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Remembering My First Meet - WOW


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  • Remembering My First Meet - WOW

    For those of you who just can't get enough of the First Anniversary bash, I have my own perspective to share.
    For me, it's my first chance to meet my new MiceChat friends.
    And for me, a rather emotional homecoming after ten years away from the park I grew up loving, working in, taking great pride in.
    So after the picnic area gathering, we leave the cares of the day behind...

    And before we got on the train, I got to meet the "Wolfpack"...Wolfy, and the Wolfette, and Mr. Lightyear...smiling even before his Seahawks won...

    Later in the day, I posed for a picture, and honest Wolfette, I'm big, but loveable when you get to know me...

    Amyway, after the train it was time for breakfast at RiverBelle Terrace. And no, I'm not normally in the habit of taking pictures of my food before I eat it. This time, I saw an idol - and an avatar in the making.

    Aaah, nothing like fine dining on a Sunday morning with new friends named "Morrigoon" and "Fishbulb"...

    That "Fishbulb" guy gets around...table-hopper...

    And it was my distinct pleasure to sit next to a man with great wisdom and stories. A man who simply needs no introduction. Which is good because like many others I couldn't remember screen or real names :beg:

    Clearly, one of the highlights of my day was the time I got to spend with Morrigoon - a high-stickin' check-um-into the boards gal if ever I met one...

    She's not bad, even for a USC type.
    And I've always been a villains fan, 'specially when they are as nice and pretty as this one -

    At the noon meet, DustySage was all about handing out pins - and doing whatever it took to be the man of the hour.

    And long before the end of the day, before the cake was cut, before the group shot even, Sage and Fishbulb, two of the great visionaries of their time, were just overcome by the moment...

    And finally, a giant among men...(posing for a before picture in the weight loss group thread)...takes his place among the giants of his day.

    Well, if you haven't already turned to another thread after that one...
    It was a great day for me...great to meet so many MCers...great to get back to the park...great to hoist a cool one at the Rainforest with Lightyear when his Seahawks won (Wolfy, the cat-fancier Panther fan, nowhere to be seen). Just sorry that I missed the cake thing and the night-time meets but...I tried.
    Thanks again to all who make it possible...
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

    Thanks love the pictures


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      Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

      Barry, thanks for sharing your pics! It was great to meet you and it looks like you had a great time!

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        Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

        I saw you trying to meet everyone. I think you missed me though. maybe next time. Great pics. I hope to see you at another meet.
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          Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

          Yah Barry, awesome time, i learned alot and enjoyed chatting with you, glad to see you got home ok! See you next time!
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          Former DCA Attractions CM


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            Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

            I'm so glad you went to the meet. I understand that is was quite an occasion for you. MC'rs are great, I hope you make the meets a regular activity on you r busy schedule.
            Your pics are great, thanks for sharing!


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              Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

              Great wrap-up! The poster whose name you forgot is Lost Boy.

              Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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                Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

                It was great to meet you, I hope you'll come to the meets more often now that you know some of us. Great pics and thank you for the kind words!


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                  Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

                  Thank you, I enjoyed this pictures so much! and I am glad you had a wonderful time!


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                    Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

                    Great photos! Don't be a stranger


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                      Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

                      Great pictures Barry. It was great getting to meet you on Sunday.


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                        Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

                        Aren't we fun?


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                          Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

                          Wonderful thread and wonderful pictures. Just another example of how MiceChat has enriched all of our lives.


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                            Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

                            It was great to meet you! Love the pics
                            Good morning, son
                            In twenty years from now
                            Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                            And I can tell you 'bout today
                            And how I picked you up and everything changed
                            It was pain
                            Sunny days and rain
                            I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                              Re: Remembering My First Meet - WOW

                              LOL awesome having breakfast with you Mr. Barry!!!! Thanks for posting the great pics! hehe love that last one !
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