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Weird Tower of Terror Experience

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    Re: Weird Tower of Terror Experience

    How late in the evening was this?

    It seems to me that the CM was trying really hard to maximize counts and wanted to go for the guaranteed load instead of chancing it that the groups of guests right in front of him would equate out to six (even though if he took a moment to do a visual count of the guests, regardless of group size, her step-daughters would have been on that elevator). This could be one of two things:

    1. Incompetence, which is very likely given that there have been so many threads on MiceChat in the past couple of years discussing less than average CM behavior.

    2. There's a resort-wide competition that takes place internally between attractions where the attractions crews duke it out to see who can pull the highest counts per hour/day/week. I'm not sure though if this still takes place or if TDA sponsors it anymore. The last time I heard about this taking place was in 2001. During this time the grouper CMs are working on maximum efficiency mode and have been known to be a little rude at times.
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      Re: Weird Tower of Terror Experience

      Originally posted by Dinglehopper View Post
      Very true... however, still doesn't excuse the rudeness. When the people at the front of the line ask why he's pulling from the back, there must be a better "Disney-approved" statement than "I can choose whoever I want."

      KM63- That's a very UN-Disney comment! How long ago was that? I feel like this newer batch of cast members for summer are more rude than I have ever seen at Disneyland. I never had a rude cast member experience until I went a little over 3 weeks ago and it was Tinkerbell! She was great when we were meeting her, but the person I went with and I were doing one of our own Disney challenges and seeing how many pictures we could take with characters. We don't usually do take time to take pictures with the characters. So she was chatting with us a little and we thought it was an okay conversation, but as we walked away I heard her say "wow can't joke with those two" So I don't know if we missed a joke or something???? It was strange. Maybe I misheard. But then this instance with the TOT bellhop? Hope this isn't a trend starting!!!
      I think at this point you need to report the situation because a CM is never allowed to be out of character or lose the Disney Customer Service with guests. Since looking at your location on your user ID it does not look like you will be back in town for a while so go to and click Contact us at the bottom. From there on the text box include the Day (May 4, 2013) The CM name and hometown (if you remember), the approximate time, and the post the CM was at. That was beyond what a CM should have said for you and I know it might be a little late for you but you can prevent the CM doing that same thing to other guests.
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        Re: Weird Tower of Terror Experience


        I'm really sorry that happened...that was extremely unDisney of the CM...did you go to Guest Relations as other posters have asked?

        Of all the time I have been to the DLR, I have only run into rude guests, not rude CMs...but I guess some CMs just have to give the wrong people the wrong treatment.

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          Re: Weird Tower of Terror Experience

          Very odd.
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