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Trip Report for 1/20


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  • Trip Report for 1/20

    Trip Report of 1/20

    For a Friday, I was very surpirsed to see that there was virtually no one there. I only had a couple of hours to spend so I went to Disneyland Park. Since my last trip on the Disneyland Railroad was kind of weird, I thought I'd try it again. This time I managed to get all the way to Tomorrowland Station, however, we had an annoying Cast Member "conducting" the train. I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or being very strict.

    Space Mountain's wait time was a mere 15 minutes. I also got a Fastpass for the attraction before I got in line. Afterwards, with still 45 minutes to spare, I thought I'd go on a true classic, the Matterhorn. I literally walked on the ride. There was no line, so I went on both sides in less than 10 minutes.

    Small World is back up and running, and only four days earlier when I went, it was still closed. It was nice to see Small World back to normal. After my appointment with Space Mountain, again, Splash Mountain seemed very tempting. There was no wait at all, yet some people were still trying to use the Single Rider line. I thought about using that, but the line was so short, what was the point, plus if I had used it, they would've put me the back seat, which I don't like. I waited in the Stand-bye line and sat in the front.

    Then I decided to leave. I went through Adventureland, through the Attractions Wait time list and I smelled horrible smoke. The woman walking next to me had an ugly disgusting ciggerette in her hand. I hate smoke; it smells like crap and it makes me gag sometimes. I hate when people smoke outside smoking areas, have they no consideration for others? Please, if you're one of the many people that think it's "cool" to smoke outside smoking areas in Disneyland or in Disney's California Adventure, please have consideration for others. They put designated smoking area there for a reason, so that other people, like myself, can avoid smelling and breathing in that digusting crap.

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    Re: Trip Report for 1/20

    Well, you could always ask her to extinguish it until she gets to the next smoking area, or better yet, ask a CM to say something.

    Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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      Re: Trip Report for 1/20

      Originally posted by Morrigoon
      Well, you could always ask her to extinguish it until she gets to the next smoking area, or better yet, ask a CM to say something.
      Asking a smoker to extinguish can be dangerous, better to just get away, run away fast.

      Asking a CM, well, some CM's are real good, others look and shrug when it comes to the smoking thing. I guess they've dealt with one too many smoker becoming less than pleasant.

      I am in agreement with DLResident, though, I have moderate asthma and smoke of any kind really reeks havoc on my breathing, so I also wish smokers would be more considerate and smoke only in smoking areas.

      Another problem here is that the smokers who smoke outside of smoking areas most likley do not read this forum, so our words are wasted. It has been my expereince that most folks reading this are generally very considerate, so asking them to stick to the smoking areas is like "Preaching to the Choir", so to speak, 'cause that's what they do anyway. Now if there was just a way to reach the smokers who do not read this forum, OH, well.

      I normally stay away from smoking threads, I don't know why I'm posting here....

      Just MHO, YMMV


      What is, is... What is not, is not.


      I don't ask for much... Just a few little things!

      Extra effort yields extraordinary results!


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        Re: Trip Report for 1/20

        Every time I've seen someone smoking outside the smoking areas they say "I'm not from California so I don't have to follow California's rules."


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          Re: Trip Report for 1/20

          Considering the wait time for Space Mountain was over two hours when I went in the middle of December, I can say I'm extremely jealous of that trip report!


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            Re: Trip Report for 1/20

            I have heard HORRIBLE stories about Cast Memers asking guests to put out their cigaretts while they are walking and the guest flicks the LIT cig. at the cast member or ons story of a guest putting it out ON the Cast Member.

            I being a cast member don't like to tell people to put out their cigarette ... some of the guests scare me!!! Maybe I am just buying into the hype of the Cast Member Urban Legends!!!


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