have them exit at the station. If for any reason it's not safe to keep the ride moving, we will stop the ride and when that happens, all the CMs leave the building, the lights will turn on in the ride and you will hear a voice that saying "this is an emergency, please exit through marked exits". Pretty much the guest are on their own after that. Cast members are not allowed to go on the track and put their safety at risk to evac guest during a fire alarm. The only people allowed inside are fire department.


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            Re: Evacuting Rides in an Emergency

            Originally posted by WoC 95 View Post
            Like my question says, how would the cast members evacuate during an emergency (fire, earthquake, Bad people in the parks)
            Good question. Unfortunately in the case of a major earthquake, Disney doesn't appear to have a good answer.

            From Al Lutz' column "Timelines and Faultlines"...

            ...Anaheim has never conducted a park-wide earthquake drill for its Cast Members, and the few minutes of earthquake training Cast Member’s receive when they hire in is so basic and so vague it comes across as rather meaningless.

            ...the response for a moderate or severe earthquake is for all Cast Members to abandon their work locations and go to a designated “Cast Assembly Area”, while the park visitors are mysteriously directed by seemingly no one to move to separate yet unlabeled “Safe Havens,” which are open areas away from buildings.

            If the earthquake response is carried out accurately, the employees and customers would be segregated into separate assembly areas that are only identified on a handful of dusty maps posted backstage.

            Not a single word is mentioned in any of the Cast Member training about how to respond to panicky or injured visitors, or what to tell them, or where to direct them.

            The salaried park management have also had just a few minutes of vague and useless training in earthquake response techniques, the same as the average ride operator or shop clerk got, so don’t look to the guy wearing the Dockers and the earpiece for useful direction or assistance either.

            ...There are vague plans to evacuate the parks along designated corridors in the strong earthquake scenarios, dumping up to 100,000 people at one time out into the Esplanade and/or surface streets around the parks.

            The tram and bus systems back to the parking lots would be shut down immediately and everyone would be expected to walk back to their car, even though the official plans call for the 10,000 space Mickey & Friends parking structure to remain closed (if it's still standing) for an indefinite period of time until it can be inspected by engineers. Your best bet, if a large earthquake strikes at Disneyland, is to calmly gather your family and walk directly to the park exit. It would be wise to not park in the troublesome Mickey & Friends structure, and instead park in the safer Toy Story surface parking lot that has no plans to shut down indefinitely after an earthquake. Don’t bother with the Toy Story buses, just walk the five blocks down Harbor Blvd. and then try to drive away.

            As things stand now, what you shouldn’t expect is a lot of information or thoughtful response from the hourly or salaried employees at Disneyland after anything above a “mild” earthquake. In the absence of any real training or comforting instruction, most Cast Members at all levels have simply come up with their own mental plan to quickly get back to their car and get off property.

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              Re: Evacuting Rides in an Emergency

              Thanks for the article Wiggins. It was an interesting read.

              Isn't it a bit scary though? In recent years, California has only been struck by very mild earthquakes around 6.0 and below. In other parts of the world, like Chile and Japan, they've had earthquakes in the 8.0 and 9.0 in recent years. Disneyland is pretty much a sitting duck on open hunting season right now. The inevitable earthquake will happen, and Disneyland just isn't prepared to handle any really big disaster.

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