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Tron themed Disney Quest for DTD


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  • [Idea] Tron themed Disney Quest for DTD

    I finally watched Tron: Legacy for the first time, and i was thinking a Disney Quest-esque attraction themed to tron would be pretty cool.

    the entrance would be Flynn's arcade. You would be able to play vintage video games such as Pacman, galaga, and others. Of course Tron (the video game) is in the back of flynn's. From there, guest may choose to stay in Flynn's for a while, or go to the basement, where guest can go into Tron city.

    From there guest are given an "identity disc" which records there score on all the games they play. As said the inside would look like tron city, the sides of the building would have facades. Guest can play various games which include

    light cycle races where guest can ride a light cycle in front of a large screen to simulate a match with another program

    A light jet ride similar to cyberspace mountain. Guest get points for destroying enemy jets

    A light runner simulator through the sea of simulation

    The Disc Arena, where guest wear an HMD made to look like a helment and fight other "programs"

    Guest can also eat and dance at the end of the line club.

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    Re: Tron themed Disney Quest for DTD

    If it meant that the arcade would be removed from Tomorrowland, I would be all for this. Otherwise, I don't think the resort needs another video game area.
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