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  • [Idea] My Disneyland Top 10

    My thoughts on what new rides & improvements (some I've read about & others are my own) should be made at Disneyland:

    1) The Pooh ride needs to be updated. I think they need to build a new area for Pooh & his friends, maybe something based on the 100 Acre Woods (maybe "Critterland"). Splash Mountain could become involved in this. Possible re-naming of Critter Country.

    2) I've heard about a new attraction where Big Thunder Ranch is at, but with BTMR under major construction, I do not think we will see any new changes in that area of the park (for a few years anyways).

    3) I think that Roger Rabbit's ride needs to be moved to DCA(HL). In its place, the TT ride be re-named (or?) into something more Disney animated (I think Pluto needs his own ride). ToonTown should remain "Disney" animated, IMO.

    4) I think the area between Small World & Innoventions could be used as an area for a new type land or ride (Oz/Lone Ranger/Monsters Inc./Marvel/etc.). Monorail to be involved as new stop or replaced stop from Tomorrow Land.

    5) I've also heard of a new Marvel type ride going in where Autopia & Innoventions is. Since they have an Iron Man exhibit going on now in the IB, it just seems like they are planning a ride there (I would hope something like the Harry Potter ride). I just think Iron Man for the IB & a different Marvel ride where Autopia & The Subs bldg is at. I think, if anything, we will see a new ride inside the IB first & then a second new ride where Autopia & The Subs are (saying bye to both & adding ?).

    6) I would like to see the People Mover (original) come back to life. If it is re-designed (suggestions?), I wouldn't mine. At the very least, use what you have or tear it down.

    7) I would love to see a new ride at either park that uses the same technology as The Mystic Manor ride at HKDL. Maybe a ride based on Oz.

    8) Captain EO needs to be replaced. I'm not sure what I would replace it with, but it really needs it.

    9) The area between The Jungle Cruise all the way to The Haunted Mansion should be called Adventureland. New Orleans Square needs to go away. Disneyland Club 33 finally becomes "public".

    10) Major renovation of Alice in Wonderland, beginning Fall 2013. This could include Peter Pan & Mr. Toad ride. The second bldg. in Fantasyland would be remodeled after the 1st is finished.

    Like I said, some of these are my own suggestions & some I've read that I like.

    I have a few items for what they should do at DCA, but that is for a later post.

    Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

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    Re: My Disneyland Top 10

    Here are a few of my thoughts:

    Big Thunder Ranch. on behalf of all eight-year-old girls everywhere:

    I agree completely on 6, 7 ,8, 10. I'm ready for a Bright New Tomorrow, with or without a People Mover. I do not trust the tracks.

    I do not agree at all on number 9, though I have no trouble having one name for the whole area. New Orleans Square is just a part of Adventureland, and Club 33, when I saw it on the "Footsteps of Walt" tour, was noisy and crowded like the rest of the park. The only difference is that one can get alcohol but with Napa Rose and its fine wine list so close, who needs to drink in the park itself?

    I am also fine with 1, 3 & 4 but the real reason I stopped to write is your mention of a "Pluto" ride. Pluto anything has my Thousand Percent support.

    Keep up the creative thinking -- good as anyone's!
    "Ignore the Chihuahua behind the curtain."


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      Re: My Disneyland Top 10

      1. The Pooh ride needs help, but I would hate to see the area turned into a Hundred Acre Woods. The area is supposed to represent the American South, not the English Countryside.

      2. Yes, Frontierland could use another attraction.

      3. Just not a practical suggestion at all. Roger Rabbit is the basis for TT, not Disney Animation, I just don't see why you would separate RRCS from TT. While the entirety of TT could have worked adjacent to HL it make sno sense with it already existing somewhere else. Moving attractions is very rarely a practical idea unless the're something like a carnival style ride. They don't spend millions of dollars to not really gain anything.

      4. I don't think that there's enough space for a good land between Fantasyland and TL. That space should be devoted to expansion of the existing lands imo. Eventually I think it would be smart to eliminate one loop of monorail track to make more space for future expansion but I don't see a need to move the station or add another unless it was for a specific reason that the space was needed.

      5. That's only a rumor, but I'm fine with a Marvel attraction as long as it fits well with TL.

      6,7,8. Agree with all more or less.

      9. This is the worst suggestion by far. Sorry, but this is like Disney fan heresy. The very idea of removing the last land that Walt was intimately involved in designing makes me sick. Do you really think you know how the lands should be laid out better then Walt?

      10. Obviously has needed to happen for years now.
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        Re: My Disneyland Top 10

        These are pretty half-baked ideas as none of them seem to put any thought into how they affect their surroundings.


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          Re: My Disneyland Top 10

          Speaking of small world (#4), its interior is in the worst shape possible. Utterly eyesore and an embarrassment. It resembles a garage. Or a junkyard. All I'm able to see are electrical cords, air vents, paint prints all over the place, a ceiling that harkens to the 1950s, supports for the flume, lots of litter.
          I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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            Re: My Disneyland Top 10

            I've really wondered what the deal with Pooh is.. can't they just get rid of that thing? It's obviously failed harder than Innoventions. Peak vacation times, like last Christmas time I was there, even in the harshest coldest weather.. Splash Mountain was bringing people in with a 10 minute wait, while Pooh was below 5. I'm sure its days are numbered, but sits kind of low on the totem pole of priorities.

            Yeah, Frontierland is kind of down as far as exciting things to do. Thunder Mountain seems kind of tired to me, but thats just a matter of opinion. I don't think the farm area needs to be removed if it can be kept, but the old Festival of Fools area needs to see better use. There was rumors about this a few months ago.

            Yeah, Roger Rabbit isn't really all that popular anymore. I'd be surprised if people even know or care who he is. It's kind of a shame. But I don't think you can just uproot the guy and put him someplace else for really no reason. Thematically speaking, he's basically the only reason you would want to go into Toon Town in the first place. If he goes, its probably going to go to the graveyard, and not DCA.

            Uhh.. no. I'm assuming you mean the old motorboat cruise area? I don't think there's really enough space there to use it for anything other than just maybe a garden space. Lone Ranger apparently did very poorly, it's not getting anything land/ride worthy more than likely. And I don't know how I feel about having Oz so close to tomorrowland if it's just right across the street from Space Mountain. I will say a new Monorail station would be nice.. the one thats there currently is basically the same since it opened, and it really hasn't aged well.. but changing the actual location, I don't think that really needs to be done. It's fine being the sub roof.

            Something is going in Innoventions eventually. I haven't heard anything concrete. Maybe D23 will shed some light on something, who knows. I'd like to see another circular Audio Animatronic theater type show, but those never seem to last. More than likely the building is just going to be demolished or something.

            Number of reasons why there hasn't been a ride up there. Solid rumors are saying a Star Wars speeder bike ride. I'm okay with that.. though I hope it's not just Rocket Rods 2.0 with all the same flaws that caused the original so much problems. Peoplemover should of never been removed in the first place, honestly.. but it's one of those things that we will never get back.

            I want that too! Why don't we have something like this?

            I'm down. Though I don't think Monsters Inc is the answer.

            Weeelll, if you want to be techincal, that entire area used to be all Frontierland until Walt decided he like New Orleans and wanted to replicate it. I don't think changing the name to Adventureland would really work, but I do kind of understand where you're coming from. Adventureland is kind of on smaller side.. but if anything Adventureland should just be absorbed by a more bigger land and have it's name lifted.. but you can't really do that with all the bamboo and the thatched roofs and the tiki totems everywhere, now can you? And thats why you can't name New Orleans either. It is what it is. And Club 33 doesn't have to be anything than it already is.. a posh, super over priced eatery that few have the money to get in. I don't think they even have the capacity to be open to everyone anyway without loosing the potential experience. I think thats why we have the blue bayou, which is probably a lot more fun to eat at, honestly.



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              Re: My Disneyland Top 10

              1) I think Pooh and his friends should have a covered or indoor meet and greet (like the princesses have). Pooh and his friends always have a long line, and the hot sun can be brutal while waiting in the line. Pooh and his friends will always be popular, even if I don't like them, so they should get a nice themed permanent area for meet n greets. As for the Pooh ride, I don't think it needs to be updated, it's way more updated then a lot of the Fantasyland rides that I would like to see them update first.

              2) They won’t get rid of Big Thunder Ranch, at least not for now, it’s too popular and the BBQ is too much of a money maker.

              3) Disagree 100%. Toontown would not even be worth a visit without Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. It fits perfectly in Toontown. Pluto is not going to get his own ride (hate to burst your bubble), since Mickey Mouse doesn’t even have his own ride at Disneyland. Would love to see them get rid of Gadget’s Go Coaster and replace it with a Mickey and Friends or Fab 5 Coaster though, since most people have no idea who Gadget or the Rescue Rangers are these days.

              4) No Oz or Lone Ranger at Disneyland, please! If Disney wants to theme a ride around every movie, they should make an easily interchangeable ride, whether it’s a coaster or whatever, at DCA, and change the theme for the latest movie. Given the ill success of The Lone Ranger, I think it’s safe to say that they won’t put any Lone Ranger in the park. I don’t want to see anything Oz in the parks either, as it was not a great movie. As for Monster’s Inc and Marvel, put them at DCA. DCA can get away with franchise themed lands (Bugs Land and Cars Land). If they started replacing classic lands at Disneyland with franchise themed lands, it would totally ruin the nostalgic feeling of Disneyland.

              5) I would love to see Innoventions replaced with something, anything. I wish that they would put a high quality ride there, but I don’t want to see Marvel or Iron Man there. I don’t think the Submarines are going anywhere (nor would I want them to), they are still one of the rides that generates the longest line and high popularity. I would love to see them remove Autopia and put it in Fantasyland, not sure where they would put it, but I have always felt like that is where Autopia belongs.

              6) Would love to see the People Mover return, but don’t want Ironman or Marvel themes like some people have suggested.

              7) Would love to see a ride at DCA that uses the technology of Mystic Manor, but please, nothing Oz themed.

              8) Captain EO definitely needs to go. If they want a place to put the Muppets, then they could do a Muppets of the future (such as Muppets In Space) where EO is now, keep the Muppets, and put something else in (a big ride for instance) at DCA.

              9) New Orleans Square shouldn’t go anywhere! It’s such a great part of Disneyland. It needs to stay. As for Club 33 going public, keep dreaming, it’s a huge money maker for Disneyland because it’s so exclusive.

              10) Yes to a major renovation of Alice, and yes to Peter Pan. I would love to see them make Alice a little less flat looking in some of the scenes. On Peter Pan, fix the nasty “shocks” or lack thereof, that cause that huge, dangerous bump at the end of the ride.
              Only take one down at a time, of course.

              As for my Disneyland top 10 that I would like to see:
              1) Redo and/or update Tomorrowland with something that reflects the type of future you see in movies. Make the train stop more futuristic. Get rid of Innoventions all together, replace with something new. Get rid of Captain EO (maybe the Muppets like I mentioned earlier).

              2) Give Alice In Wonderland a much needed update. Make the characters less flat looking (especially Alice who always looks like an after thought).

              3) Completely redo the flat characters on Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, keep the set up the same, make the London scenes and similar scenes match the 3D figures and effects of hell, without the heat of course.

              4) Get rid of all “add on” parties like Halloween and Christmas, I’m dreaming here I know, but I would love to see them go.

              5) Replace Mickey and the Magic Map with a classic musical type show...Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, something similar, Broadway style, again I know I’m dreaming here.

              6) Give Toontown a new coat of paint. Redo Mickey’s house, only be able to meet Mickey at his house, the same for Minnie, and put Donald, Goofy, and Chip N Dale at their houses for meet n greets. This would clear up the chaotic traffic messes the characters create on Main Street. Of course, you could add Daisy Duck with Donald in his boat (would be nice to see her more often) and add Pluto in Mickey’s House. Again, I’m dreaming here! Also, get rid of Gadget’s Go Coaster and theme the coaster around the Fab Five, or as a Mickey’s Coaster.

              7) Make a train stop in Critter Country or at that end of the park (I so want this, but again I know I’m dreaming).

              8) Have an easy way to check ingredients at candy that is in the cabinets at the Candy Palace and also the Pooh and Friends Store. And, make more things that don’t have caramel in them. Again, I’m dreaming because it doesn’t bother most.

              9) Move Autopia to Fantasyland, and use the cars from the Cars franchise instead of the cars they currently use. Keep the premise of the ride the same, where you can drive them. How fun would it be to drive Lightning McQueen for instance. They could build a mini Radiator Springs type canyon to drive them through, though where they would put it, I don’t know.

              10) Improve the food at Disneyland, to match the quality of the food at DCA. Again, I know I’m dreaming.


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                Re: My Disneyland Top 10

                1) Regarding Pooh..... It needs to go bye bye. Replace it with the one time rumored Critter Country 500.

                2) Regarding Big Thunder Ranch area...... I want Mystery Bay from Disney Sea's to be built there:

                3) Regarding Roger Rabbit...... Toon Town needs to be ripped out entirely and replaced with the ~Streets of old London~. An E-ticket level attraction should be built for Mary Poppins and another D/E ticket attraction built for Charles Dickens David Copperfield...which could undergo a seasonal overlay into A Christmas Carol. An English pub serving Fish and Chips and a street where The Great Mouse Detective is showcased with interactive puzzles could round out the new little land.

                4) Regarding Small World Plaza/Motor Boat Lagoon area....... The Monorail doesn't need to be moved here nor does it need another stop so close together....the only thing the Monorail really needs is a station near the Grand Californian Hotel entrance to DCA. Captain Hooks Galley Pirate Ship Restaurant(featuring grilled Crocodile sandwiches) needs to be located in this area along with Skull Rock. In the Lagoon Aquatopia would be a big thrill to little ones and the elderly alike.

                5) Regarding Autopia/Sub area...... Autopia needs to be changed...not replaced. Maybe with solar powered hover cars. The Subs also need a change.......remove the cartoons and go with a cutting edge/futuristic SeaBase.

                6) Regarding The PeopleMover..... Yes, bring it back, enclose it with Air Conditioned cabins, and expand it to a show building in backstageland(on top of or near It's a Small World) The show? CenterCore, of course.....a 22nd Century Metropolis of Tomorrow:

                7) Regarding Mystic Manor tech..... Yes, that would be cool.

                8) Regarding Captain EO..... Absolutely.....maybe The Space Bear Jamboree. Watching Big Al sing Space Oddity would be worth the price of admission all by itself in this man's humble opinion.

                9) Regarding a very bad idea..... This is just a horrible idea. New Orleans Square is the one land that needs the least amount of attention right now. If it ain't borke, don't fix it.

                10) Regarding overhaul of Peter Pan/Mr. Toad/Alice..... Alice needs some TLC, but I can think of at least 5 dozen things Disneyland needs to work on ahead of Peter Pan and Mr. Toad.

                Instead of your 9 and 10 why not re-open the Tahitian Terrace. Why not build a Beauty and the Beast attraction.

                Great thought experiment....thanks for sharing with us :thumbup:
                Waiting for Godot


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                  Re: My Disneyland Top 10

                  My ideas: Bring back the peoplemover; put a 3D interactive attraction about the Avengers in place of captain eo; a tron lightcycle attraction in place of pizza port and innoventions, rip out the tomorrowland side of the autopia but leave the fantasyland section and replace it with a dark ride similar to adventure thru inner space and rocket to the moon, imo it should be scary, you travel to the moon by rocket and your "pod" shrinks to explore atoms on the moon but soon you see microscopic aliens the size of atoms that try to attack you
                  thats tomorrowland for fantasyland i would make the fantasyland theatre indoors and smaller with a circus theme and move dumo there, it would be a circus area; near the old motorboat dock a captainhook m&g on his ship and skull rock should be put there, you meet hook on the shop and peter pan and wendy on skull rock, the dark rides would be updated like they're going to be
                  ok those are my ideas

                  This is my signature, there are many like it but this one is mine, without me my signature is useless, without my signature i am useless!

                  "You'll need a Boesky, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethro's, a Leon Spinx, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever."


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                    Re: My Disneyland Top 10

                    Exxuse my

                    This is my signature, there are many like it but this one is mine, without me my signature is useless, without my signature i am useless!

                    "You'll need a Boesky, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethro's, a Leon Spinx, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever."


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                      Re: My Disneyland Top 10

                      I am trying to understand people's love with 3D in the parks. I understand things like Soarin' -- which is IMAX (or IMAX-enough) and therefore -- along with the mechanics of the ride -- feels immersive. However 3D and it's ilk seem to date themselves horribly when they are in attractions and are just "movies". Things like Star Wars as a 3d with simulator works. However, add 3D Marvel or 3D Avengers as their own attraction and its seems to me that you are dating the attraction horribly. Think about it... which 3d attraction more than 2 years old have you gone into and still felt that the tech was great and the experience was fulfilling.

                      3D movies have their place as a way to make money for theaters that are otherwise languishing, but for a resort that must remain relevant well after 58 years? It just screams "old tech" to me...or tech that will become old in just a couple of years.

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