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wine tasting in DCA ?


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  • wine tasting in DCA ?

    Do they still do this? whats the cost? can you try all kinds oronly one? I am interested !!

    and what is seasons of the vine??

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    Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

    They used to have it, but I haven't seen it out lately. They gave us a small sample of some sweet wine after the movie about 4 years ago, btu i don't even know if they stil ahve the movie....maybe that's what the season of the vine is:

    This theatrical event takes you through the yearly miracle of nature that produces a bottle of wine.
    • Transport yourself through a magic window to a California vineyard
    • Gather in the winery's traditional barrel room
    • Introduced by a winery worker
    • Seasons unfold before your eyes, each with its own beauty, challenges -- and even villains


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      Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

      They may still have wine tasting:

      ndulge yourself in the gracious lifestyle that fine wine represents. This superb winery experience awaits you in a romantic California Mission-style setting.
      • Sample gourmet food
      • Enjoy new vintages at the daily wine tastings
      • Stroll through an actual vineyard
      • Dine in a family-style Italian trattoria or the elegant Vineyard Room
      Thsi is all from the disney website..


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        Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

        I think they have cheese, too. With your wine tasting.

        I think it's $10 plus tax per person.

        Yes, Seasons of the Vine is the wine making movie. I've never actaully seen it though. This is probably the only DCA attraction/land I've never stepped foot in.

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          Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

          I'm not sure about the tasting, but I did talk to a couple of women Saturday night who were both drinking wine.


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            Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

            The movie closed. I don't know why. It was actually kinda cool, they started it, the attraction host would talk and introduce while it played behind a huge "fence" (for lack of a better word) and then when they were done, they would, physically, move the door to the fence out of the way, giving the feel that you were looking out on Napa/Sonoma.

            The theatre itself had a lite musky scent, like a wine cellar and was decorated as such. There were huge casks adorning the walls and you sat on wooden benches to watch the brief movie on winemaking.

            And, as you exited, you did get to wine taste--small, but it was to encourage you to walk over to the small bar.

            The wine tasting is fun, if you are into it. Usually, the pourer has a huge amount of knowledge of what is being served and the cheese that goes with it. It was fun for those of us who it has been years since going to Napa Valley, etc.

            Enjoy and peace,
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              Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

              Is the movie in the winery really closed for good?
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                Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

                When did it close? It was open last fall. I guess it was an OK movie.. kinda neat to see the life cycle of wine I suppose. It was nice and cool in the room. The CM was totally unenthused... it was awesome.

                No wine tasting with it though and we were the only 3 people in there.

                I wouldn't waste the time if you are on a few days vacation - we did it while waiting for a table at the restaurant right there.
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                  Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

                  The movie is still open, but only on peak days. Seriously, have you guys been to DCA on a weekday in January? There's only about 2000 people there.
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                  • #10
                    Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

                    My boyfriend and I really like the wine bar there. The tastings are limited in number and are only available until 5 pm at which time it switches over to strictly by the glass. They do have a nice supertuscan on the list and the Port and Blue tasting is surprisingly pleasant. It's not Napa or Sonoma but it's a lovely pause during the day.


                    • #11
                      Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

                      The movie is still runing as of 01-21-06. I think that the wine tasting is $10. I think thank they have three different "tastings" during the afternoon. This is a good place to try diferant typs of wine. Worth checking out.
                      Let the magic continue.


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                        Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

                        do you get glasses of wine or only samples? also howmany do you get, and what kinds of cheeses? thisall sounds yummy!


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                          Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

                          Last time I did the wine tasting was a few year ago with a good friend. We had a blast. It was about 10-12 dollars, for about 6 tastes. I'd say each pour was less than 1/3 of a glass. We had this very knowledgeable CM, who was funny and kinda cute!

                          Try it, Karla! I'm sure you'll have some fun and learn about wine!


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                            Re: wine tasting in DCA ?

                            The movie wasn't playing when we were there the first week of October-the CMs said it was closed, and I asked no further. I'm guessing, like these posts pointed out, it's only open when there's peak attendence.

                            And, like Nevernever pointed out, when we did go, there was only us in there. It was a nice break in the day.

                            The Port and Blue tasting was the last one we did--so it's fresh in our collective memories. Quite good, but after a day of touring the park, I noticed it went right to our heads. We're not particular drinkers, and we were waiting for supper anyhows.

                            I'm curious to see what hakuna makarla thinks when they go!

                            peace and cheers!
                            husband, petowner, wordsmith, imagineer, martialist, playwright, traveller, ardent, wit, critic, barista, Taoist, superhero, fortuneteller, reader, fidget, teacher, dreamer, author, blogger, ghosthunter, voter, patient, bear, gourmand, Floridian, friend


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