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Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?


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  • [Fun] Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

    Many years prior to my last two trips, our family couldn't really afford elaborate Disney vacations. My parents, having gone a mass amount of times, never really tried out the Disney dining experience until our last two trips. It's quite a significant part of the Disney experience in my opinion, so what's your favourite restuarant?! Quick service? Sit down restuarant? Etc? Let us know!

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    Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

    This one is kind of a tough one, because I really like a lot of different places at DLR and still have lots to try!

    The favorites that come to mind are:
    Club 33 (I know, it's not really feasible, but by far the best dining experience I've ever had)
    Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta - the sundried tomato pasta
    Red Wagon/Stagedoor Cafe/Corn Dog Castle - the corn dogs, of course!
    Coke Refreshment Corner - Mac & Cheese hot dog
    Carnation Cafe - for breakfast! We haven't tried it for lunch or dinner so not sure

    We mostly avoid sit down restaurants for the sake of saving some money and time, though I hope to give some more a try over time.

    Also, we LOVE the churros!! :thumbup:

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      Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

      Sadly, food is not Disneyland's strong point, so I largely go for ambiance.
      that said, Hungry Bear is tranquil and relaxing, Blue Bayou is overpriced with mediocre food, but incredible atmosphere.
      I love sitting in Rancho del Zocalo, drinking in the Frontierland atmosphere, watching the Thunder Mountain trains go by.
      if you hit French Market Cafe at the right time, you can hear a good jazz band while you eat.
      Big Thunder Ranch Barbeque is expensive, but all you can eat, and fairly good food, with entertainment.
      In DCA, Boardwalk Pizza and Garden Grill have pretty good food in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, with frequent live entertainment.
      Flo's V8 Diner is good stuff.

      No matter where you go, there you are.


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        Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

        A favored spot for us is the Plaza Inn. One of the nice things about eating there is that despite being a counter service, you receive your food on china and eat with real utensils. While eating on their expansive patio can be nice, the inside dining room can make you forget your at an amusement park. We love the Plaza Inn Specialty Chicken. Amazingly good fried chicken! You get half a chicken (they say 3 pieces, but its a breast with attached wing, leg, and thigh) along with a scoop of mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and a roll. It is pretty big and can be easily shared between two people. For a small up charge, you can substitute the leg and thigh with another breast if you have two people who prefer that (as well obtain an extra mashed potato scoop for green beans and vice-versa). For the quality of the meal it is a good inside the park deal for about $13.99. As a bonus they allow unlimited free soda refills, even going as far as providing a to go cup if requested.
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          Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

          We've kind of settled into a group of 7 restaurants for no special reasons other than what we feel like eating:
          La Brea Bakery
          Hungry Bear
          Plaza Inn
          Pizza Port
          Rancho Del Zolaco
          Storyteller's Cafe

          From the list, we've been eating at La Brea Bakery most often.
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            Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

            I can't pick just one, but I do have high favorites that I usually choose if I have the option.

            Blue Bayou - I just ate at BB for the first time last spring and I fell in love. It is pricey but the food is delicious and you can't beat the atmosphere. You just have to use some strategy when it comes to booking a reservation. If I go for 5-days I usually reserve for lunch on Wednesday or Thursday. It gives me a nice treat in the middle of the trip. It's also a tad bit cheaper for lunch than it is for dinner.

            Cafe Orleans - It is easy to get into and is fairly inexpensive. The food is also really good. I love the french onion soup! I have been eating here for many years.

            Pacific Wharf Cafe - Something about the clam chowder in the fresh bread bowl is divine. I never skip eating here whenever I go. The Boudin tour is just an excuse to get a free piece of the delicious sourdough.

            Cocina Cucamonga - I just ate here for the first time in May and I was pleasantly surprised. The amount of food you get for the price is great and it is actually pretty good food. I was nervous about theme park Mexican food, but my meal was delicious. I will definitely be back next time I go.

            Paradise Garden Grill - I like Mediterranean food to begin with so that's probably why I liked it here. It's another fairly inexpensive meal that is filling and very good.

            Other than that, give me a corn dog and a cream cheese pretzel and I'm a happy camper.
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              Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

              -Carnation Cafe
              -River Belle Terrace

              -Plaza Inn
              -Paradise Garden Grill
              -Hungry Bear
              -Carnation Cafe
              -Royal Street Veranda

              -Carthay Circle Restaurant
              -Blue Bayou
              -Cafe Orleans
              -Plaza Inn


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                Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

                I think Plaza Inn has excellent chicken, which is surprising because I am not usually fond of Disneyland's food. Therefore, I think Plaza Inn is my favorite restaurant at Disneyland.


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                  Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

                  I love the ambiance of Blue Bayou, there is something so fun about dining in that setting. It really feels like you're outdoors, I love it! However, when it comes to food I must say Carthay Circle is, by far, the best food I've had in the parks.

                  Another favorite, that I never miss on my trips, is Royal Street Veranda for a delicious gumbo or clam chowder bread bowl.
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                    Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

                    Blue Bayous is my hands-down favorite. Monte Cristo + Louisiana Lemonade + the setting inside PotC = heaven.


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                      Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

                      Plaza Inn - fried chicken is great
                      Jolly Holiday - tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich is yummy (better to eat on chilly days, though)
                      Any place that sells corn dogs!! I tell you, their batter is an addictive thing.
                      Rancho Del Zolaco - good portions for the price.
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                        Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

                        Disneyland - Cafe Orleans is the proper combination of ambiance/setting and good food for me. Village Haus offers surprisingly decent food options for quick-service, and the new Carnation Cafe menu is pretty good the time dined there.

                        DCA - Paradise Gardens, hands down. I am a fan of the Greek window, but hear the pasta/pizza is decent as well, plus nice ambiance. Food at Carthay Circle was good, but service a bit iffy.

                        Hotels - Napa Rose all the way, but that's fine dining. Storytellers is acceptable quality and good service.
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                          Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

                          We love Carnation Cafe for breakfast and hope to hang out with Oscar. My husband loves Carnation Plaza for the Fried Chicken, of course! I also like French Market, you get real plates/silverware sit down tables and a jazz band, although the prices seem to be going up each time I visit. Our favorite though is Thunder Mountain Ranch BBQ, a bit pricey too, but at least it's all you can eat and the best food in the park imho. A quick bite: Royal Street Veranda soup bowls, and Harbour galley. Those are my tops.
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                            Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

                            I love Cafe Orleans, Blue Bayou, Trader Sams, Carthay Circle, Jolly Holiday Bakery, Starbucks and Steakhouse 55 the best. I have found Blue Bayou to be hit or miss at times but the ambiance can't be beat.
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                              Re: Favourite DLR Restaurant and Why?

                              We generally prefer counter service restaurants because of our low budget.

                              Rancho del Zocalo is my favorite. I get the two soft tacos with vegetables. They put rice & beans in the tacos as well. I sub veggies for the beans on the side. I get a side of enchilada sauce as well.

                              My other favorites:
                              French Market salad
                              Harbour Galley chili
                              Dole Whip
                              Bengal BBQ veggie skewer so/so but I generally always get it

                              Boardwalk in DCA salad or pasta with marinara
                              Award Wieners veggie sandwich

                              I'd like to try:
                              Fiddler, Fifer & Practical minestrone soup & hot cheese & veggie sandwich
                              I always want to try Cocina Cucamonga but I like Rancho so much and I'm afraid of getting something different.

                              Any of the hotel or Downtown Disney restaurants. I've been to the quick service Mexican and dislike it.


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