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Mickey and the Magical Map Game

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  • [Fun] Mickey and the Magical Map Game

    Hi guys --

    Since we like having fun here I figured it'd be fun to play a little game I thought of the other day. Whether we like the new Fantasyland Theater show or not (Mickey and the Magical Map), I think this will be a fun game for us all to play :D.

    Here's How To Play:
    For those of you who have seen the show (either live or on YouTube), you may have recognized that the magical map represents the locations of many Disney movies on it (for example: there is a pumpkin carriage to represent Cinderella, Maleficent in dragon form to represent Sleeping Beauty etc.). The goal of the game is to find all the represented Disney movies on the map. The map features both characters from Disney movies in addition to objects, lands, etc. that have to do with each film so it's kind of tricky figuring which movies are represented.

    For those of you who need a refresher, here's a link to a video of the show posted on YT :o.

    Hope you guys have fun playing :D. Sorry if this post was super duper confusing! There's no prize or competition really to the game but I figured it'd be a fun little game to bring to the forums. HAVE FUN!

    - Dillamond