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"Lone Space Ranger" Replacement For Captain EO


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  • [Idea] "Lone Space Ranger" Replacement For Captain EO

    Perhaps many of you are feeling as let down as I am regarding Adventureland's announced Lone Ranger e-ticket ride being placed on the back burner.indefinitely. The reason being is that the suits in Glendale and TDA are prioritizing a reskinning refurb of Tomorrowland, along with the upcoming Tron-coaster e-ticket.

    In previous months, the way things have sounded is that both Tomorrowland and Frontierland were both going to be expanded and upgraded. Much to my chagrin (and perhaps to your chagrin too).... No Such Luck! Neverthe-freakin'-less, I'm not going to sit aroung crying in my melted Dole Whip. Rather, I'll take it on the shoulder and compromise - maybe Disney will inadvertantly meet me half way.

    Afterall, why is it necessary to have a mega e-ticket ride in Adventureland when a much more budget friendly 4-D film attration version could be retrofit into Tomorrowland's Captain EO building? Thematically, the main thing that would be required is to move Armie Hammer amd Johnny Depp forward into the future as the Lone Space Ranger and Jedi Tonto,respectively. They would of course trade their horses (Silver and Scout) in for 900 million horsepowered hypersonic star fighters (with the same names). With a little imagination (and a whole lot of luck) we could have the Tronc-oaster and the Lone (Space) Ranger attractions at a much closer time period, and in closer proximity. Hi-Yo Silver Star Fighter, Away!
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    Re: &quot;Lone Space Ranger&quot; Replacement For Captain EO

    Hate to tell you but neither a Lone Ranger ride nor a Tron coaster were announced. Right now they are only rumors.


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      Re: &quot;Lone Space Ranger&quot; Replacement For Captain EO

      How about a 3D restoration of "Robinson Crusoe on Mars"......?

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        Re: &quot;Lone Space Ranger&quot; Replacement For Captain EO

        None of the attractions that you speak of have even been acknowledged by Disney. So there is no point in getting upset about something that currently doesn't exist.


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