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? about Character Breakfest


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  • [Question] ? about Character Breakfest

    i always wanna go and never get a chance to
    this next time im going to DL will be with my mom "claims" that
    since there no kids going with us the Characters will all skip our table :shy:
    so she doesnt wanna do it....

    has anybody on here gone that are just adults ?
    do u think the characters will pass us by

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    Re: ? about Character Breakfest

    Ive been with my wife lots of times and the characters always visited us except one time. We had no characters visit us at Goofys kitchen once. But we didnt mind since I always feel kinda akward with them. But im sure if that happens you can tell your server and theyll make sure they get some to come around.


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      Re: ? about Character Breakfest

      No kids? No problem! I have been to several character breakfasts and dinners and they are fun!
      My friends and I are in our twenties and thirties and the characters did not ignore us during breakfast. I would dare to say they interacted more with us than with some of the kids.
      One of the people in our group had a plush Wicket Ewok backpack that all the characters gravitated towards. Hook stole it, Tigger tried to give it CPR, and Eeyore rocked it like it was baby.
      Go have fun and get into the spirit of things. The more you interact with them, the better chance they will interact with you.


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        Re: ? about Character Breakfest

        I always go without kids and they usually stay at our table pretty long.
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        (Tower VS Guardians!)


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          Re: ? about Character Breakfest

          If they come to your table, and you just dig farther into your food, they'll take that as a clue to not bother you and move on. If you welcome them to the table, "Hi Minnie! How are you?" Or give some manner of interaction they won't just brush by. So yes, theyll come around to your table. It's your reaction to them that indicates how much time they'll spend there.


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            Re: ? about Character Breakfest

            My wife and I did a character breakfast sans children once. It was a great time to act like kids, and all the characters came to our table. Remember, you're paying a good deal of money to GUARANTEE time with the characters. They won't purposely cheat you out of that. There are plenty of adults who enjoy the character dining.

            No matter where you go, there you are.


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              Re: ? about Character Breakfest

              I've always gone with adults for birthday's and we've always had fun with characters.


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                Re: ? about Character Breakfest

                Originally posted by sbk1234 View Post
                There are plenty of adults who enjoy the character dining.
                Just ask Capt. Hook. He goes a lot on his own.

                I went several times with a group of adult friends for my Birthday and I had a BLAST!! I just love the characters interactions. They were so memorable!
                I Get In. I Get Out. I Never Get Noticed!
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