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Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary


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  • Trip Report Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

    Warning.....Long story ahead! Pictures at the end for those that want to rush.

    Where to start......The beginning I guess! Growing up in California I have always had a great love of Disney, from my earliest memories of ticket books and going to Disneyland with my grandparents to asking my lovely bride of 20 years (boy that's a long time) to marry me the day of our first Disneyland visit together. Each trip I try to find something new, exciting, and unique for us to enjoy. This trip would be no different with plans to visit Carsland in DCA and the new Fantasy Land Fantasy Faire in Disneyland, Goofy's Kitchen for dinner, and whatever else we could manage. One thing I had planned was a surprise lunch at The Blue Bayou for my wife as it is where we had our first anniversary dinner, I could only dream of taking her to Club 33, but sometimes dreams do come true.

    By a twist of fate and a kindness shown, I found myself with reservations to Club 33 for my lovely bride and I. It was barely possible to contain myself, but for this to be truly special it had to remain a surprise. Not just a surprise, but a grand plan to catch her completely off guard. So began the plan to give my wife a most awesome surprise.

    Taking some very good advice I set the stage for the surprise. I made a great production out of telling her we would be dining at Blue Bayou and she was very happy, near tears when I told her. As our vacation progressed I counted down the weeks, days, hours until I would give my wife what I hoped would be the ultimate Disney experience. I questioned if my ruse was working, but had all doubt removed when I received a call the day before we went to Disneyland confirming our reservation. I played it off that there was a problem with our Blue Bayou reservation which brought the wife near tears again. I guess I am a better actor than I thought.

    Finally D day! We arrive at the park and take in Tomorrowland and a few other attractions as I nervously eye the time. As time counted down to lunch I ambled us towards New Orleans Square. For this to work we would need to be a bit late for our reservation to go right in. To buy time I had my wife wait across from Blue Bayou as I went to the podium to, as far as the wife knew, try to fix our reservation. When I reached the podium I explained to the CM I need to kill a few minutes as I was surprising my wife with reservations at Club 33. They were most accommodating.

    It was go time. I had my wife pose next to the plaque for Blue Bayou, note the not so happy look...

    I posed for a picture near the iconic 33 address plate...

    Then I put the cards on the table. As my wife approached I told her "You know, they messed up our reservation, I am feeling ornery, and I am giving someone a peace of my mind." I lifted up the door on the Club 33 call box and pressed the button. All the while my wife was streaming out in a high speed, legalese sounding voice...."Whatareyoudoingwearegoingtogetkickedoutw hatareyoudoing......" Then the door opened and the CM asked in a most pleasant voice "May I help you." My wife is now trying to hyperventilate and run away at the same time. "X party of 2" say I, "Right this way." said the CM. And my wife was like....

    And then we were....

    As we stood there our conversation was in a whisper, there we stood in the foyer of Club 33. The CM was amused and laughed a bit as she let us know it was alright to talk. In short order we took the lift up as my wife stammered trying to form something that would resemble coherent speech.

    We walked to our table trying to take everything in while not losing sight of the hostess. I knew we would have time later to come back and take everything in. We had a lovely table near the window looking out on Rivers of America....

    My wife was still in shock...

    She was choking back the tears, repeating "How, how?" "I can never top this, ever, I'm done, you win." Yeah I thinking she liked the surprise.

    We were both taking in as much as we could. From the place settings...

    to every bit of the room our eyes could absorb.

    I was a bit worried about my wife as she still wasn't speaking coherently. She tried to read the story of Club 33 that was inside of the menu, but could not process the printed words. So I did the only logical thing and ordered her a drink....

    Please note that neither of us drink, but being that this was a most special occasion AND being in the only place in Disneyland to enjoy such a beverage I thought it appropriate. Still in shock, but somewhat more composed she asked that I order something for her.

    Which I was more than happy to do. Our waitress explained that there was a cold bar to enjoy before our entree arrived. Enjoy we did....

    Various cheese, salads, assorted cured meat, crab, shrimp lobster, and spring rolls were in the offing. I had done well eating a light breakfast and I set a leisurely pace for the meal. I have to say that the white bean soup was simply incredible. Served piping hot and simply delicious.

    We talked quietly as we took in the surroundings. I have to say even knowing that we would be dining at Club 33 I was still overwhelmed. Yes it is all that! Let me take a moment to say while we took many pictures we tried to be as discreet as possible and no flash was used out of respect for other diners. While I can't be certain I believe the table next to us had a celebrity or two.

    Ah what did I order for the wife....

    Chicken breast served with black truffle macaroni and cheese. I was bit concerned as my wife took a bit of the mac and cheese. She had an expression I have never seen before. I offered to have it sent back and order her something else. This was promptly dismissed when she nearly pinned my hand to the table with her fork. Yes, she liked it.

    I am a carnivore at heart...

    The filet could be cut with a spoon and had a lovely pumpkin bur blanc sauce.

    We ate at a leisurely pace and took time to walk around a bit on the balcony...

    Those below were oblivious to us. It was a lovely retreat above the hustle and bustle of the park.

    As the meal wound down we had room for a sweet...

    Decadent chocolate.

    or two...

    A trio of sweet...cheesecake dipped in chocolate, eclair, and something fruity and good.

    or three....

    Alas our meal came to an end....

    Shhh....I kept the pen.....with permission....and my wife received a copy of the Club 33 history so she could read when she could comprehend it.

    But we asked and were granted a bit of time to make our way out...

    My lovely wife near the bar...

    At the harpsicord...

    From the trophy room...

    This is a special picture....For me Disney is not just the parks, it is about the man. If you want to know more about this picture PM me. I will say we were able to stump a CM with a bit of Disney trivia related to this.

    Coming down the stairs...

    And back to the other side where behind the middle window a dream came true for my wife and I....

    If you made it this far....It was overwhelming and one of the few, true bucket list items I have....had. Please don't ask me how or why I was able to enjoy this incedible experience for I can not say. All I can say is....

    Thank you to who made it possible.

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    Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

    I completely understand your wife's reaction - i was teary eyed walking into that lobby. I'm so happy to see your experience was so wonderful!! I love seeing TRs like this. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

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      Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

      Holy smokes!!! So wonderful! This post is WHY I joined MC. I am envious and supportive at the same time. Congrats to you for giving her that crazy thrust of excitement after already being wed. And....JEEZ. Congrats to her on snagging a fella like you! I'm sharing this story with my husband right now. *wink wink* He REALLY wanted to propose AT Disneyland, but he "couldn't wait" and did it at our home. There are many reasons that DLR has emotional significance to me, but LOVE for my father, my husband and my son are the most important. Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for sharing. REALLY.
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        Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

        Simply wonder and amazing trip!! Congratulations to you two!
        "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." :ghug:

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          Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

          I love it!!! What a grand surprise!! I'm not sure I could of kept a secret like that!!!

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            Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

            It's nice that people that really want to go to Club 33 have that opportunity.


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              Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

              Great story to read, very heart warming!! Thanks for sharing!


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                Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

                HAHA, high five for tricking your wife! Thanks for the awesome report!
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                  Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

                  Thank you for the many kind words. It was terribly difficult to keep the secret. I would find myself smiling at the thought of it at odd times, so many times I almost let it slip, but I managed to hold it together and pull it off. It was so worth it.

                  When we stepped through the door to Club 33 I let out a sigh of relief and took a breath because for the several minutes before that I don't think I had done that critical function. My wife is still processing everything and takes great pleasure in re telling the story to anyone that will listen, truth be told I enjoy retelling it also.

                  I wanted to relate as much of the story and detail of the experience as I could. A good bit of typing, loading, and posting pictures went into it with the hope that it would be appreciated. Thank you or taking the time to read through it and not complain about it being epic long.


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                    Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

                    Thanks for sharing. Great post!


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                      Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

                      What an opportunity! I hope to share your experiences at club33 someday


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                        Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

                        Very nice trip report! And great photos! Thank you for taking some of your meal. I look forward to being able to do this one day.
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                          Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

                          Congratulations on 20 years!
                          What an amazing surprise!
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                            Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

                            Thanks for sharing. I also loved that painting of Uncle Walt.

                            I recently had my dream visit to Club 33, so I know how overwhelming it can be. It was the one time at Disneyland that I didn't want to rush out of the restaurant and go on more rides.

                            For those who think they'll never get to go, don't give up hope. I always asked around to everyone I knew, and eventually someone I know had a friend who had a membership. You never know!

                            No matter where you go, there you are.


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                              Re: Dreams do come true.....A Club 33 Anniversary

                              Originally posted by HunterRose13 View Post
                              If you want to know more about this picture PM me. I will say we were able to stump a CM with a bit of Disney trivia related to this.
                              I have to admit, you'll have me thinking about this pic for a bit. I'm not yet ready to send a PM but you certainly will have me thinking about it for a while.

                              I'm glad you told the story to accompany those pics because it goes so well, hand-in-hand, with the looks on your wife's face.

                              Congrats on such a wonderful day. My best to you as well as your mysterious benefactor.


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