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DCA advice needed for June trip

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  • [Question] DCA advice needed for June trip

    Hi! First time posting!

    I haven't been to the parks in 6 years and will be heading down with my family from June 18-22. We are staying at a Good Neighbor hotel and plan on DCA on the 19th, DL on the 20th with early entry and will leave the 21st open for whichever park we want to visit (likely hopping between both).

    My question is how to structure our morning in DCA that Wednesday, so that we can see as much of Cars Land as possible first thing and also have brunch at Ariel's Grotto. I am ready to call to make reservations, but am not sure what time I should choose.

    Is it better to do stand-by first thing on RSR or get a FP? (I know this question was very recently asked, but I assume the advice for a June trip would be different). How long is the stand by wait likely to be? Is a 10:00 reservation at the Grotto cutting things too close?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: DCA advice needed for June trip

    For RSR always go with a FP first, and make sure to show up early. After that I'd hit the rest of the Cars Land stuff before making your way over to Grizzly River Run for World of Color FastPasses (if you're planning on seeing the show, that is). As for Ariel's Grotto, I have never been so I can't speak much to that.


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      Re: DCA advice needed for June trip



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        Re: DCA advice needed for June trip

        Yeah get to the park as early as possible, I'd say about 45-30 mins before park opening. Once you are inside head towards the Carthay Circle theater where the line for FP for radiator springs racers will be forming, its pretty easy to find. The line will look long but moves quickly once the park opens. Then I'd say head straight for Luigi's Flying Tires, the wait should still be pretty much a walk on. After than go on Mater's and then explore Cars Land until your FP time opens up. If you get there early enough you should be able to experience all of Cars Land by 10:00 am as long as your FP is early enough


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          Re: DCA advice needed for June trip

          I would be tempted to go with a later time, just in case. You can always fill your time if you are out early but you wouldn't want to miss your fast pass time to make your reservation. Whatever time you do end up making your reservation for, if your fast pass time is going to interfere, just let people go in front of you until you get a time that works
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            Re: DCA advice needed for June trip

            I believe Cars Land will have Early Entry for Disney hotel guests on Wednesday, right? So it may be a bit busy by the time you get in. For FPs, even if you are the first non-hotel guest into the park, there will still be a line of people ahead of you waiting for FPs, since the hotel guests can get in line for FPs even 2 minutes before general park opening and be ahead of everyone else. (I'm not sure the line ahead of you will be LONG, but it will be there.)

            You can still do Cars Land first (after getting your RSR FP), but I'm not CERTAIN Luigi's will be a walk-on by the time you have your FP. Even if Mater's is a 10-15 minute wait, I find it a fun wait, so I wouldn't be worried if that's not a walk-on. Mater's line moves faster than Luigi's too, so Luigi's is a good first pick.

            I kind of lean towards an earlier meal time and then following CassiefRN's advice to let people pass you if the FP return time is too early, but I haven't been tracking how quickly FPs go or what the return window is if you're the general line at park opening on an Early Entry day.
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