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First time ever Disneyland trip

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  • [Question] First time ever Disneyland trip

    Where do you like to stay on site?im not sure where I wanna stay yet I'm so excited but my dad says I would be bored after 3 days what do you Guys think I've only ever been to world

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    Re: First time ever Disneyland trip

    I usually stay 3 1/2 days and stay at the parks from open-close all of those days. I have been several times and have yet to get bored.

    While Disneyland is smaller than Disney World, and the parks are close enough to visit both in a day, there is still enough to do that you will be busy. I usually do a day and a half in DCS and 2 days in Disney. We have time to see everything we want and not feel rushed.

    As for hotels, Grand Californian is the most lavish and Paradise Pier is the most basic of the 3 Disney hotels. However, there are some hotels across the street that are just as close and a lot less expensive. They don't have all the amenities that the Disney hotels do, but they work as a clean place to sleep.
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      Re: First time ever Disneyland trip

      3 days maybe 4 is more than enough for the DLR. But if you consider the rest of Southern California a week or two is more like it. You have to remember that there is also Universal Studios Hollywood, Knotts Berry Farm, the beaches. You can ski if it is during the winter. You can enjoy world-class museums such as the Huntington Library and Gardens or the Getty Center. You can golf. You can go to San Diego and enjoy Sea World, Legoland or the zoo. You can go sailing or do some fishing. You can take in an Angel or Dodger game, or hockey or basketball. As you can see you will never be bored.

      And even though the DLR will only take 3-4 days you can stay right in Anaheim as it is centrally located to all of this. I do not recommend staying in LA as you will only be close to Hollywood. And San Diego is a bit too far to the south.

      But my main recommendation is to take it easy and don't rush things. And have fun!


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        Re: First time ever Disneyland trip

        We've only ever stayed (well.. .myself and wife/kids) at the Grand Californian. It used to be a smoking deal, but the room rates this year were a serious sticker shock to the point that we may rethink it going forward. It is an awesome hotel with great restaurants (I like early breakfast at Storyteller's), private entrance to DCA, awesome pools (which we've never had the chance to enjoy), and beautiful park views with private viewing balcony for world of color

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          Re: First time ever Disneyland trip

          Originally posted by skittlesfirehawk View Post
          Where do you like to stay on site?im not sure where I wanna stay yet I'm so excited but my dad says I would be bored after 3 days what do you Guys think I've only ever been to world
          I would stay at one of the cheaper hotels right across the street from the Disneyland main gate. We just made reservations a few weeks ago again at the Anaheim Inn and Suites. We liked it alot for our Oct 2012 family trip. Save your money to do special things in the parks. Like, eating at one of the good restaurants in Disneyland. We love the French Market, churros, ice cream sundae or a mickey shaped ice cream.

          Our family has spent 6 whole days in the parks and never became bored. There's so much to see and do there in both parks. Hope this helps.

          Have fun on your first trip.
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            Re: First time ever Disneyland trip

            It's an individual preference, but for me 3 or 4 days is always plenty for a visit, of course once I get home I find myself wishing that I could go back again.

            I would also recommend staying at one of the hotels over on Harbor Blvd. or someplace like that. It saves you some extra money that could be used for so many other things.


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              Re: First time ever Disneyland trip

              I really like the DL Hotel. It's very short distance to DTD and the Monorail. It's nice to be able to go back to your hotel during the day instead of waiting for a shuttle to take you somewhere or having to walk back after a full day at the park. It may cost more but time is worth least for me. You are paying for the convienance of the location. I like to stay 3-4 days...plenty of time to enjoy the parks.
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                Re: First time ever Disneyland trip

                All advice above is pretty good. I'd go with most of it. Personally I've preferred the Park Vue Inn for several reasons. It's the highest value for the lowest cost. There's a full free breakfast in the morning, not just coffee and donuts. Also you can just walk across the street and you're at the entrance to the park. Every hotel around Disneyland claims that but Park Vue is the only non-Disney owned hotel ( meaning, $300-500 a night ) that is that close to the gate. Expect to pay about $100 a night which is reasonable.

                As for the parks, I took my girlfriend and her kids there once for 3 days, two in Disneyland and 1 in DCA. It still wasn't enough but we did our best to see it all. What a time we had.

                Also, even though it's true that DisneyWorld has more land, Disneyland has more things to see and do compressed into a smaller area. If you ever felt bored at other parks, don't worry. You won't have that problem here.