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What's your favorite find?


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  • [Chat] What's your favorite find?

    Been going to Disneyland since I can remember, several times, but as you all know, Disneyland never fails to surprise you, and sometimes your eye doesn't catch things that were apparently in existence the whole time!

    Some of the things I have only recently discovered in 20 years of almost yearly visits are:

    -Golden Horseshoe - don't make fun of me, I really didn't know what it was before, never went into the building, wasn't interested. Went into it two times ago and had a blast, such a fun little show in there with extremely talented actors/musicians. It's a very nice place to sit and relax on your down time from running in every direction.

    -Aladdin show: what a spectacular show! I felt like an idiot after seeing this show and having not known what that giant building in DCA was all along I happened to see the show during the time of the actual flying carpet, and I was astounded. great special effects, funny jokes, wonderful show overall, worth seeing.

    -I don't know what it's called :/ but that show that takes place maybe outside the Golden Horseshoe, and when I saw it they were trying to marry off a man dressed as a woman? Idk the name, was hilarious though, and again, I never even knew about it this whole time.

    -Storybook canal boats- while I may have rode these when I was little, I have no recollection of that. I only recall never riding them until two years ago, when I decided to give it a try. It makes for a very romantic and cute little boat ride, and the lights are beautiful when they twinkle in the night sky.

    Part of my reason for not experiencing these things before is because, quite frankly, I was one of "those" people who only want to ride the big fast rides and don't care about Disneyland or any other part of it. Hey, I was a kid, what can I say. I've since learned to greatly appreciate the magic kingdom and all it encompasses; shows, rides, and all.

    So...what did you miss out on that you recently discovered?

    Also, I encourage you to nudge your kids in the direction of some of the lesser known things, they'll appreciate it in the end even though they will grumble when you try and urge them to

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    Re: What's your favorite find?

    World of Color. Saw it for the first time in Feb. Prior to that my husband & I had 'height issues'. I'm short & wanted to be up front so I could see, he's tall and wanted to be in the back so he wouldn't block anyone's view (but everyone would block mine). As a result, we just never went.

    When the '2 crazy girls' went in February, we went & had a perfect, unobstructed view. WOC is fantastic. I had chills up my spine, some tears & laughter, and a lot of "Oh, Oh, OH!!"

    Next time we go (probably fall 2014, wish it could be earlier), I'm going to tell hubby that he can stand in back or wait on a bench. I'm getting as close as I can!
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      Re: What's your favorite find?

      When the parks are not featuring shows like Fantasmic, we get to spend the nightime hours doing other things. I found that I love riding the outdoor Fantasyland rides like Dumbo, and Casey Jr. at night. It's a real magical feeling.

      In all my times at Disneyland, I never made my way back to the Hungry Bear Restaurant. I now realize why people like the spot. It is relaxing, and the food is good. The burger, and the sweet potato fries are yummy.

      I also finally made my way back to Big Thunder Ranch. It's fun watching The Billies there as well as the other performers.

      My favorite find on my last trip however, was Goofy's House in Toontown. I never knew that you could enter his house. It was fun exploring it, and photographing it as well.


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        Re: What's your favorite find?

        One of the things relatively few guests do, as observed above, is a nighttime trip on the Mark Twain or Columbia. I love both. Very peaceful and full of ambiance.

        Also, a personal favorite small detail that's easy to overlook is this: (video by me)

        when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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          Re: What's your favorite find?

          The running of the goats! I never knew there was a petting zoo and then you can watch the goats run in their own parade


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            Re: What's your favorite find?

            Aladdin is definitely one for me. I never really watch shows, parades, etc, but I have fallen in love with this production!

            I also really love Tow Maters. It was one of those rides I thought was just for kids so I skipped it a few times. I finally went on it and now it's a must do!

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              Re: What's your favorite find?


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                Re: What's your favorite find?

                It's been a long long while since I rode a Main Street vehicle. So that's a future find for me.
                I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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