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Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!


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  • Trip Report Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

    Hey everybody, welcome to my 4th

    As we made our way though Downtown Disney we saw some of the AIDS Walk teams taking photos:

    Soon enough we spotted the rally check in location!

    As usual, the check-in staff was amazing! Even though they had been setting up since 5AM or so, they were so friendly.

    After the team captain checked their team in, it was off to stand in line for team photos and breakfast.

    My teammates!!

    Once inside Fishbulb took photos of every team:

    Our team (looking good in our Jolly Roger/Gumball logo):

 ) , and they were kind enough to pose for a quick photo:

    Some teams were busy conspiring against us plotting their strategy at breakfast:

    After breakfast, Dusty took the stage to tell everyone the rally rules:


    We decided that, since everyone was so intimidated by our team, that we would go ahead and take that long lunch break.

    Not long after the pop-quiz, team captains were given their Rally Questionnaires and the race was on!


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    Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

    yay! Glad you had a great time. I appreciate the report!


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      old guy

      After everyone had finished breakfast and been given their rally question packet the race was on! Some of the teams decided to wait for the Monorail:

      This year we decided to score some Space Mountain Fastpasses before we rode our first ride. We were not the only ones with this idea:

      After Pan we made our way to Mr. Toad, where we ran into another rally team:

      Next, it was off to Sleeping Beauty Castle, Snow White, and Pinocchio:

      Coming up: THE RACE CONTINUES


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        Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

        OH YAY, I LOVE YOUR GUMBALL RALLY TRIP REPORTS! They are always so funny! Looking forward to seeing the rest!
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          Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

          I love this so far! Can't wait to see more, I know we saw you a time or two along the way, we were Experiments 626 with the Stitch Ears. Such a fun first rally!


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            Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

            Nice trip report and photos! We were "Rebel Alliance Without a Cause". We did not see you guys, but we started in DCA this year. It is interesting to see what it was like for all the teams starting at Disneyland. Opening both parks at the same time was an interesting twist this year.
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              Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

              Nice Trip Report! Always fun to see the teams! I'm setting up at the HoJo all day, so I can only live through the in-park fun through these trip reports.

              So ready for Part 3!
              -Monorail Man


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                On Space Mountain we saw a couple more teams:

                At lunch someone had informed the staff that we were coming, so they all lined up to see us:

                After a long lunch we headed over to the cabin to answer a quick question. We ran into yet another team there:

                We ran into a couple of teams on the walk back to Splash Mountain:

                On Splash Mountain we saw a few teams either riding or waiting for teammates, but only one photo turned out:


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                  Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

                  Awesome pics!
                  For the love of Disney....:yea:


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                    Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

                    LOL Team Never Tell Us The Odds got distracted by the horse too at BTR. We were there in the late afternoon so it was a different horse. It was a highland patterned Clydesdale (A bay color with lots of white all over the body). It caused us to miss the Mark Twain and 3 possible points.
                    We couldn't help it. We are both horse-crazy.


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                      Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

                      Looks like fun! Someday my husband and I will do this.


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                        Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

                        I can't wait for more! Thanks for the TR.


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                          My poor buddy Matt. After we rode Splash Mountain we headed over to ride the Mark Twain and check on some Native American flags. As we took the slow ride around the Rivers of America, Matt realized that if we had not stopped for lunch, we would actually have a chance to place well in this race. I think it was about this point in the race that he started thinking towards next year with a more competitive set of teammates. I made sure to tell him to register early since the Rally wound up with a long waiting list this year. Some scenery during our voyage:

                          On the Mark Twain we ran into more teams:

                          As we got off of the magnificent paddle-wheeler, we spotted other teams ready to get on:

                          After our river ride, we decided to keep the theme of relaxing rides going, so we headed over to Tomorrowland Station for a leisurely train ride around the park. While we waited for the train I asked Matt to take a picture of me and Regan:

                          All aboard:

                          Our first stop was Main Street Station. As you can see, the crowds were actually pretty light for a Saturday:

                          Cinderella was out doing what she does best:

                          We ran into a couple of teams along the way:

                          One lonely CM:


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                            Nope, no license plates here:

                            While in line for Jungle Cruise we saw more Rally teams:

                            We had so much fun on our exotic cruise that we decided to keep that theme going with a trip over to the Tiki Room. We ran into another team waiting not only for the show, but for a Dole Whip:

                            After the show we all worked together to try and count how many perches had more than one bird. It was actually a funny sight; 99% of the audience leaving, and the rest of us hanging around looking like crazy people counting fake birds:

                            Next up for us was Pirates of the Caribbean. We got lucky and spotted a couple more teams in line:

                            We figured it was about time to start calling it a day since Regan was getting tired of walking around. We ended our Rally Day by answering the Main Street questions and, of course, ran in to other Rally teams who had similar ideas:

                            After hitting Main Street we headed over to the check-in point and turned in our packet. We wound up answering 27 total questions, which is a new high for our low-speed team. We had such a great time, and we will be back for our 5th Rally next year!

                            Thanks to everyone who has been following along and leaving us such great comments!


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                              Re: Digger's 4th Annual Rally Report - photo heavy!

                              Fantastic TR
                              Did the Rally go to DCA this year?


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