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Walt's Words


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  • Walt's Words

    With this edition I would like everyone to post their own views of Mr. Disney's quotes.

    Courage is a powerful thing. It strengthens an idea whether the outcome is good or bad. Disney has always been a courageous company and it's one of the factors involved in their success. But we have to understand that this will also bring failures. Take DCA for example. For most, including the Disney Company it has been a failure. But without that first step, without the courage to build a new park, so many opportunities would have been lost. If you think about what we, and the Disney company, have gained from it's development we can see how true Walt's words were. And with time mistakes can be corrected and improved, but without courage those mistakes could have never been made, along with any success.

    "Get a good idea and stay with it. Do it, and work at it until it's done right."

    Along with the above thoughts this goes right along with the development of DCA. Just like Disneyland, DCA has started off with a idea that needs refinement. This is mainly for those who's belief is that they should just level the place and return it to it's original state. Walt would see through any idea until he could do it right. To me it looks like Disney's doing a good job of this. It may take some time but eventually, as long as they stick with it, it will be "done right".

    "The opportunities are still there."

    Sometimes it's easy to forget this. From time to time it seems like the well is dry. But as long as one person dreams, just one, the opportunities for new ideas and concepts will be there. We have a unique opportunity ourselves in that we have a group where our creativity is encouraged, not stifled. So we have an option. We can look forward to when some one else creates, or dreams, or talks about a new idea or approach, or we can come up with them ourselves. It all starts with ones like us....the dreamers.

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    Re: Walt's Words

    I will post some later when I have more time on hand .


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      Re: Walt's Words

      My favorite has always been

      "they can run buy a pepsi-cola, but they can't pee in the streets"

      To me it shows how pragmatic Walt was.

      Not as famous as most Disney quotes, but still one of the best!


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        Re: Walt's Words

        "It gets to a point where you don't just work for the money."

        Ah, how true. But sadly, Disney today doesn't keep to those logistics- in fact, they go the opposite.

        Hopefully, one day, just one day, Disney will again become a 'family' company.


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          Re: Walt's Words

          I always liked this quote from Walt:

          "I don't believe in talking down to children. I don't believe in talking down to any certain segment. I like to kind of just talk in a general way to the audience. Children are always reaching."

          It feels like a lot of the movies (especially the cheap sequels) and some of the newer shows and rides at the theme parks really talk down to children, and the annoyance lessens the fun of the experience.
          "To all who come to this happy place, welcome!"

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