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Dooney & Bourke purse


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  • [Question] Dooney & Bourke purse

    Hi everyone! I have been coveting a D&B Disney purse for several years now-but haven't seen a huge change in the color choices available. That being said, I check the Disney site sporadically. My question is how often do they updated colors/patterns? I like the PVC coating, it is so easy to keep clean-however I am not super keen on a white or black purse-I would love some color!!!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

    I've had my eye on a purse or two every time I'm at the parks, but I'm no expert on what they have offered in the past. I have only seen black or white backgrounds when I have looked. There may have been a red at one point but I'm not 100% sure it was d&b.

    Sorry that's probably not much help lol

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      Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

      Just a guess based on my observations.

      I think some patterns only last a limited time of close to a year. Some have been around a few years. I've seen some colored ones, besides white, black and tan, a pastel green and light purple. I imagaine there are more out there.

      Try looking on Ebay. I've heard many people resell them for high prices, but it should at least give you an idea of the range of colors and designs.
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        Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

        Originally posted by Periwinkle View Post
        Hi everyone! I have been coveting a D&B Disney purse for several years now-but haven't seen a huge change in the color choices available.
        Here is a website that has most of the past options.

        Disney Dooney & Bourke Collection

        My daughter has the 55th Anniversary in the Messenger and wristlet. She also has Sketch Leather in the cross body.
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          Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

          I love all the designs I've seen but rarely incorporate handbags into my personal style. I wish you the best of luck and some pixie dust in the search for your treasure!

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            Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

            Thank you all for your responses! I appreciate them!(I don't know how to reply with multiple quotes, sorry!) I have looked on ebay and don't see anything that makes me want to click on the buy it now button I will have to be more diligent with checking the Disney site and ebay.


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              Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

              I don't know a lot about the purses other than I would like one. But when we were at WDW last year, I saw a lot larger of a selection than I have seen here in California. We were in their Downtown Disney at the time.
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                Re: Wanted - 55th Anniversary Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

                It's probably a long shot... but I'm putting it out there. If anyone has either a gently used, like new, (or even a new) Dooney in the 55th Anniversary print they are interested in selling, I'd be very interested. I am primarily interested in either the shopping tote or the messenger bag, as the cross-body letter carrier is too small and it loses the benefit of most of the terrific graphics due to the design.

                I've been searching fairly regularly on the Fleabay, but they don't come up very often.

                If you have one you'd be willing to sell, please PM me (or if you post here, I "should" get a notification).

                Thank you!


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                  Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

                  Sometimes this website has more selections than the park. Last time I checked, they had the blue background ones which were really pretty (in my opinion) Accessories

                  Amazon also has a relatively small selection, but does sell the leather one

                  The best way to keep up on when new bags will be released is with this blog:


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                    Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

                    Thank you, I will check both of those sites out. :ap:


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                      Re: Dooney &amp; Bourke purse

                      Looks like there's a new print out, check it out;

                      Dooney & Bourke | Disney Store

                      I don't recall seeing the rainbow Mickey/Minnie print at DLR in February. My BFF bought a Dooney when we were there, but I really didn't see one (style AND print) that jumped up and screamed 'buy me'. But if they'd had the pocket satchel in that rainbow print, I'd have bought one for sure. I don't mind paying a lot for a handbag, but I really have to totally love it to lay out that much.

                      I did get the cutest 'Small World Series' LeSportSac when I was there, though, at Vault 28. It's the England pattern.
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