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Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)


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  • Trip Report Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)

    on may 3rd, 2013, 2 best friends set out to answer the age old question... can every ride in Disneyland be ridden in only one day?? and, who is crazy enough to find out? here is our recap of our incredible journey, filled with blisters, sore muscles, and amazing memories ♥

    we got up bright and early at 3:30am to be at the airport at 4. Tam's looking pretty excited for this early in the morning!

    after 3 layovers, we were finally on the plane that will take us to disneyland (well, santa ana, anyways) here is us with a 'ticket' my daughter made for us


    after a couple of rides (odd, our first ride was grizzly river run... my first ride is almost always pirates) we stopped to eat those WOC picnic lunches and watch the pixar play parade. lunches were tasty, but small. the parade was cute and fun.
    after additional rides galore, we stopped to have dinner and 'hide' from the first showing of WOC. we had chowder in bread bowls... they were NOT small and very filling and delish.

    Time to get in line for WOC!

    i don't know if it's because it was later showing, or that it was kinda chilly, but there were hardly any people waiting for WOC. we ended up standing right in the front against the fence... the splash zone.

    after WOC, we raced over to cars land to see if we could sneak into RSR. the wait time was about 50 minutes, but decided it was the best we'd probably see all weekend, as well as our only chance.

    We finally made it back to the hotel well after midnight. after getting our outfits, gear and water bottles ready for the Gumball Rally in the morning, we flopped into bed around 1:30. (in case anyone is keeping track of our lack of sleep, we went to bed around 1 the night before we left Canada, got up at 3:30, and are now going back to sleep.)

    Bright and early for registration at ESPN zone! Tam showing off her delish breakfast burrito:

    and i am extremely too excited about mine:


    rules are rules

    ready to race! (sorry so blurry)

    we started off at light sprint... ok, ok, we darted off like a rocket thru downtown disney to the turnstiles. we decided to start with DCA, since we had spent so much time there the day before, we thought we'd 'know' some stuff. we didn't. after finishing DCA (yay!) we headed over to Disneyland and saw a few gumballers in line at space mountain (i believe Joe? he put a TR up.) anyways, about this point, i couldn't handle the tink shoes anymore, and i gave in to the flip-flops.

    for some reason, i tied the laces of the shoes to my belt and carried them with me (getting stuck in rides and everything) all freakin' day. i ended up leaving them in the hotel room, so i don't know why i didn't just ditch them. sigh.
    we were so go-go-go, i didn't really take many photos... and kinda remembered that i had a camera in line at mr. toad. thus this gem:

    we kept on keepin' on, and the exhaustion didn't really hit me until we went into captain EO. i was thinking, sit for a 20 min juicy eighties break? sure, why not? that is, until the floor started bouncing... and it was the one and only time i really, truly thought i was going to be sick. i tried to be all tough, until i looked over at Tam and saw she was breathing rrrreeeeaallllyyyy slowly, too. after that monstrocity, we figured we really should eat something, as we burned thru the protein bars and trail mix we had brought. we grabbed pizza at pizza port, and headed over to the monorail to eat on the go. i inhaled that slice, i can't even tell you if it was good or not.

    after a grueling (but amazing!) race, we headed to the finish line just before 8pm.

    Made it!

    day 3 coming up!

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    Re: Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)

    Fun Fun, Jealous of your large amount of Fun. Great Trip Report, thanks!


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      Re: Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)

      the next morning, we set am alarm to be up in time for the hotel's free breakfast (as i did not trust us to wake up before noon, or you know, 5pm). after some decent eats, we walked slowwwwwllllyyyy to the parks. muscles hurt that i didn't even knew existed. honestly. we had a 2pm reservation at blue bayou, so we just strolled along and hit up a few rides here and there, getting a FP for splash mountain.

      after splash, we headed over to NOS, and pretty much walked right into our table at Blue Bayou (well, not INTO the table, but you know what i mean)

      After lunch, we headed back to splash...

      and saw a couple of cuties:

      i have been on the matterhorn a grand total of 1 time when i was 9. Tam had never been, but the line was ridic. so we decided, since you pretty much sit alone anyways, to single rider it.

      after some matterhorn goodness, it was really getting chilly, so we opted to buy some hoodies from the roxy store in downtown disney. after stashing the other unnecessary items we purchased into the lockers at the gate, we headed back to DCA for, um, refreshments.

      and some screams.

      grizzly river run truly is one of my fave rides, and it only had the wait time of 5 mins (due to how cold it actually was). we went on anyways, and didn't get too wet, but i was thankful for the hoodies. afterwards, we hit up soarin'.

      we decided, since we had only gone on TOT once (during the rally) to do it again. we cut thru a bug's land, as we had found it's a great little uncrowded pathway (again, during the rally.)

      man! the bugs are HUGE down here!

      the wait for TOT was still about an hour, but decided the break might be kindof nice. it didn't seem that long, honestly, or perhaps we dozed off a few times.

      tea for two?

      what a charming lobby. let's stay here!

      uh oh...

      YIKES! i don't know what's scarier, the ride or my face!

      headed back into disneyland to finish our night (and trip!) although we didn't wait in line, there's something about seeing Mickey on a trip to Disneyland, so i snapped this one of him and a random child.

      off to more rides!

      waiting for Fantasmic... it had started to rain, and we were warned that the show might be cancelled. still, Tam and i stayed optimistic.

      patience (and braving the storm!) pays off.

      we headed into pixie hollow, which is just GORG at night.

      and that concludes our fantastic trip for the gumball rally! our feet were torn to shreds, muscles sore, and so sleep deprived it is actually ridiculous, but it was an amazing experience. i am super proud of us, not just for the scoring, but to be able to compete such a physically demanding race (especially for myself, as i'm still struggling with some extra baby-weight, and i'm def not a runner) and come out still standing. i sincerely thank everyone who competed, planned, and organized the Gumball Rally... it was an honor to come and race with some amazing and dedicated fans (and staff alike!).

      as always, (lame and corny as it might be) my own little tradition, i would like to end my trip photo session with a pic of walt's apartment; if he hadn't had the idea to build a little magical theme park, it wouldn't have blossomed into the amazing magical fantasy world that is Disneyland Resort today.

      Cheers and thanks for reading!



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        Re: Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)

        oops, double post.
        Last edited by Avaren; 05-25-2013, 08:59 PM.


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          Re: Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)

          Originally posted by Micoofy Duck View Post
          Fun Fun, Jealous of your large amount of Fun. Great Trip Report, thanks!
          thank you! it was crazy fun! def. different experience to do as much as possible, rather than relish in all the detail!


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            Re: Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)

            Gumball Rally trip reports are always a must read for me! Thanks for sharing your awesome report!

            Oh and also congrats for running a great race, especially for a good cause!
            My Adventure Blog



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              Re: Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)

              thank you! it def. opened up a flood gate, and is now something i want to participate in ever year! lol


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                Re: Tinx Minx Gumball Rally Adventure (photo heavy)



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