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New Show for Hyperion Theatre

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  • [Question] New Show for Hyperion Theatre

    I was thinking about a new show for Hyperion Theatre. along with a new Facade. to replace Aladdin.

    Which Show do you want to choose?

    A Clone of Finding Nemo: The Musical from Animal Kingdom or a 25-minutes version of The Lion King (also will open to Disney's Hollywood Studios).

    or stay Aladdin.
    Finding Nemo: The Musical
    The Lion King
    "Aladdin" Should Stay.

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    Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

    An "Other" option would have been nice.
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      Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

      Find Nemo is excellent and with a new film coming could be very good musical to take over for the aging Aladdin. It doesn't fit so well park wise, althoug it is a pixar park, it's just that the attraction is in DL. Of course at WDW the same problem exists, Finding Nemo attraction in Epcot show in Animal Kingdom.

      Lion king would be an excellent show and is also in the Animal Kingdom. However how it operates there is not possible in the Hyperion Theater.
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        Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

        I think the Lion King would be better, but I'd be willing to bet it will be Nemo if only to support the new film.
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          Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

          lion king but im open to other options too


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            Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

            I have seen all of those. I vote for other.
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              Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

     really like a jungle book musical, a mulan play, or a bambi play



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                Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

                SO many more options...Lion King has its home on Broadway and with the touring production. Nemo? Meh. Love the movie, but I'm not sure it's ideal for the stage. How 'bout Beauty and the Beast, the much-discussed Toy Story, heck, it could be really cool to see a stage version of one of the classics...Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan...
                That said, Aladdin's a great show. I'd love them to move toward having 2 productions running in rep. How awesome would it be to have the opportunity to see two different shows over the course of a visit?


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                  Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

                  I love Finding Nemo the Musical but id rather have an other. Possibly a lesser know movie transitioned to stage, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Newsies, Peter Pan (though not Disney), and Cinderella (not exactly Disney) are all Broadway shows and are either well accepted or still to prove their power. I wouldn't mind a Hercules show or something like that, however i will point out that although a Disney play isn't a bad idea, plays generally do not bring in as big an audience as musicals (though i don't know this translates to theaters in Disney Parks).
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                    Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

                    How about "none of the above"?
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                      Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

                      I personally like Aladdin, it never has a dull moment. Just make sure they have different genies.


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                        Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

                        Originally posted by WildeNight View Post
                        An "Other" option would have been nice.
                        No kidding.

                        I honestly think a Mulan show would be cool. The Lion King is good, but it is kind of a given at this point. They have it, or had it, at WDW so why have it at both resorts?
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                          Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

                          The Findind Nemo musical that the parks have already produced is god awful. Same with Toy Story. These films aren't meant to have music and it shouldn't be forced on them. Aladdin has some major flaws, but until they can come up with something better, it's best to leave it, than ship in something terrible from another park or the cruise lines. Definitely needs a new facade though. And there's no excuse for there being no restroom inside.


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                            Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

                            I would love to see a show based on classic movie musicals. There could be highlights from Singin in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, My Fair Lady and so on. Think the Great Movie Ride on stage. It would tie in with the Hollywood setting and be something different.

                            I'm getting tired of these non-original, Disney movie-to-stage shows.
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                              Re: New Show for Hyperion Theatre

                              I vote for Aladdin to stay.

                              My answer is biased, as I'm friends with one of the cast.

                              I've seen Finding Nemo. I did enjoy that.

                              I don't know about Lion King. It would be too close to the musical on broadway, and I know it comes of Los Angeles once in a while.

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