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Ticket prices going up June 2nd


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  • News Ticket prices going up June 2nd

    The new prices have been posted. $92 for a one day adult ticket!!

    Disneyland Resort Ticket Options

    Ticket Ages 10+ Ages 3-9
    5-Day Park Hopper $300 $279
    5-Day 1-Park Per Day $265 $244
    4-Day Park Hopper $285 $265
    4-Day 1-Park Per Day $250 $230
    3-Day Park Hopper $260 $244
    3-Day 1-Park Per Day $225 $209
    2-Day Park Hopper $210 $197
    2-Day 1-Park Per Day $175 $162
    1-Day Park Hopper $137 $131
    1-Day 1-Park $92 $86
    All multi-day tickets expire 13 days after first use.
    Disneyland Resort Annual Passports

    Premium $669
    Deluxe $499
    Southern California* $359
    Southern California Select* $279
    Annual Passport Block-Out Day Ticket $84
    *Valid proof of Southern California residency required for purchase and use.
    Disney Premier Passport

    Disney Premier Passport $979
    Theme Park Parking

    Auto/ Motorcycle $16
    Oversized Vehicles/ Motor Homes/ Tractors w/o Trailers $21
    Buses/ Tractor w/ Extended Trailers $26
    Annual Passport Parking Pass $139

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    Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd



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      Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

      I don't think it's ridiculous, considering the crowds they have had all year.

      Of course, there is a way to make park hoppers much less expensive, but it's not a popular idea around these parts....
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        Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

        It is certainly ridiculous. On the other side of things, you have to take in consideration how much it takes to maintain the site, pay employees, and make a profit (because when it comes to it, it is a business).

        Price increases suck, but most of us will keep paying for it. :bang:


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          Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

          SoCal was 289.00 wasn't it?
          thats a 10.00 Decrease!
          Im renewing again!:yea:

          Of course i could be wrong and it was 269.00 :lol:
 big deal least its not 300 yet
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            Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

            Well, this is the year I'm officially priced out down to the SoCal select level. My AP's expire in December, and with the increases in the last few years, my husband and I have already been giving them to each other as our only Christmas presents. This $30 bump may just be too much for us. It's too bad, we like the SoCal level because most of our relatives visit in the summer, and with that one we can go with them.

            Actually, with the upcharge for Halloween and Christmas parties, we may just drop out of AP altogether and only do single days. Unfortunate for us.


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              Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

              Originally posted by imaginashton View Post
              My thoughts exactly.


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                Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

                What the hell!
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                  Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

                  This is just sad. I know a lot of people that have stopped renewing their passes. We might be next. And guests that come to visit.... we have been doing OTHER things and less Disney.


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                    Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

                    These prices are insane. My AP went up thirty dollars! Gosh, this SUCKS!!!!!
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                      Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

                      We're done.

                      On this day last year, we ran out and grabbed some APs under the old pricing, to avoid the price increase. So, naturally, we're looking at two year's worth of price increases now. For my family of four (2 adults, one child, and one toddler), we're looking at a $400+ price increase, and basically a $1700 bill for next year.

                      That's a great family vacation, and I admit I'm alway saying that DL is our family vacation, just spread throughout the year.

                      However, being 80 minutes away, having a walking toddler, and being near to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and Legoland, I'm going to throw in the towel. For less than the price of one of those APs, I can get us all into Legoland. And it's only 30 minutes away for me.

                      Bye Disneyland...we'll be back at some point, some day. But for now, we need to take a break.


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                        Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

                        I was kinda hoping for a larger increase to dampen the crowds a bit. This increase is so small, I doubt it will have much of an effect.


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                          Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

                          Why is everyone shocked? They have always raised the prices about 3 times a year for the past three decades. I'm a little shocked that they didn't raise it two weeks ago before Memorial Day that is the normal time they have done this in the past few years.

                          It's sad to see the prices go up but all prices go up.
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                            Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

                            Not too bad. It was expected. Also my e this has to do with minimum wage going up in 2016? Haha. Well I hope with this price increase,it helps with crowds and increases quality.


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                              Re: Ticket prices going up June 2nd

                              Here's the thing they keep increasing prices yet the numbers in attendance keep going up every year am I missing something here,


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