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Cars Land Music


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  • [Idea] Cars Land Music

    Let me start by saying I really do love all the music loops in Cars Land. Like every other detail in the land, they really hit the nail on the head and did a fantastic with it. I feel the strongest music loops are the ones in the individual establishments in the land: the girl-group 50s/60s Motown music in Flo's, the Latin-sounding 60s/70s low rider/cruising tunes in Ramone's, the 50s/60s standards sung by Italian singers in Luigi's. All of these are fantastic and set a unique tone in each place. Looking at this focus on music and setting the tone, I feel that the main drag loop in Cars Land could definitely be plussed and made better.

    Currently the loop is a great collection of 50s-70s car-inspired songs that mostly sticks to a rockabilly sound. There are a few exceptions to the sound (some soul and pop pieces, but some of those fit oddly like "Freeway of Love" by Aretha Franklin), but it's mostly that rockabilly sound. Most of it works really well in establishing a mood and tone in the land, but I think some more variety should be added to the loop and perhaps move away from being strictly songs about cars. The loop could really benefit from some more recognizable songs in soul, doo-wop, Motown, and pop of the era.

    One of the best songs on the current loop is "Green Onions" by Booker T. & the MG's. This song is such a classic cruising tune of that era. Another great one is "Sh-Boom" by The Chords, which they do with the neon lighting every night. I think that song should stay strictly for the ceremony, but that type of music needs to be more present in the music. I feel the loop needs some more of that sound and less of the strictly rockabilly sound. I think it would amazing to be walking down Route 66 and hearing more classic cruising and feel-good tunes from the 50s-70s. Like I said, more doo-wop, soul, Motown, and pop of the era, in addition to some of the great rockabilly present now. And the loop needs some Beach Boy hits! Their music is SO perfect for the mood, tone, and theme of the land and is a fun throwback to the old DCA (in a good way haha).

    What do you think? Should they change it up a bit? I heard somewhere that the current loop is close to FOUR HOURS LONG, so it's probably a herculean task to change, but I think it would greatly benefit the land and be fun to be able to sing along to some of the cruising hits of the era.

    And here's a link to a playlist of the Cars Land loop on Spotify. This user has a great collection of other music loops as well! Cars Land by Arielle Nadel on Spotify
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    Re: Cars Land Music

    Thanks for the link!


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      Re: Cars Land Music

      I don't agree with the idea (I LOVE the current loop, sorry!), but really appreciate the link to that playlist!
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