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4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)


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  • Trip Report 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

    Despite the crowds coming in for tourist season , I still had a fun and random time at the parks

    Crowd season has started up as usual bringing out of state and Out of country people to the parks

    nice pic of the Red Car

    Testing a setting on my camera

    First ride as usual..Radiator Springs Racers!

    Ready to Race!

    Next ride..Midway Mania

    Despite Multiple stops and Holdups on the ride.. got a better score than the last few times ive been on the ride,,my accuracy is still poor

    Which still earned me best of Vehicle.

    Crowds were in the middle of the lane near the swings for the Green Man show

    Bugs Land is next...haven't been in this area for 3-4 years!

    Only ride i could get on was Heimlich's chew chew train..cute ride..but too short for a long line wait
    But the last box he goes in with the cookies had this wonderful Vanilla scent to it

    Even the Overcast and misty weather had the water area empty and shut down

    One of 3 random moments that happened..first was Mater coming out from Backstage near the Lucky fortune Cookery to switch with lightning at Cozy Cones, 2nd was Seeing Red go backstage near the Bugs Life Land backway now this

    Will never make to the party, but i liked the it was set up for a event

    Another set

    Guess there was a small crowd for this ( the old Drawing Magic show stage)

    Pigs In Space!

    Off to DIsneyland..went straight to Fantasy Fair..which besides meet and greets and the theatre..the place is so smaller and empty than i thought it would be

    Clopins music box..cute and noone was using each time i went by the area
    Besides Hugo jumping in the crowds,guess the former king of Fools jumps in the crowd as well

    My cameras been on Super Vivid so the rest of these pics will be very...bright lol

    As I mentioned in the tracker..figaro is still turned off due to the eye issue

    All I could see from the back..too crowded to see the show ..which for the 2 times i went through was Rapunzel

    Still trying to find the right non-flash settings for my camera..they looks less blurry than my old camera pics
    POTC..still one my favorite rides..despite Backups on both 1st drop and uphill..I dont think there were any empty boats all day

    At least Capt. Jack Sparrow was keeping the crowds entertained during the backup

    Haunted Mansion!

    The Attic Bride( Seems on certain POV she looks crossed eyed)

    Sorry for the blurred pic..but I was the only one at that time for single rider.. weird LOL

    Jungle cruise walk by

    Apparently its Duckling season again at the parks

    One of my many favorite features of the park..the wishing well

    Innoventions was Empty.. complete walk-in for the Iron man event 5 days after

    Iron Man 3 attraction was cool.. Smaller than it looked, crowded but fun.

    Blurred on Mark I and II due to flash by mistake

    Mark I pieces

    After the event it was time for me to head out to DTD and head home

    the new areas were a bit under what i thought they would be, but otherwise had a great time at the parks and hopefully my next trip will be in 2-3 weeks before the 3 month blockout
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    Re: 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

    Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing. It makes me miss the parks even more.

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      Re: 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

      Love the duckies!


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        Re: 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

        Great report! haha, I love the little ducks too, so adorable!


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          Re: 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

          yay! i love trip reports! thanks for sharing!


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            Re: 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

            Originally posted by Avaren View Post
            yay! i love trip reports! thanks for sharing!
            Originally posted by MagicalJenn View Post
            Great report! haha, I love the little ducks too, so adorable!
            Originally posted by jamesscarlette View Post
            Love the duckies!
            thank you all
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              Re: 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

              Its a shame Figaro is broken so quickly.


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                Re: 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

                Thanks for the terrific TR. I love TR's!!!


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                  Re: 4/24 Birthday TR (PIC HEAVY)

                  LOVE the Iron Man pics.
                  For the love of Disney....:yea:


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