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A Little Extra Magic?


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  • [Question] A Little Extra Magic?

    Last summer, I took my best friend and two kids (then 5 and 2) to Disneyland. My oldest broke his leg about a month before we went on our trip. It was still fun, but I'm excited that he will not be stuck in a cast this trip. I had planned to take my daughter to BBB for a princess makeover, but I just can't think of anything special to do for my son.

    We were going to do the private viewing of Fantasmic but I just found out they no longer do it above PoC and the 'dessert' sampler and some folding chairs on the dock are definitely not worth $60 a piece! I've heard that the Jedi Training Academy no longer picks kids at random, that you have to get there early and sign up, but I'm not sure if that's only for WDW or for DL too. Can anyone confirm that, and maybe give me other ideas for what I could do for him?

    We're also doing 4 character meals (Goofy's Kitchen, Plaza Inn, Ariel's Grotto, and Surf's Up) so we're good on that :P

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    Re: A Little Extra Magic?

    The Jedi Training Academy does still pick random, enthusiastic children ages 11 or younger. Just get there 15 minutes before show time to give them a good spot up front. You can take the youngin's to the Camp Wilderness Trail at Disney's California Adventure to earn badges too.
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      Re: A Little Extra Magic?

      Take him on a tender ride on the railroad.


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        Re: A Little Extra Magic?

        My kids enjoy riding in the tender of the train (you have to ask at Main Street usually) or riding in the caboose. If the caboose is attached you can just go back and climb aboard, anyone can ride back there. You can also ask about piloting the Mark Twain steamboat. When my son got to do that he was so excited and they gave him a little certificate and he got to sign the log book. Have fun!
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          Re: A Little Extra Magic?

          Maybe buy him an extra special gift, something he's talked about wanting or something that catches his eye when he's at the park.
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            Re: A Little Extra Magic?

            If you can just break away from the rest of your group and have a few hours of one-on-one time with your son, that could be very special. Let him pick the attractions, lunch, whatever. Make him feel special.

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              Re: A Little Extra Magic?

              The tender seat is great, but if you're going in the summer I doubt they'll be allowing guests on it (it's EXTREMELY warm up there, so they don't allow it on warm days)

              As others have mentioned, the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain is fun. He would even get a little certificate for it!

              Maybe you can get him a special outfit to wear to the park the day that his sister will be getting her princess makeover?

              4 character meals! Wow!! Sounds like a heck of a trip already!

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