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Please help


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  • Video Please help

    Hey guys I filmed a segment for my school news. im going to be showing this at school in 2 weks and i will also be showing this to colleges when i visit them so they can see what my work looks like. please watch my video and give me some suggestions.
    Cars Land Segment - YouTube

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    Re: Please help

    I like it so far. Here are my suggestions to you:

    - For the beginning section, try to tone down the audio and balance it so the sound comes through both speakers and not just one side
    - Although it's just me, I would fade in the music instead of it just starting suddenly then and there
    - I would do a couple more rerecordings of the voice over while showing off Carsland to remove some of the noises.
    - I suggest drinking some water and not eating anything within an hour before recording your voice.
    - Do two or three practice rounds of talking to a mic and listening to that, then do maybe 5 recordings and listen to each one, taking out the audio that sounds the best.
    - If you haven't been doing it already, I also suggest doing audio blocks as I call it, where you split up your script. Like you have a part for Ramone's, Filmore's, etc., and you just record that instead of trying to do one long take. That can tire out your voice.
    - I also highly suggest doing this. When talking, make sure your mouth/face is about one hand width away from the mic, or about 4-5 inches away.
    - When talking, make sure you can fit two fingers in your mouth when making the large "Ah' or 'Oh' sounds and remember to speak clearly.
    - The part at the end of the race, I suggest you either tone down the audio or make a smooth transition because such a loud sound following sort-of mellow music can be a bit jarring to some.

    If you want some more tricks, I suggest you do a quick Google search into how to be a good voice or drama actor, as well as some quick video editing tips as they can give you valuable information into improving your video. And I wish you the best of luck when you will be showing this to both your school and colleges!

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      Re: Please help

      Bongo has very good advice about the audio portion.

      If you can retake some of the video. Try to be more smooth in the movement of the camera and use a tripod when possible.

      Try to film when the park is emptier.

      Try to get longer shots and edit out the unwanted parts.

      Try to get shots that capture the location, like a wide view of a store, showing it's uniqueness, not the shirts in a flash that could be in any store anywhere. Allowing for some identity of the scene.

      Also the area looks great at night. Get some overview shots of night of the whole area.

      When describing rides and other things, don't say what can be seen. Instead of going through turns and banked curves, which you see in the video, say something like experience the exhileration of the competition feel the force of acceleration when the engine revs. Instead of naming charcters in RSR, say you see the characters of RS in theer home town.

      Also consider the importance of what you are talking about, rank it. Then divide the time for video and audio according to the ranks.

      Are ther really tons of choices at the Cozy Cone, no, each cone serves it's own item in different flavors

      Also note than none of Carsland was built on ToT or FFF. Some was built on the old Bountiful Farm area of A Bugs Land.
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        Re: Please help

        You need to re-record the narration track. Your breath against the microphone is brash and it sounds like you are too close to the mic. Try doing a couple test recordings at different lengths away from the microphone. Even if it sounds a little quiet, you can always bring up the audio with any basic editing software. If you aren't as close to the mic it will sound a lot clearer. You also seem to be struggling with the dialogue, too. You take pauses where there shouldn't be pauses. It takes practice

        Your editing is a bit quick, too. Not bad but some good shots are cut off a but too early.

        This is a good start, though. With some fine tuning this will be a great video.
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          Re: Please help

          Don't take criticism harshly, be gracious and remember we're rooting for you!


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            Re: Please help

            I agree with the comments above. You sound a little hesitant with your dialogue. Keep practicing until you say it smooth and flawlessly. Also put a little more pitch in the dialogue.... you don't sound very excited. Try not have night shots mixed in with day shots. Keep it all day and then/or all night.

            The blackout scene transitions need to be cleaned up.

            Other than that, it's looking pretty good so far! Hopefully we can see the final product

            Oh, you should mention the year the Flying Saucers opened at Disneyland.
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              Re: Please help

              "There are tons of choices" not "there is" in cozy cone segment.

              At beginning re-record speaking error

              looks good! Hard work!


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                Re: Please help

                A lot of people gave you some really great advice! I think it's a great, informative little video. I enjoyed watching it!

                As a lay person with no knowledge of video editing, I would recommend trying a tripod to make your shots a little smoother, taking out the sound at the end of the race (it is quite jarring), and not mixing day/night.

                I thought the information you gave was interesting, and your voice over was better than I could do! I hope you plan to share more of these in the future!

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