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Job Interview At Disneyland

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  • [Question] Job Interview At Disneyland

    Hi All! Hope you guys are all doing well today!
    I just wanna get some info about Job processing at Disneyland.
    I applied a part-time Merchandise assistant at Disneyland about 5-6 months ago.
    They emailed me that I might be the right person for this position that i applied. So I got the web-based interview and then i had a person to person interview at on last Tuesday at Cast member Building right next Disneyland.
    I was very nervous but seems like the interview went well. She asked me to describe what is the customer service and if i have any experience of multi-tasking. She asked me if i have any tattoo and piercing. I had no tattoo and just only ear piercing. I was smiling and showing her (recruiter) my positive attitude whole time.
    She was smiling back at me whole time and seems like she is very nice person too.
    She asked me if i am interested in Ticket Taker position. And I said "YES" She asked me choose 1st and 2nd choices between those two positions which are Merchandise and Ticket Taker. So I choose merchandise as 1st and ticket taker as 2nd.
    And She asked me if i prefer to work inside of Disneyland or outside. I said it doesnt matter, I like anyplace. She asked me if i can work any date thru holidays and i said yes i can.
    She told me that she concluded the interview and she showed me a big folder and couple papers of job descriptions for Ticket taker and Merchandise. She asked me if i have any question about job description.
    She told me they are done hiring for spring and now they are hiring for summer. She wrote down on a green paper and gave to me. It's says congratulation and future consideration employee and Disneyland will contact you shortly and once you get an email and i have to reply them within 48 hours in order to get the job. She told me it may take couple weeks or couple months to get an email from Disneyland and make sure i reply them within 48hrs to get the job. I asked why and she said i might have couple of candidates infront of me wich is like a waiting list. It depends on how many people are infront of me so i could hear sooner or later.
    This is my person to person interview and now i am waiting to get an email from Disneyland.

    Did i lose this job? or Did i fail this interview? Would they really put me on waiting list? I just wonder if will i ever get hired or not.
    My hopes are up into the sky and i really wanna work at the disneyland.
    If anyone has any same experience as mine please give me some advise about this.

    Thank you for your help!!!
    God Bless You!!!

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    Re: Job Interview At Disneyland

    When I was hired (20 years ago). I received a letter saying I was placed on the waiting list. I thought it was just the "Disney way" of saying "no thanks". But a few weeks later I received a phone call offering me a job.

    So, they like you, but right now there isn't an opening. Once there is an opening, they will call e-mail you. But I have no idea how long it takes for there to be an opening.

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      Re: Job Interview At Disneyland

      Originally posted by Chicomom View Post
      Did i lose this job? or Did i fail this interview?
      My gut reaction based on reading your post is that you most likely did very well at the interview and that it's just a matter of the wheels turning (Disney's hiring needs, number of other interviewees, etc.) that will determine how soon you get that email. You write well and come across in your post as mature, polite, well organized and a good communicator!
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        Re: Job Interview At Disneyland

        Thank you for your advice. I sure will wait until i hear something from Disneyland. I hope i get hired soon. "Crossing Finger and Pray to God"


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          Re: Job Interview At Disneyland

          Thank you for your kind advice Mr. Wiggins.
          I am just waiting and waiting..checking my email everyday. Hope i hear something good from Disneyland and i get hired at the end.
          I guess all i need to do is just be patient. Crossing my Fingers!


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            Re: Job Interview At Disneyland

            I'm in the same boat as you, but with attractions and merchandise. I've been on the wait list since May and it's so frustrating waiting and hoping to hear from them. I moving out of the valley in about a month and I can't decide if I should find somewhere closer to Anaheim in the hopes that I do get a job at the park, or stay closer to LA so I can continue doing background work/try to find another job. Any advice?
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              Re: Job Interview At Disneyland

              Just one thing for anyone writing about being hired or working at Disneyland...never ever use your real name (first or last) or photo on these boards. DLR does pay attention to them. Just a word to the wise.
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                Re: Job Interview At Disneyland

                When she asked if you had any questions, I hope you came prepared with a few questions to ask. This is very important for any job interview. It shows you are really interested in the position and not just saying "yes" to everything.

                Just be patient. I'm sure you did fine
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