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Joe's Redwood Creek Easter Egg Hunt Trip Report


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  • Trip Report Joe's Redwood Creek Easter Egg Hunt Trip Report

    This week through Sunday March 31st, Disney is hosting another limited time magic event. Last week Theresa and I participated in an Easter egg hunt all throughout California Adventure. This week there is a brand new Easter egg hunt at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. And this time it's free!

    We picked up our explorer map at the entrance.

    And look, we can earn our Egg Hunter merit badge!

    For those of you playing along at home, here's the map of where everything is hidden.

    And here's our clue to decode.

    We're off to find some eggs!

    Spoiler Alert!
    Skip to the end if you don't want to know where the eggs are hidden.

    Egg number one was hiding by the waterfall.

    Egg number two was at the Mount Whitney lookout.

    The next was at the climbing wall.

    We climbed up to the Mount Shasta Lookout to find the next egg.

    Next we went over to the rock slide.

    Egg number six was hiding under the bridge near the hoot-n-holler logs.

    Up until this point, all the eggs have been the same size. When we got to egg number seven in the ranger headquarters we found a much smaller egg hidden in with the rest of the rocks and minerals.

    Egg eight was on the quail trail.

    And we made it to the last egg! Right beside the Big Sur tree near the entrance.

    End Spoilers.

    We've never actually seen the Wilderness Explorer show, so we decided to stick around for it.

    And we were really glad we did. The show itself was cute, but even better was at the end when Carl Fredricksen came out wearing bunny ears.

    As we were leaving we collected our Egg Hunter merit badge plus a surprise! Disney has partnered with the makers of Peeps and they're giving individually wrapped mini-peeps out along with the badges.

    Our well earned badge.

    So what did Theresa and I think of this limited time magic egg hunt? We both thought it was cute. It wasn't difficult at all and took us a leisurely twenty minutes. Having been to the parks many many times, we both enjoy having something new to do. I certainly wouldn't plan a vacation around it, but for being just a quick 30 minute drive away we had fun.

    After the hunt, we grabbed a Jamba Juice and headed to the lobby of the Grand Californian. It's one of our favorite spots to just hang out and read a book. It's even better when you can get a spot near the piano player, and today happened to be one of those days. The piano players are pretty easy to strike up a conversation with and they know lots of different Disney songs. While we were there they played music from Tangled, Enchanted, and Star Wars for us. It was great!

    And I'm not sure who this might interest, but while we were sitting in the lobby of the Grand Californian, Todd Hoffman from the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush was in the lobby for a little while with his family. I didn't get any pictures, but Todd does have a couple of fun pictures on his twitter feed.

    It was a great day! Off to the next adventure!
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    Re: Joe's Redwood Creek Easter Egg Hunt Trip Report

    Oh my GOSH! Carl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was planning on doing the both of the egg hunts on Sunday, but I think I'm making a beeline straight to the challenge trail to do that one and meet Carl. I absolutely adore the movie Up! and he might be my all time favorite character.

    Thank you so much for posting this!!

    Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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      Re: Joe's Redwood Creek Easter Egg Hunt Trip Report

      Excellent report....sounds like you all had a great time.

      Waiting for Godot


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