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If you are planning to use Uber or Lyft anywhere in the US and have not already taken your first ride, you can use the following codes for a free or discounted first ride (amount varies by location). Uber - matthewb96 Lyft - matthewb96
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Recommended Safety Spiels changes?

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  • [Fun] Recommended Safety Spiels changes?

    If you could add or change the safety spiel or tag line for a ride, what would it be.

    Here are a few example:

    Its a Small World: " Do not stare into the Eyes of the dolls"

    Tea Cups: " If your child has just enjoyed a breakfast at the Village Haus, might we suggest Space Mountain instead of the tea cups"

    Autopia: "Drive it like you stole it"

    Rivers of America canoes: "No gym membership required, we do all the work for you".