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Making Monstropolis fit Hollywoodland

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  • [Chat] Making Monstropolis fit Hollywoodland

    Disclaimer: this thread isn't about whether or not it actually fits, or if its actually coming or not

    What do you guys think the imagineers will do to have monstropolis actually fit Hollywoodland or dca in general? Or do you have any ideas on how to tweak it? I think an entrance themed to some type of 1930's house would be fitting. Or even the closet of a movie theatre with monsters inc inspired monster movie posters. As far as the actual land, I'd like a monsters version of Hollywood, or some kind of connection with classic horror films (since the film has plenty).

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    Re: Making Monstropolis fit Hollywoodland

    You can't force a square peg in a round hole.


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      Re: Making Monstropolis fit Hollywoodland

      I don't favor them doing it, but a closet in a period home that opens to 'bigger on the inside' scare floor is one option (except for pulsing one person at a time inside it not in any way optimal, and why would you be going into some random house?)

      The option I presume they'd do is just put up a soundstage front, you walk into the open large door, then through another smaller door (think Sci-Fi Dine In at Disney Studios) and bam, you're on the streets of Monstropolis at night. It's somewhat a cop-out/'fictional' way to do it, as uses the 'it's a set!' cliche they had for a while at Star Tours in Florida, but it's one of few viable options if they try at all to theme it. If it's outdoors monster-y buildings as well, then it's just going to sit there without a reason, unless do more of that movie-set false front theming they tried to get rid of previously around the area - so counter productive to bring it back.
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        Re: Making Monstropolis fit Hollywoodland

        There's almost nothing you can do, they are both entirely different art forms with different intent. One is realistic and the other is fantasy with lots of bright neon colors. The current Monsters Inc building should be an indication of how ill conceived this concept is. The only appropriate area for Monsters is in Fantasyland or Toontown. Shoehorning them into Tomorrowland and Hollywoodland are probably the worst places you could put it.


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          Re: Making Monstropolis fit Hollywoodland

          Everyone discusses if it will fit, how to make it fit... But if it is going in the back corner.. This could conceivably be taken away from Hollywoodland and turned into a new mini land. Now what does this have to do with California... I don't know... But I'm sure it has its fair share of monster.. Perhaps it's a metaphor?

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            Re: Making Monstropolis fit Hollywoodland

            ^ Exactly.

            It's clear that if Monstropolis happens, it'll be an entirely new land that just reuses some old annexed space that used to be Hollywood Land. The idea that they'd build a $200+ million new land with a distinct style, identity, food, drink, etc. with new E-ticket rides and a distinct and separate location in the park then go to the trouble of calling it a simple "sub-area" within Hollywood Land? First of all, we all agree that Monsters has no connection to Hollywood Land whatsoever. Second, which marketing sounds better:

            "Remember Cars Land, the massive and exciting land based on Disney/Pixar's Cars? Now, step into the world of Mike and Sulley in MONSTROPOLIS, another brand new land at Disney California Adventure opening next summer!"


            "Part of Hollywood Land has been taken over by monsters! Now, one street of Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure is Monstropolis!"

            There's just no reason to market it that second way. On the map, for example, Monstropolis would certainly be differently labeled and colored to show that it's a completely different, separate land. We all agree that it has no logical connection to Hollywood Land, and no trace of Hollywood Land will remain in that corner of the park, so why in the world would they try to connect the two? Doesn't make sense from an Imagineering, design, or marketing point of view.
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