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Long time Lurker needs a hand


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  • Trip Report Long time Lurker needs a hand

    A quick intro is in order. I have been a long time fan of this site and have relished every picture, fact, description and secret of the California park. I can only make it once every few years and have added my children to my visits over the past decades and haven't been to the park(s) in about 7 years. I will be fortunate enough to have ONE DAY on April 5th where I can spend a "down" travel day. The Boss says he will pay a one day admission and reasonable meals as a thank you. So I pose this question- what would you see with a very limited time and not being able to come back for years? I am thinking Radiator Springs but maybe new Star Tours and Submarines are an equal exchange? Would love to ride the LillyBelle but would it even be possible this Friday?? Have piloted the Twain with both my sons and gotten our monorail co-pilot cards thanks to your help folks, is there anything you can add here to help me for a 40something, park loving, first time solo, one day trip??? I will promise a non lurker photo essay within a week dedicated to any help I receive in the next 16 hours. Thank you all for your contributions to this site and the lurkers like myself who you make so happy.

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    Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

    I think CarsLand is more fun than the subs, and Buena Vista Street is worth looking at. Tons of detail. Even the windows are fun!

    New Star Tours is fun and I think you can Fast Pass it, though I haven't been to the park lately.

    Enjoy your day at the parks!
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      Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

      I have been on one day trips twice, once in 2010 and another in 2011. The first tip is to try and get a park hopper, this allows for time to be spent in both parks. Second maximize time example: if riding Radiator Springs Racers is a high priority get a Fastpass early in the day.

      However the sad truth is it is impossible to see everything all at once, on those two trips I was able to ride all the iconic rides and E-Tickets; yet missed out on little things like the Fantasyland dark rides. Rides with long wait times and no Fastpass like The Submarine's or Toy Story Midway Mania are difficult to fit in a one day trip.

      However my two one day trips where group outings. Seeing you are solo you could make better time without worrying about the whims and needs of a group.


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        Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

        Radiator springs racers is a must. Go single rider and don't waste your time trying to get a fast pass. Do get a fast pass for star tours (which is definitely a must - even go twice to see how different it may be) as well as any other ride u want to do - which I assume would include space and Indiana. Have fun!


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          Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

          If you are on your own then do single rider at least once for Indy, Splash, Matterhorn, California Screamin, and of course RSR.


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            Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

            I know it's been said already, but definitely single rider and fast pass all that you can!

            Lilly Belle is amazing, but it can be difficult to get on and may take up some time with waiting plus the full circle tour. If you really love the train, give it a shot. Otherwise I'd use the time to see other attractions since you only have the one day.

            Carsland is beautiful, Star Tours is so fun, other than that I would try and at least pass through each land and prioritize which rides you really want to go on.

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              Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

              Ask for a ride in the tender seat at Main Street Station. You will be able to sit right behind the locomotive with the engineer and fireman.


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                Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

                Pirates if the Caribbean after dark is sometimes less busy. Use mousewait or another free app for wait times.

                World of color is worth it to me if you can get in in the last show after the parks are closed. Although I don't know when Disneyland itself closes.


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                  Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

                  I have to say If you still have one day and have to pick one side you must still go with Disneyland. You will spend the entire day and still not finish everything. DCA is now a one day park but if you really want the magic go with DL every time.
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                    Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

                    Yep, I'm also a "lurker" just like you!

                    It seems like posters before me gave you good advice. I really got nothing new to add. Like what xboxTravis said, you can't do everything in a day. Just try getting on a good amount of rides (mostly the e-tickets) and don't forget to save some time to just relax, soak in the atmosphere and admire the endless details of the resort. Rushing and trying to do everything kinda ruins the experience. Hope you have fun!


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                      Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

                      In my opinion, DCA has surpassed DL for someone who visited every two years
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                        Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

                        Thanks for the suggestions so far. Everyone has helped to form an overall stratagey so far with many possibilities.
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                          Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

                          One day in this order:
                          CA first
                          1. Head through Hollywoodland to TOT, Get Fast pass.
                          2. Ride single rider RSR
                          3. Walk through pacific warf- get free chocolate square.
                          4. Use FP on TOT
                          5. Get fast pass for Soarin'
                          6. walk through golden state (enjoy the scenery) Get a FastPass for World Of Color (just in case)
                          7. ride Little Mermaid
                          8. Get another free chocolate square
                          9. Ride single rider on California Screaming.
                          10. walk around the boardwalk on your way back to soarin' to use FP

                          HEAD TO DISNEY
                          1. Fast Pass for space Mountain.
                          2. Take a spin on buzz.
                          3. Single rider on Matterhorn.
                          4. ride Space Mountain.
                          5. fast pass for Star Tours.
                          6. Ride the subs.
                          7. Take the back way through fantasy land, through to frountierland. ride Pirates.
                          8. Ride the Mansion.
                          9. Head back to Star Tours and use FastPass
                          10. Get Fastpass for Indy.
                          11. Tiki Room
                          12. Jungle Cruse
                          13. Indy FP.
                          14. Head to critter Country to ride Splash and Winnie the Pooh
                          15. By that time it should be getting a bit dark so I would head back to Fantasyland and ride the dark rides while the young kids are gone.

                          At this time you have a few key entertainment options. You could head back to CA and watch world of color or you could stay and watch Fantasmic! After the fireworks the park is getting less busy and you can easily jump on the rides that you missed or, want to ride again. Matterhorn and BTRR are my fav night time rides, too bad BTRR is down though...

                          Hope that helps a bit. It should be a really busy, but FUN day!
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                          You know best :-)


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                            Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

                            Super list Meville! Well thought out and good options!
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                              Re: Long time Lurker needs a hand

                              DL #7 may not be possible (shortcut from Fantasy to Frontier) as they close that passage off on weekdays for BTMRR construction. If it is closed, you can cut through Fantasy Faire to Frontierland instead.
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