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May 18th - Quick Trip & Thoughts


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  • Trip Report May 18th - Quick Trip & Thoughts

    First off, sorry for the complete lack of pictures. It was a marathon day to get as much squeezed in as possible.

    I am DLR Deluxe AP holder and decided to go down with two friends before Memorial Day weekend. Yeah I had to pay the $70 upgrade for the 1 day park hopper but no biggie.

    DCA morning crowds were strong at 10:30am when we arrived. FP were still available for RSR with return times set for 640pm. Decided to do single rider for RSR instead. 20 mins in, the ride broke down. Waited 15 mins and the ride began cycling again. So about a 40min wait altogether compared to the 100 min wait in Standby. Upon exiting the ride we noticed someone having a medical emergency in the standby queue right before you go under the first bridge. Paramedics were on scene and the line was pushed back to the entrance sign causing the line to back up on to Route 66.

    Had my first Red's Apple Freeze! While it was delicious, it was no Butterbeer. The foam was interesting. Those Pretzel bites were yummo though!

    California Screamin was loading very quickly but the on board audio was not working. In fact both times I rode the coaster that day had no audio, which was odd.

    Keep in mind that was this was a Grad Day. Never again. Apparently this now includes middle-schoolers? If that was not enough there were middle school band groups there also. So many pre-teens/teens it was incredible. Almost every ride we rode was negatively affected by the shenanigans of these kids. I knew what I was getting into and I told my friends to bring extra patience. Well these 'kids' really broke us down.

    - Haunted Mansion: the teens were 'play-screaming' in the elevator. Pushing and shoving once the doors opened. While on the ride, there were two CM announcements stating "we are monitoring you, please stay seated". Btw you know things are bad when the regular CM's are not working the ride and security (khaki shirt and pants with in-ear radios) start hosting the ride. As the night went on, more and more of these security or manager types began filling in for the traditional costumed CM's.
    - Star Tours: Excessive screaming in the queue. Not listening to CM instructions. Lighter note: I was the REBEL spy!! Finally!
    - Splash Mountain: This was the worst of the bunch. We did single rider as the line was about 90mins. We could hear groups of kids just continually yelling through the main queue. I mean hollering, girls screaming. While we were in the SR line kids started to sit and play in an empty wheelchair that was left near the exit. CM's had to tell them repeatedly to get up. When we got to the 'sorting' area, this poor CM had to repeat himself several times to several groups in the standby line regarding the seat configuration. My friends were split up as expected and each of us had a rowdy 'Log'. My first friend encountered a group on the ride vehicle that was standing up, touching/grabbing sets, splashing water on their friends (my friend was more soaked by the activity than the actual ride). Upon exiting, security was there waiting for these punks. They were banned from the ride. Which I doubt they cared about. My Ride vehicle was all girls. Splashing each other, touching the sets, screaming to the log behind me to talk to their friends. My last friend had the exact same thing happen as on my vehicle.

    We took a break from rides as we wanted to catch Magical. This is such a great show. Love the music and the fireworks used. Sadly there was no Tink/Dumbo, but other than that pretty awesome.

    Well we had FP for Space Mountain for 930p and headed over there after the show. Well the 'Teens' had the same idea and began running in droves to get there. Once there, the CM's had blocked the ramp and said Space Mountain is closed check back later. I knew something was up once the CM continued "if you are here for Grad Night please make your way to California Adv". They were shutting down the rides early to push the teens out to DCA for their party. As we walked away we noticed Buzz was also closed. Star Tours as well. We made our way to Adventureland and INDY was no longer offering single rider. Everything was oddly shutting down or changing the way the lines worked.

    The park was not closing until midnight so we decided to catch the 1030 Fantasmic! which is always a treat. So good! Malificent's telescoping platform did not rise but everything else was working. At this point, we thought about going back to SM but we decided to call it night as we had an early morning planned to get up to Universal Studios.
    We still managed to have fun and ate some delicious things. My friends were really impressed at the show quality of the rides and special shows (Magical/Fantasmic!). Every CM we encountered was friendly and helpful. Their patience was incredible dealing with the craziness going on. They need to be paid more.

    Ending with this fun little experience:
    We were in the smoking area to the back left of the MAD T party at around 2pm and Stitch was coming out for the VISA cardholder special meet and greet. He started playing with my friend, being mischievous and Minnie was walking through to go backstage. She started play fighting with Stitch. She would shake her finger at him and he would get sad then do something like grab her nose. So fun to watch them play. When it was over Minnie skipped away to the backstage area.

    Thanks for reading. Did anyone encounter this type of behavior during the Grad Days?
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    Re: May 18th - Quick Trip &amp; Thoughts

    Email Disney about your experiences with the kids. They need to get this feedback. I had a terrible week this month regarding Grad Night/school groups and I sent them an email about it. I had similar, if not exact, experiences on Haunted Mansion and Star Tours. Kids were screaming so loud on Star Tours I couldn't hear the ride audio.
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      Re: May 18th - Quick Trip &amp; Thoughts

      Thanks Dr Fink, I will definitely do that. I really wish I had time that day to visit City Hall but I noticed a very long line. Hmm wonder why!


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        Re: May 18th - Quick Trip &amp; Thoughts

        I don't know about you, but I felt like a celebrity when I was the rebel spy!! Even though the picture was horrible because I was giving obnoxious kids the stink eye. It was so great, though. I was super sad they didn't have a women's shirt that said "I am the rebel spy"!!

        I'm happy to hear you all managed to make a rather difficult-to-enjoy situation still pleasureable!!

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          Re: May 18th - Quick Trip &amp; Thoughts

          Originally posted by Jafar00 View Post
          ...Lighter note: I was the REBEL spy!! Finally!
          Yesterday, I was also the finally selected. I've been on the ride over a hundred times!


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            Re: May 18th - Quick Trip &amp; Thoughts

            Originally posted by Jafar00 View Post
            California Screamin was loading very quickly but the on board audio was not working. In fact both times I rode the coaster that day had no audio, which was odd.
            Were you in a Green Train?? It seems the audio doesn't work in the Green Trains, which is weird.
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              Re: May 18th - Quick Trip &amp; Thoughts

              I was there on the 18th as well. It was horrible with all those teenagers. I am not one to shelter my son from language and a little provocativeness but at some point it becomes gross. I don't appreciate having to be pushed around because some 17 year old can't follow the "do not run" rule. Yes, everyone wants to get on Indy, but running there and then having to get a beat down because you tripped my kid is not going to get you there any sooner dumb a$$!

              All in all, it didn't ruin my experience. We didn't stay at the park past 7:30, we also have APs and feel like we have that luxury but had I been a regular paying park visitor with a 1 or 2 day park hopper, I would have been upset. Thank goodness we are going again next month!
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