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FastPass and RiderSwap Clarification/Optimization?


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  • [Question] FastPass and RiderSwap Clarification/Optimization?

    Hi All. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    We'll be heading to DLR next month and we're trying to wrap our heads around how to best utilize the rider swap feature. With the changes to FP as well as rider swap tickets being issued for two people rather than 3, it seems like blog posts and anything I could google is outdated. So I thought I'd post my scenario here and let you experts chime in. Thanks for all your help.

    Parent 1 - P1
    Parent 2 - P2
    Grandparent 1 - GP1
    Child 1 (riding height, ticketed) - C1
    Child 2 (not riding height, not ticketed) - C2

    Attraction: Radiator Springs Racers


    To take full advantage of the FastPass/RiderSwap, what would you recommend? How many times does each rider get to ride within the cycle?

    Here's what I've got so far:

    P1 and P2 enter DCA while GP1 stays with C1 and C2. P1 takes P2's card (P2 goes back with family) and gets 2 Fastpasses for RSR.

    at RE-entry P1 and C1 ask for 1 riderswap. P2 and G1 and C2 join the FP line. P1 and C1 ride RSR, while P2, G1 and C2 wait. Then P1, C1 and C2 exit while P2 and G2 ride. The family then meets up at the exit.

    Does this sound right? I'm I collecting too many fastpasses or not using the riderswap to the full potental (more rides allowed, etc.)

    Any feedback/clarification would be very appreciated.


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    Re: FastPass and RiderSwap Clarification/Optimization?

    Just wanted to clarify the reason for leaving DCA was for me to quickly get Fastpasses for RSR while the family did something else. that "something else" could have been in DCA as well. I was just confirming that for each FP we want to get, the ticket used has to be activated in the park..


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