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DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!


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  • Trip Report DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

    hello friends! SO i had the wonderful chance of attending the special showing of Mickey and the Magical Map with the Q&A session yesterday evening!

    Check-in for the event was between 4:30 and 5:15 and after being checked in, Cast members led us in small groups straight towards the back of the park. It was a quick trip since we weren't fighting with traffic! We arrived to the Newly renovated FantasyLand Theatre, and to our surprise... FREE STUFF! I mean, we got into the parks for free (which was awesome!) and then were offered free popcorn filled buckets, choice of bottle drink and on our way out, a tasty mickey krispie treat and a memento! (also there was a raffle for cool stuff, but alas, that is where my luck ended. So now onwards!

    The show started fairly quickly, and I was surprised to see that the theatre was a little less than 2/3rd full! Plenty of room for more people that I guess never made it!

    The show was fun and cute. The original music for it however, is pretty weak especially when compared to WOC and Soundsational and did not pump me up for the show, but I was happy to see and my boyfriend enjoyed it! The Stage is pretty neat! but you can clearly see (and hear) the train as it pulls up behind you in the ToonTown Station!

    yay for pocahontas and mulan! get it girls!

    Tiana really rocked that performance!

    -It took about 2 years to create the show. The Dancers are very good at what they do, and practiced 6-7 days a week for 2-3 weeks to get ready for the show.
    -The MAP is made of 6 LCD sections. Each section consists of 14x14 inch square LCD panels.
    - There is no actual Stitch on stage because "he is represented through images on the map, and it gave the dancers an opportunity to get really creative with the choreography and use of surfboard props." (there still needs to be a stitch, or at least a hawaiian costume change!)
    - The stage and show are capable to perform at night, but due to fireworks and fantasmic, there is no need to run the show at night. However, during fall when the sun sets at 5, there is a chance to catch it in the dark!
    - Similar to WOC, the MAP's programability would allow to be easily changed, but the creators really were not very keen on that idea. They like the show as it is.
    -There are hidden mickeys "One at the end, and quite a bit during 'under the sea'"
    - An audience member called out the team on how this show is very similar to ones on a Disney Cruise Line. They just kind of tip-toed around this comment.

    -It felt too short (at 25 mins) but the bleachers made my butt fall asleep so I dont think a longer show would be nice...
    -The Yen Sid animation REALLY bugged me! and some of the animation was not as fluid as I would expect from a company that got its start from... you know... animated cartoons... HOWEVER, I am an artist/art teacher so I am really picky with how animations look. My boyfriend had no issues with the look of the animations.
    -How mickey pops in and out of the map was awesome! its a pretty neat effect!
    -I enjoyed the representation of the more ethnic disney movies: pocahontas, mulan, lilo & stitch and princess and the frog.
    - I am happy that a show is finally back in the space!
    -my BF's final thought "It is a live action world of color with dancers instead of super awesome fountains"

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    Re: DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

    Cool. I checked in 5:15 due to TRAFFIC!!!!!

    Free stuff: i know there were giving us free snacks but surprised that the bucket was so huge. im nit picky but Pocahontas is not on the bucket!!!!!!!!! they only had diet coke cus I was the last group in. I enjoyed the rice crispy mickey.

    the show itself: better than Snow White, better than Fantasy Faire. 10/10, it's a new show that's fresh and new. none of it was boring. should have it been longer? yes! at least 30 mins.

    The raffle: rigged cus everyone that won was in the front. not everyone's ticket was put in (i think)

    after the show: I stayed till park closing.


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      Re: DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

      Me and my girlfriend went to the magical meet up event too.

      Some things I dislike about the show:

      - There are no costume changes, just different props. The generic fantasy faire theater costumes did not fit well in the stitch scene. They could of at least had them wearing hula skirts or something.

      - The Under the sea scene felt like a tacky Las Vegas theater show, im sorry but the singer just gives that feel.

      - Its seems the big wigs in Burbank wanted the show to over feature Diversity, Nearly every song feels like it was selected for culture/races to include everyone, while I have no problem with diversity (in fact its a great thing) I believe this show songs were selected strictly based on diversity, and then entertainment value, other Disney shows do not seem to give this feeling.

      - To many elements were borrowed from Epic Mickey.

      Honestly this show feels like it was thrown together at the very last second, and little no thought was put into the story. It seems Disney had a small team working on the productions and over focused on diversity and the technicalities of the screen and graphics for the screen.

      I know Disney Can do allot better in terms of Entertainment, Just look at World of Color and Aladdin they are just spectacular and breath taking delights. Mickeys Sound Sational parade Is more entertaining than than Mickey and the Magical Map.

      As for the event I thought it was well put together, organized and love the freebies provided. Although I felt it was an odd thing for Disney to give publicity for a show to the general public that in my opinion gives a negative light on Disney Live Shows.

      The show just felt like a small step up from the new fantasy faire shows. I wish Disney did more, there was just so many obvious things that could of been improved on.
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        Re: DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

        My wife and I really enjoyed the show. This is our third Meet Up at Disneyland and they are always a great deal. As far as criticism of the show I am not a Disney historian or connoisseur of Disney films so I cannot speak to the originality of the content. I did enjoy it and felt it was well paced at 25 minutes long. It will be an excellent place to rest on a hot summer day and enjoy a show.


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          Re: DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

          This was my very first meet-up and I was surprised by the free popcorn and soft drink and the special treat when we exited. The Q&A irked me a little bit, I feel like some of the guests asking questions could've used a lesson in tact. At the end of the day the show is meant to appeal to a wide audience not just us die-hard Disney fans. I did not like the fact that Stitch or even Lilo were not present in the Lilo & Stitch segment, nor did I like that in place of Ariel they used a weird Sebastian puppet that just looked awkward on the performer. All in all I was rather disappointed in the song selection. Disney has a wide array of amazing films to choose from and yet they keep going back to the same standards. I enjoyed the show but would have loved to see four DIFFERENT locations represented in the show (the sea (south), the sky (north), the frontier (west), the tropics (east)). I remember Animazement which was a great show because they just threw several songs into a blender and the product was delicious! All in all the Blog Meet Up itself was great fun so thanks to the team for putting that together! Hope to go to the next one!


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            Re: DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

            How do u even know about all these meet ups?? This was my first one. I normally miss them. But at least I'm on the blog Readers Enjoy ‘Mickey and the Magical Map’ and More During Disney Parks Blog Magical Meet-Up at Disneyland Park « Disney Parks Blog


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              Re: DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

              Originally posted by DannyLand View Post
              How do u even know about all these meet ups?? This was my first one. I normally miss them. But at least I'm on the blog
              How fun. I'm in one of the audiences pictures with a half smile/half grimace, probably because my raffle ticket wasn't called!


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                Re: DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

                Originally posted by bigcatrik View Post
                How fun. I'm in one of the audiences pictures with a half smile/half grimace, probably because my raffle ticket wasn't called!
                this one is me, the very happy smiling boy who's entering the park along with my group in the background! 2 of them, first timers to disneyland.

                I really want there to be more meet ups. I wanna go to DCA but last time the RSVP filled up so fast last year for Glow w the Show. Do you people normally check the blog 5 times a day or something cus I dont get notifications.


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                  Re: DisneyParks Blog Meet-Up: Yay Free stuff!

                  Following you trip report.
                  For the love of Disney....:yea:


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