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New perspective regarding RCCT


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  • [Chat] New perspective regarding RCCT

    I've noticed that in several threads whenever the discussion of how to expand DCA comes up it is often in reference to expanding the Grizzly Peak area with the removal of Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. While I barely recall having negative opinions of RCCT in the past, I've given this some thought and I can now see several positives in keeping RCCT as it currently is.

    First off, playgrounds, much like meet-n-greets, have become a necessary evil in the parks, providing a place for children to unwind after standing in line for hours or sitting for very long in the theaters. The RCCT also provides stimulation that goes beyond just entertainment.

    Second, the location of RCCT allows for it to seem like a natural buffer between DCA and the Grand Californian. This is something severely lacking on the Paradise Pier side of the hotel as room views are obstructed by attractions such as GSS or TLM. To put a showbuilding where RCCT is at would be obstruct room views within the GCH as well as the pool area.

    And finally, in relation to the first point, the RCCT is one of the best themed play areas in any of the Disney parks. I like how it blends with a natural-looking environment. This begs the question that if the RCCT is replaced by an attraction, another play area would have to be built in the park elsewhere. I don't know of another area in the park where a themed playground would work best. Maybe ABL, but as we all know the future of that land remains uncertain.

    If in the event that it does come to past that an attraction does take over that space, I hope it blends in seemlessly with the area to address my second issue.

    So I guess I found some more pros than cons although if there is anything I dislike...I thought the theme tie-in to UP was kind of a copout (and not just cause I think the film is overrated ).

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    Re: New perspective regarding RCCT

    I agree, RCCT is what it is, and it is really really well done. I think most people (myself included) would generally rather have a ride than a play area... though this point really is moot because I am highly skeptical that there is enough space to put a decent attraction there.
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      Re: New perspective regarding RCCT

      I like it as is, personally - if they could add a 'Mystery Shack' attraction with some illusions, stuff about California folklore, collection of oddities, a little show, etc, I'd advocate that, but don't see the need for them to destroy the whole area and raze it for a rather small attraction. The pier needs another proper dark ride and the rafts could use some AA's/more scenic stuff first.
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        Re: New perspective regarding RCCT

        Originally posted by whoever View Post
        I vote to keep it, it is GREAT, and for every reason you mentioned (and the fact that it is FUN, in an interactive way vs. sitting there) it should be retained as-is. Its like Tom Sawyer's Island for DCA.
        I agree, much like Tom Sawyer's Island, there is only one entrance/exit which makes it difficult for children to escape the clutches of their parents out into the rest of the park. Much like the Bugs Land area, I think many disregard this space as "just a place for kids to play." This is 100% true, for it is a space for kids to play, and kids need that space more than another attraction to stand in line for. Since both A Bugs Land and the Challenge Trail are so small, I say keep 'em there forever. Kids love to run and climb, and here they can do it without running and climbing around people trying to sit and relax on Main St.
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          Re: New perspective regarding RCCT

          All amazing points. So important. To get rid of that kind of breathing room would upset a delicate balance and not end well.
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            Re: New perspective regarding RCCT

            You just opened my eyes about an area I really didn't appreciate before. Thanks.

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