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RideMax vs TouringPlans


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  • [Question] RideMax vs TouringPlans

    I've been using both RideMax and TouringPlans to put together an itinerary for California Adventure. I finally settled on a list of rides for our group and put it into both engines. The results were very different, and it has me wondering which site is more reliable (and thus which plan is better). Each plan has the same 11 rides set for the next Tuesday, both using a fastpass runner. I tried to use the exact same info to see what the algorithms would do.

    Here is RideMax:
    Time Attraction Wait
    10:05:00 AM Radiator Springs Racers 8
    10:25:00 AM Mater's Junkyard Jamboree 13
    10:42:00 AM Send Runner to Get Soarin' Over California FP
    10:48:00 AM Runner Get Soarin' Over California FP 0
    10:50:00 AM Main Group Visit Tower of Terror 14
    11:17:00 AM Muppet Vision 3-D 15
    11:52:00 AM Monsters, Inc. 5
    12:00:00 PM Send Runner to Get California Screamin' FP
    12:04:00 PM Main Group Visit Soarin' Over California (use FP) 12
    12:10:00 PM Runner Get California Screamin' FP 0
    12:17:00 PM Free Time
    12:27:00 PM Grizzly River Run 18
    12:53:00 PM Little Mermaid 5
    01:10:00 PM California Screamin' Roller Coaster (use FP) 7
    01:21:00 PM King Triton's Carousel 4
    01:28:00 PM Toy Story Mania 23
    TOTAL WAIT 124 minutes

    And TouringPlans:
    10:06:00 AM 1) Mater's Junkyard Jamboree 1
    10:10:00 AM 2) Radiator Springs Racers FP Booth 20
    10:34:00 AM 3) The Little Mermaid 5
    10:50:00 AM 4) California Screamin' FP Booth 0
    11:00:00 AM 5) Soarin' Over California FP Booth 0
    11:10:00 AM 6) Toy Story Midway Mania! 25
    11:52:00 AM 7) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror FP Booth 0
    12:02:00 PM 8) California Screamin' 2
    12:09:00 PM 9) King Triton's Carousel 4
    12:21:00 PM 10) Grizzly River Run 3
    12:34:00 PM 11) Soarin' Over California 2
    12:45:00 PM 12) Muppet*Vision 3D 8
    01:13:00 PM 13) Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! 5
    01:25:00 PM 14) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 2
    01:38:00 PM 15) Radiator Springs Racers 19
    TOTAL 96

    There some similarities, but some very big differences. They don't agree about general order or even which big rides to use FastPasses on. And the wait times are very different. For example both say to go to Grizzly River Run for the standby line somewhere around 12:30pm. But RM thinks that line will be 18 minutes and TP says 3 minutes. Overall TP's plan predicts 96 minuts in line vs 124 for RideMax.

    Can anyone give advice on which site provides better (more predictable and accurate) plans?

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    Re: RideMax vs TouringPlans

    This is interesting. I use Touring Plans and have never used this function, but I am very interested in planning/studying the flow of people through the park.

    In an ideal world I'd say the next logical step would be a test of these plans... get two groups of two or something, log your boarding times etc. and see which is more accurate.

    For you and your trip next Tuesday, I'd say either are a safe both... they both seem to purport to get you on all of those attractions by about 1:30, so it shouldn't really matter. That Tuesday won't be all that bad crowd-wise, so there really may be no need to attack the park military style that day. As long as you stick to getting FPs at the time they recommend you should be fine, in the interim between FPs I'd take a more relaxed approach to attractions rather than criss crossing this much.

    BUT if I had to choose, I'd 100% go with Touring Plans, because their plan seems to take into account that Screamin' FPs are not connected to the system. Overall, if you're not determined to be out of the park by 2 and can slow down it should be a nice day.
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      Re: RideMax vs TouringPlans

      I don't think you need either for DCA. I'd just be sure to hit it at opening, and bee line straight for Radiator Springs Racers. If you can, use the single rider line. Then hit Mater's since that line goes slowly.
      After that, you should be able to hit everything throughout the day. My feeling is if you plan out every single moment, much of the fun, relaxation and magic of the trip will be lost. A great deal of Disney fun comes from spontenaety and discovery.

      No matter where you go, there you are.


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        Re: RideMax vs TouringPlans

        We have always used Ridemax and have only had one issue. We are "out of towners" and need to maximize our time in the parks and it has never failed us. I used it last summer at WDW and was able to hit all four parks in one day covering 20 rides, travel between parks plus a sit down lunch AND a sit down dinner. Our issue was in 2010 when we were at DL in October. Little did we know that was UEA (Utah Education Association) and Arizona fall break. Ridemax worked excellent on Wed, Thurs and Friday. However, on Saturday the park was so maxed out we literally could not get through the crowds to make it on time to rides. We were also supposed to pick up fast passes but a few of them were out by the time Ridemax had us getting there. I actually emailed Ridemax and they admitted that not even they were prepared for the crowds of people. They offered a full refund which I refused because it is normally a excellent product. The issue I have with Touring Plans...I looked at their "history" of crowd levels and when we were there in Oct 2010 they listed the crowds on that Saturday as a 5!! If that is a 5 then I would NOT want to see what a 10 is!! They also listed the other days we were there in the 3's. Let me tell you, this was not the case. Wednesday was ok but Thurs, Fri and Saturday were really packed. We are going again this june and TP says Sat, June 8th is only going to be a 3. On a Saturday in June? I don't believe it. I say Ridemax all the way!


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          Re: RideMax vs TouringPlans

          Both have an error, TP has another that is big.

          Both have TSMM at 23-25 minutes, it will likely be 30-40.

          TP say get a RSR FP after a ride, and it should be good for use at 1:38, that may be closer to 4:00 or 5:00.

          Ultimately if you want to go by a schedule, I'd use Ridemax. It usually works great. I'm betting TP looks shorter to make it more attractive.
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            Re: RideMax vs TouringPlans

            Touring Plans's data is quite impressive (In their books is a history of how they collect data), and basically Len is one of the best guys in the business, the "Touring Plans Master Computer" is basically running algorithms that are used by UPS, Amex, and other companies on streamlining routes and processes. , Ridemax even admits to gaps in their data.

            Both are better than nothing, but The data behind Touring Plans is about as good as it can be... plus they're a Miceage partner =-).


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              Re: RideMax vs TouringPlans

              Thanks for all the replys. I'm thinking going to get RSR fastpasses while the main group goes to TSMM. I will probably miss out on TSMM though. But that way the group gets to do both TSMM and RSR without major waits. Then our plan is to do as many rides as we can until 1-2. Then we'll do Aladdin, Disney Jr Live, Parade etc.


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