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Is an AP upgrade worth the discounts?


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  • [Question] Is an AP upgrade worth the discounts?

    My wife and I are traveling to the park June 27-29 on 3-day hoppers (bought them today before the increase!). We are then planning another 3-day trip for December with our 2 boys. We are thinking about upgrading our hoppers to the deluxe AP on the last day. Since that Saturday the 29th is a blackout day, we are going to wait until then to do the upgrade so we can still get in the park. My question is: Is the upgrade worth it for what will essentially be 6 days in the park or should I just get other tickets later?

    Are the discounts worth it? We are hoping to stay in the PP. What are the AP rates like in the first week of December? I had originally planned to book with AAA, but trying to decide if the AP discount will be better. Also, do enough retail and food locations offer discounts to make it valuable.

    Thank you all for your help. I don't post too often, but you are always so helpful.

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    Re: Is an AP upgrade worth the discounts?

    Just my two cents - I would base the purchase of an AP solely on whether you will be saving on the price of admission. The discounts are relatively minor unless you really purchase a ton of merchandise and food, so I would just consider that a bonus.

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      Re: Is an AP upgrade worth the discounts?

      Unless you're staying at a Disney hotel, parking alone for 6 days is $96. My pass of choice comes with the parking.
      The family of 4 will average $50 & up per meal. So multiply that by 2 or 3 meals per day then by 6 days. So there you're looking at roughly $900 give or take.

      And then the discount on whatever souvenirs you pick up if you're shoppers. (Discounts are good throughout downtown Disney too)

      It's kind of up to you.

      Just sit & do the math like a pros & cons list, ticket price plus everything else vs total cost of the pass & what you'll still be forking out for.

      But: the pass will be good for a year. So you can still come back up to the anniversary month of purchase the next year, so there's still time past December. Think next years spring break, Valentines, etc.
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        Re: Is an AP upgrade worth the discounts?

        I think I saved 10-15% when I stayed at PP with my annual pass. I did a quick comparison between a random day in September and it looks like a $26 savings with the AP versus Expedia ($257 versus $231).

        Keep in mind the AP discount at the hotels is not always available and changes often -- right now the AP online hotel calendar only goes out to September.

        The in-park discounts are nice to have, but don't add up to much unless you plan on purchasing lots of merchandise. I usually only save a few dollars for the day when I am in the park. It doesn't work at outside vending carts or with alcohol.

        You might consider upgrading one ticket to AP just to have the discounts. But keep in mind there are many blackout dates in December too.


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