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"You might be a Disney fan if..."


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  • [Fun] "You might be a Disney fan if..."

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    Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

    You answer your door and greet your guests with "Welcome, foolish mortals"

    You count time by "wait times" - as in, "I just wasted 45 minutes in traffic, I could have been on Space Mountain by now!"

    Everything tastes better when it's shaped like Mickey

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      Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

      You have one, or several, attraction themes as ringtones on your phone for certain people/alarms. <--- Totally guilty, btw.

      You can't have a conversation without mentioning something Disney or Disney-related at least once slip in.

      When you go shopping, you do so while putting "Disneyland" outfits together in your head.

      You wonder if you could get away with smuggling your labradors in as "Assistance Dogs in Training" so they, too can enjoy the park. (Only half kidding, I don't want to tick off the real pups and trainers. )

      You plan your retirement forever home around including how long it would take to get to <insert Disney park of your choice here> and possibly including part-time employment at said park.
      Peter Pan: "You know, your hair is on fire."
      Me: "Yes. It happened after a recent trip to Neverland."
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        Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

        You purchase shoes based on how many hours they would be comfortable in the parks.

        Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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          Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

          ...Your Disneyland souvenir rack has a Disneyland souvenir rack on it.
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            Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

            run around your house as if you were on Space Mountain
            watch Disneyland ride povs 24-7
            attempt to recreate the essence of Disneyland in your backyard


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              Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

              When you walk into your front door it makes the turnstile noise.

              You refer to your car as a ride vehicle.
              "Greetings, Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada."


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                Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

                You have an account on micechat

                If you believe the animatronics are real (that are what my stories are about)

                When you walk by Fantasmic! to get on a ride you say the whole script out loud so people can hear

                Ride an attraction a lot just to find a hidden mickey

                Talk to the animatronics like they are people

                Have all the Disney movies on VHS and DVD (my aunt)

                When someone you don't know says "Disney" you get into the conversation (your reaction would be like Dug "SQUIRREL!")

                Know how to play Disney songs on an instrument

                Have pets named after Disney characters

                You have had a Disney calendar

                Make up a Disney ride that is not there (Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, etc.)

                Memorize lines from Disney movies

                Sing along in the Tiki Room (it's sad to see people leave during the rain scene. )Not a lot of people see it which makes me disappointed)

                To be sad to see the cabin not burning or fort wilderness being open. If you would rather have Country Bears than Winnie

                Ride Casey Jr. without children with you

                Give gifts from Disneyland for Christmas

                Laugh at the skipper's jokes

                Have an AP pass

                That's all i could think of
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                Stories of Disneyland from an animatronic's point of view


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                  Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

                  When you hear "Born to be Wild" you think of Rocket Rods...


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                    Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

                    For me:

                    - You're the go-to person for advice, hints and information for any friends/family members/colleagues who are going to Disneyland.

                    - Your friends and family get you Disney-related gifts.

                    - You have professional work apparel with Disney flair - a Disney necktie, bow, pin, etc.
                    Merida looks like this. Not a Barbie doll!


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                      Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

                      Whenever you here the "Tweet" Text tone on Iphones and think of the noise the entrance makes when they scan your annual pass.

                      When a lot off smells remind you of Disneyland

                      Or in my case, I'm working minimum wage and saving every paycheck for my girlfriend and I to go in September.


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                        Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

                        The walkways around your house has hundreds of stage lights that come up on stilts

                        When you can name all the haunted mansions around the world and can say what effects are different and what the storylines are for each at anytime of year.

                        When you are the first in line for a 24hour event to get a hat.

                        When you have to figure which parking ticket is from today so you can get back in.

                        You are the only one in the park with Glow the Show ears.

                        You know the answer to: What time is the three o'clock parade?

                        You use CM code for attraction problems to indicate that there is a prop out of place.

                        When you can tell which train is coming just by the whistle.

                        You see adds for WDW and know where they were really shot (DL)

                        You have a drawer in your room for just things that you collect.

                        You know the real news at the parks before real news outlets have the story.

                        You have photos of limited merchandise instead of the merchandise.
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                          Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

                          When you collect not only Mickeys but Mickey's favorite bear. You also believe that it was Tink's pixie dust that brought it to life after Mickey made a special wish about his bear. Then Mickey gave his new found friend a big hug and the outline of Mickey's face magically imprints itself on his bear's face too ( * o * )

                          When you tear down a 3 year old Department 56 home-made Disneyland Mainstreet to evolve into the Olszewski's Disneyland Mainstreet exact model. Yes, and all the while knowing, that it will cost you about 3 Disneyland trips to complete it. But, you don't care because Disneyland must live in your house with you.

                          When Halloween rolls around and you decide since you cannot go to Disneyland that year; why not bring your favorite ride to your house instead. Thus, your front porch, entry hallway and your dining room magically transform into (a home-made walk through) Pirates of the Caribbean ride with a cutout Jack Sparrow hiding behind the curtains and skeleton pirates all sitting around the table eating plastic food. The kids get the gold coins and the candy, then exclaim to their parents: "Mom, Dad, when are we going to Disneyland!"


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                            Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

                            You decide to give your kitchen a makeover, and your top priority is how to give it a Mickey theme.


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                              Re: &quot;You might be a Disney fan if...&quot;

                              The shadow boxes in your living room look anything like mine...

                              Click image for larger version

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