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Our crazy road trip/Disneyland vacation May 1st

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  • Trip Report Our crazy road trip/Disneyland vacation May 1st

    Hi all! I've been putting off this trip report, but I guess I should get to it while I can still remember what we did! I won't be adding pictures of our day, but you can go to our link at the end and see a bunch if you scroll down to May 1st.

    Cast: My DH, me, 4 year old DD and 1 year old DS (and various other family members throughout the day

    Date: May 1

    Our Disney day actually started the night before, when we arrived by car to Anaheim after a 3 day road trip from KC MO. I was pumped. The plan was to hang out in DTD so we could soak up the free Disney.

    We ate dinner at Jazz Kitchen Express and wow was it good. I love the potato salad with jalepenos and bacon. Yum!

    Visited the Lego store, went to see the Grand Californian, and then decided to get tickets for the next day. Because, you know, I didn't want to waste the precious time in the morning.

    At this time it's about 5pm and we walk up to get tickets. I was pretty happy. The guy behind the counter asks me if I'd like to get into one of the parks tonight. Confused, I ask, "Does it cost?" His reply: "It only costs a smile." I give him my biggest and brightest smile and after a bit of discussion we decide on California Adventure, since we've never been and weren't planning on going this trip. What great luck and something I'll always remember!

    We had been pretty wiped by our travels but we were pumped to get to see the updated version. We hoofed it to TLM and my daughter was shell-shocked (get it? shell-shocked?) I was worried she didn't like it (I loved it btw!) but then as we came out she breathlessly exclaimed "MORE RIDES!". More rides you desire, more rides you shall get, my sweet.

    Because I hadn't planned on going to CA, I was at a bit of a loss for where to go. Having been to Utah the day before, I was fairly certain CarsLand was not going to impress me the way Zion National Park did, so we abstained from going there.

    Instead, we headed to Paradise Pier and rode the carousel. My daughter loved it! We got in line for TSM but I was worried the 3D might cause us motion sickness (my DD and I) and so we opted for some churros instead.

    Wandered around Paradise Pier, happened onto the Pixar parade so we watched that while eating our churros. It was cute, but my daughter didn't know most of the characters so I think it wasn't as fun for her as the classic characters would have been.

    Head off to the Grizzly Peak area and the kids had loads of fun on the trails. Daughter was afraid of the nets, but enjoyed the slides and other non-netted activities.

    We decide it's time to go and DD wants one last ride on the carousel. That kid and her carousels! So we do that and then retire to our hotel room at the Park Vue Inn.

    DCA review - it was neat. I liked it, but even with TLM it still seemed to lack things for real little kids. I know A Bugs Land had more for the littles, but we were tired so we didn't venture over to it. Maybe when the kids are bit older we'll be able to enjoy DCA to it's fullest. And maybe some dramamine so we can ride TSM.

    The next day: off to the main attraction!! Breakfast at the hotel and then we head over to wait in line until they open around 9:40. We go into the Magic Shop and my daughter is impressed with a few magic tricks. We shop at bit in the stores and wait for rope drop, which I've never been able to see. Well, it was packed, so I didn't see it, but I did hear it! We are off. Others are running, but we are walking straight to Dumbo.

    Here's where I had my only negative thing happen all day, and I almost don't want to sully my trip report with it! It had to do with a guest on Dumbo, and I'll leave it at that for now.

    We were on the 2nd batch of elephants and we had a blast. I was with DS and my DH with DD. Great first ride!
    Off to Casey Jr with a small wait, then the carousel, Pinnochio, Snow White. It was time for a break for the kids so we mosied our way to the Jolly Holiday Bakery. I had a danish (really good) my daughter had a huge sugar cookie, and my DH had the cheesecake. DS ate a bit of everything. He really loves cheesecake, which I find amusing because it's such a grown up dessert.

    Met up with my side of the family (mom, sister, her DH and their son in addition to BIL's sister and her boyfriend). We decide on HM. Was basically a walk on, maybe 5 minute wait, max.

    My nephew was terrified but my kids did alright. DS actually fell asleep during the ride and resumed his nap in his stroller.

    The Centre for Neufeldian Jabberwocky : Roadtrip 2013

    To be continued..........

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    Re: Our crazy road trip/Disneyland vacation May 1st

    Really nice! I'm looking forward to the next entry! It's really nice of the workers to get you in to DCA for free.