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Indiana Jones Ride Photo


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  • [Idea] Indiana Jones Ride Photo

    Well this idea has been rolling around in my head for a couple months now, and I wanted to know what y'all thought of it.

    I know the idea of a ride photo on IJ is a popular one; heck, at this point, an E-ticket without one is kind of unheard of. But my idea takes the concept of a ride photo a bit further. The photo is taken in the Hall of Promise, right as Mara says his thing about foolish mortals looking into his eyes. What sets this ride photo apart is that there is some sort of software that recognizes who looked into Mara's eyes and turns them into skeletons, i.e. what people were warned about in the queue. So the ride photo could end up as a car full of skeletons or people reacting in shock to the skeleton next to them; all sorts of fun things.

    I know there's software packaged in cellphone cameras that can detect if someone is blinking; I'm sure there can be a program developed to detect eye contact. And since there are already strobe effects in the Hall of Promise, the picture taking won't detract much from the ambience of the ride.

    I really think people would like it - I've floated this idea on various social media outlets and received pretty positive feedback. Your thoughts?

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    Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

    It sounds like a fun idea, but where exactly would you put it so it doesn't clog up the exit path.


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      Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

      I don't like the idea of a photo kiosk or gift shop in the exit. It would kind of be a bummer seeing something like that go in.
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        Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

        ^ DisneySea's version already came with it.
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          Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

          It sounds like a fun idea. But I don't think people would like to be turned into skeletons in a souvenir photo unless they had an image of their real selves as well.

          I saw this being sold at the Santa Monica Pier recently--they take two photographs of you and your date, one kissing and one smiling at the camera, and combine it into a single photo with different images depending on which angle you hold it.

          This way, you could have a before & after photo when people in the jeep have been turned into skeletons.

          I only ask for 25% of royalties if Disney ends up doing this. ;-)


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            Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

            I always thought a ride photo of Indy would be awesome with the Jeep and the big boulder rolling at it in the photo.


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              Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

              DisneySea's ride photo is taken during the moment when the boulder is as close as it gets and the Jeep starts to fall down the drop - it actually catches most people in hilariously terrified positions, because it's a genuinely startling moment... Of course, it also depends on the boulder actually working, which California's.... ehhhh. Haha
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                Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

                Haha it would be a fun idea, but as others have said I wouldn't buy a photo that I couldn't recognize myself in.

                I'd love one when the rock drops. I believe there's flashing lights in that scene anyway wait before you drop beneath the boulder, and it would be a good one to catch reactions in.

                Either way, I love ride photos!

                As for where to put the photo booth, you could put it outside the exit like they do in Screamin', maybe in one of the numerous gift shops in Adventureland.

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                  Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

                  Originally posted by bkroz View Post
                  Of course, it also depends on the boulder actually working, which California's.... ehhhh. Haha
                  Not kidding, it was non-functional on half or my rides last time.

                  As far as the photo station, it could be tucked up against the temple right before you hit the main queue.
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                    Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

                    I always wondered why there wasn't an on-ride photo installed. However with all the new wrist band technology and photopass+ coming down the line, I wouldn't be surprised if we see one eventually. I have an on-ride picture of Dinosaur at the Animal Kingdom (uses the same vehical system) and some of the people look hilarious!
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                      Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

                      If this happens I would put the photo kiosk in the Bazaar. There isn't really room outside unless they took more space away from the Jungle Cruise.
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                        Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

                        how about making everybody in the car skeletons except for the actual person buying? They could choose to have that version or a regular one



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                          Re: Indiana Jones Ride Photo

                          Camera in the ball room right when the drop happens is something Disney always does so... this.

                          Also, you might be able to carve out a photo booth into the wall next to where those giant opposing doors are in the exit/entry queue (the really big room right before you enter the bat cave going into the ride).
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