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Disneyland Candles- Craft Project.

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  • [Fun] Disneyland Candles- Craft Project.

    Though I am not necessarily a "new member," this is my first post in quite some time. Previously under the handle of WendyBird, I had been away from the forums for so long that I had literally forgotten my password and in the battle of integrity v. procrastination, I just created a new profile. Long time lurker, and daughter to the incredible Dsny1Mom, I had recently created something that I wanted to share with the community whom I believed were likely to appreciate it the most.

    *A Crafternoon Project: Disneyland inspired Candles

    I love Disneyland so much. SOOO much, it's borderline fanatical, as many of you can relate. I know in years past there have been postings in which members share ideas about candles that trigger the memory for scents of our "happy place." After a trip to Bath and Body Works, the idea hit me.

    I made this trio of New Orleans Square (inspired) scents, they are the smallest size and decorated with some transparent ribbon and chalkboard paper (craft store purchase). The names of the actual scents on the candles are easy peel off stickers, making for a quick and easy transformation. The scents are pretty damn close to the real thing, but writing the name of the place it's meant to trigger the memory of!

    Real Name of Candle/Memory Tag

    Espresso Bar/ Espresso Bar (real stretch of the imagination)
    Tuscan Herb/ Haunted Mansion (If you've ever walked by the herb garden in the cue or by the handicapped entrance/exit this is where you'll find this intoxicating blend of smells)
    Lemon Mint Leaf/Mint Julips

    Again, these were meant to be special for Mom & me, since happen to find NOS to be so relaxing and enjoyable.. It's like the LITTLE easy! ..Eh? Eh? Anyways.. This can be replicated and tweaked to fit your own home. Some others that I might want to try are Cinnamon Sugar (Churros), or maybe Ice Cream Shop or Gellato for Gibson Girl Bakery.. (The scent pumped outside can be replicated with any strong Vanilla scent). As the seasons change, so does the selection at BBW so I hope to make more someday when they create anything close to "home" on my favorite scents. If you can find a BBW outlet, not only will the candles be cheaper but you will also find more scents since they will carry both on and off season items.

    God willing I will find something close to the smell inside of Indiana Jones when you first meet Indy, or anything that reminds me of POTC without smelling exactly like chlorine.

    Hope to continue with more projects that bring a little bit Disney home Especially for Dsny1Mom
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    Re: Disneyland Candles- Craft Project.


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    " You can't go runnin' away from your troubles, ain't no place far enough." Song of the South


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      Re: Disneyland Candles- Craft Project.

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        Re: Disneyland Candles- Craft Project.

        Originally posted by WildeNight View Post
        Pretty sure it's Bath and Body Works