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Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?


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  • [Question] Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

    What is your favorite parade (current or in the past) in Disneyland?

    I never did see The Main Street Electrical Parade, and I'm sure that would be a top choice.

    The Crusin the Kingdom Parade (late 1990's) was cute Start the video at 3m 40sec:

    And the music from the Parade of Dreams (2005ish) was fantastic:

    If you can find any YouTube videos of your favorite parade post it!

    There was one from the late 1950's / early 60's that had Goofy driving a car that falls apart on him; I can't find the video for that on YouTube.

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    Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

    My favorite had to be Disney's Electrical Parade (only saw it at DCA and not DL)


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      Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

      LIght Magic!

      Naw, just kidding. But actually, I think Parade of Dreams was a masterpiece.

      No matter where you go, there you are.


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        Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

        The Lion King Celebration was an achievement. They'll never top that one. Close second was of course, Electrical Parade.


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          Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

          For me it will always be POD Parade of Dreams. I think that was the most fantasic parade that I have ever seen and I love playing camera with Aurora in ther parade she would always see me and post for me. I remember one time I was watching the parade and I didn't have my camera out this time. Aurora saw me and moising me of where is my camera. I pointed to my fanty pack I had at the time and she was gifing me the sad face look so I try as fast as I could get it out but the float she was on was moving to fast to get her in time. Here are some pics that I mean.

          Mine personal favorite


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            Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

            I love Soundsational! I almost had the privelage to see POD (which is a close second), bit i got my pass a year too late. I saw Soundsational in it's first week and couldnt stop smiling. The floats are stunning, the colors are vibrant, the costumes are beyond creative, and the music gives me chills.
            The music celebration puts some motion into my ocean!


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              Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

              The Main Street Electrical Parade will always be my favorite Disneyland parade but my second fave is definitely The Lion King Celebration Parade. I want to say it ran from '95-'97? or somewhere around then. It had all the characteristics of a great parade: elaborate floats, entertaining performers, awesome costumes, and I think most of us will agree the music from the Lion King was incredible. I used to love the huge rhinos and elephants that walked around, the crocs, gazelles, ostriches, swinging monkeys, and the giraffe performers on stilts! (Not to mention the big animatronic Simba on Pride Rock makes the new Soundsational Parade Simba look like a joke). It was such a short parade but it had such a huge presence. To me, it was more theatrical than other parades, almost feeling like a moving broadway play, especially when it would come to a complete stop and they'd perform "The Circle of Life". Then things would pick right back up with "I Just Can't Wait To Be King". I thought it was ah-mah-zing.
              *rant over*


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                Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

                I agree with Darth Maul. The Lion King Parade was wonderful.
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                  Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

                  I'm just going to list a few that I really enjoyed personally, perhaps I will place them in some sort of order, after thinking about it, so many things to consider, from the Music, to the costumes to special features of the floats. And for the most part, many of these parade were better in their premiere year, as in following years, fewer parade performers were in the parades, - it is sad that Disney let's let's the quality of these parades die after the first year. (two exceptions being MSEP and Christmas Parade)

                  MSEP (prior to the Tinkerbell changes at DCA) - the music, the lighting, the characters all blended together to create Disneyland's most unique parade. It's too bad they didn't add new units for this parade from time to time (would have love Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Treasure Planet, Tangled to be a part of this parade - and also Hercules which did have TWO specially built floats for a one time performance in New York City)

                  Party Gras! (35th) This parade had great floats and inflatables, and high energy music that along with the coins, made it one of the most fun Parades

                  Eureka! - Not a Disney Character to be seen, but incorporated some of the most unique features on the large floats and several small individually operated units from the Golden Gate Bridge walking around, to a a take out box chasing a person dressed as a fortune cookie, and acrobatics on every larger float, complete with a soundtrack that was phenomenal, blending together each separate section of the parade.

                  Aladdin's Royal Caravan

                  Hercules Victory Parade

                  Mulan Parade

                  Lion King Parade - a parade so good, that several parades afterwards had remnants of ideas from this parade.

                  A Very Merry Christmas Parade (prior to the change in Christmas 1995 - with kids that performed in the parade)

                  Christmas Fantasy Parade (prior to the elimination of the goofy looking reindeer)

                  Parade of Dreams (50th) - Some fantastic HUGE floats, and some that rose in height during the shows stops and each with special features and or acrobats, great costumes, great blending of music from one section of the parade to the next, loved how the parade comes to a complete stop, Walt speaks, and the parade comes to life.

                  Honorable Mention: Soundsational: Great upbeat music and song choices, but blending of so many different songs for each unit was just too much, I didn't like that half the floats were large drums, that you couldn't see the main character at the top of the float very well (the drum floats could have been MUCH shorter in height) Personally, I think Hong Kong DL did a better job with the look and sound of it's opening float in their Flights of Fantasy, which was themed to the Mickey Mouse Club March with a whole band, and not just the drummers. Personally didn't like the 2-Dimensional look to the parades and some of the costumes (especially the gals in the front of the princess float) however the Mary Poppins unit at the end (when it still had the band) was terrific, expecially like Mary and Bert on the Carousel Horses.

                  Honorable Mention : Block Party Bash , more of show stop in my opinion than a parade, but this show did have more energy than any other show in DLR history.

                  Honorable Mention - (well, if it ever came to DL for Halloweentime) the WDW Magic Kingdom Halloween Parade - I haven't seen this in person at WDW, but it looks fantastic on video. It is EXACTLY what DL needs for its own Halloweentime Parade, rather than that mess it currently has.

                  Honorable Mention - (well, if it ever came to DL for Easter) the Tokyo DL Easter Parade

                  ************************************************** ***********

                  Parades and other street entertainment that missed the mark

                  Parade with such a bad choice of music, they did it wrong TWICE! - Parade of the Stars!

                  Parade with a horrible main song - Pixar Play Parade - yeah , they should have left this leftover main song to die at that other disney overseas parks. so many of the pixar movies had such wonderful songs and/or scores, they would have a MUCH better choice than the crap they chose. And they should have left the Ratatouille Float IN the Parade and ALL the floats at their original height, BUT without the overload of watercannons.

                  and of course CRAP! CelebRate A street Party! - not a parade at all, DJ's with each unit, This WAS a horrible street disaster that went on WAY too long and did a crappy job celebrating Disneyland's 55th birthday.
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                    Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

                    The one that will always be near and dear to me (so much so that I actually still get very emotional when I hear the music from it) is Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade. All my childhood memories from DL end the night with that awesome sight.

                    Currently, I'm enjoying Soundsational. I sing along with everything, cause I'm silly like that, and everytime I get the chimney sweeps all extra-smiley for it. LOL.
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                      Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

                      My all-time fave is, of course, The Main Street Electrical Parade. BUT, the one that I had the most fun at was Disneyland's 35th. Anniversary parade Party Gras. I will forever miss the giant balloons and dance worthy music. I still occasionally listen to the parade's soundtrack and whistfully go back in time (almost 30 years!!!) and picture myself sitting on the curb (sitting, at least, until the music started) in front of the Penny Arcade marveling at this long gone favorite. In my opinion, Disneyland hasn't had a guest friendly parade of this sort since. I still miss it.
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                        Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

                        The Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade is its own class.
                        So, the next best parade was the Mulan Parade.
                        I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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                          Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

                          I have to go with the Main Street Electrical Parade as well. There were many summer nights where I caught that parade and there are a lot of great memories tied up in that time. My answer is similar for Magic Kingdom, I really liked SpectroMagic. Maybe it's all the shiny objects.

                          And the mentions of Party Gras and Lion King. Both fantastic parades. Listening to the show stop for Lion King Celebration still gives me chills.
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                            Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

                            For me it is easily the MSEP. I mean who didn't run towards the parade route when that digital voice announced "The Main Street Electrical Parade"? I still get goosebumps thinking about how big that parade was, it was really the night time spectacular everyone had to see before Fantasmic took over that mantle.


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                              Re: Your favorite Disneyland parade past or present?

                              Main Street Electrical Parade is the only Disney parade that as an adult I have
                              actually watched from beginning to end. Not only that, I watched it every time
                              I visited. Coming from Texas, when I'm at Disneyland, I'm usually pretty busy
                              riding the attractions to have time for parades and shows, but MSEP was like
                              an attraction in itself. In my mind, when I heard it was leaving Disneyland,
                              I felt they may as well have closed Peter Pans Flight or even all the beloved
                              Fantasyland dark rides, the MSEP was just that magical.


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