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Disneylands Top 10


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  • Disneylands Top 10

    What's your top 10 favorite rides, shows, or attractions at Disneyland Park?


    1. (Tie) Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean

    2. Matterhorn Bobsleds

    3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbiden Eye

    4. Hanted Mansion

    5. Fantasmic

    6. Big Thunder Mountain R.R.

    7. Space Mountain

    8. Disneyland R.R.

    9. Peter Pan

    10. Mr. Toads Wild Ride

    I really love POTC and Splash Mtn. the best!

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    Re: Disneylands Top 10

    Nice list!

    That's pretty much what I would say as well, just in a little different order.

    Pirates #1 with Haunted Mansion #2 and Space Mtn #3. The rest mixed in.



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      Re: Disneylands Top 10

      No Electric Parade?
      Growing older is manditory
      Growing up is however, optional


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        Re: Disneylands Top 10

        Originally posted by PirateMickey
        Nice list!

        That's pretty much what I would say as well, just in a little different order.

        Pirates #1 with Haunted Mansion #2. The rest mixed in.

        Yah, the pirates are a classic ride that can't be beat. They're changing it though, might be a good change, it might be a bad change, don't really know. Here's hoping...


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          Re: Disneylands Top 10

          Originally posted by OogieBoogie
          No Electric Parade?
          I'm just doing out of DIsneyland Park.


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            Re: Disneylands Top 10

            [A la Spinal Tap]
            "Your list has eleven."


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              Re: Disneylands Top 10

              It changes every so often, but right now this is how I would order my top 10:

              1) pirates of the caribbean

              2) splash mountain

              3) haunted mansion

              4) indiana jones adventure

              5) remember dreams come true fireworks

              6) disneyland railroad

              7) fantasmic!

              8) peter pan's flight

              9) alice in wonderland

              10) space mountain


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                Re: Disneylands Top 10

                1) Space Mountain

                2) Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

                3) Disneyland Monorail

                4) Matterhorn Mountain

                5) Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road

                6) Fantasmic!

                7) Pirates of the Carribean

                8) Splash Mountain

                9) Disneyland Railroad

                10) Haunted Mansion


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                  Re: Disneylands Top 10

                  Here's my top 10:

                  1. Remember...Dreams Come True fireworks
                  2. The Haunted Mansion
                  3. The Mad Hatter teacups
                  4. Fantasmic
                  5. Space Mountain
                  6. Indiana Jones...
                  7. Pirates of the Carribean
                  8. Big Thunder Mtn.
                  9. Peter Pan & Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Tied)
                  10. Splash Mtn.


                  • #10
                    Re: Disneylands Top 10

                    1. POTC
                    2. Thunder Mountail Railroad
                    3. Splash Mountain
                    4. Matterhorn
                    5. Haunted Mansion
                    6. Indy
                    7. Jungle Cruise
                    8. Toad's Wild Ride
                    9. Peter Pan
                    10. Tom Sawyer Island

                    Based on experience from WDW, I'd be willing to guess that Space Mountain and Disneyland Rail Road should be on the list, but both times I've been to DLR they've been down.

                    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is mandatory, because I road it for the first time my 2nd trip to WDW and after that they ripped it out. Sentiment. hehe
                    "But every night, when it gets dark
                    and the stars come out,
                    I'll look up on her behalf.
                    I'll look up in the sky and think of you."


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                      Re: Disneylands Top 10

                      1. POTC - the People's Choice!
                      2. Haunted Mansion
                      3. Matterhorn
                      4. Space Mountain
                      5. Splash Mountain
                      6. America Sings
                      7. Country Bear Jamboree
                      8. Big Thunder
                      9. Indiana Jones
                      10. Jungle Cruise
                      Bonus Track: Adventures Thru Inner Space

                      And damn, nobody's got love for Star Tours? Okay, so I didn't put it on my list either, but it might have my favorite queue.

                      And Mr./Ms. Original Poster, disneyland's#1fan, you do know that the (Main Street) Electrical Parade originated at DL, right? You are, after all, the #1 fan ...
                      Magic Journeys...


                      • #12
                        Re: Disneylands Top 10

                        1. Haunted Mansion
                        2. Space Mountain
                        3. Fantasmic!
                        4. Remember... Dreams Come True
                        5. Indiana Jones
                        6. Peter Pan
                        7. Pirates of the Carribbean
                        8. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
                        9. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
                        10. Haunted Mansion Holiday

                        That was surprisingly easy to decide...

                        Cinderella IV: The Bloodening

                        "It's okay, Beaker, we're scientists. We get paid to fail."


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                          Re: Disneylands Top 10

                          I don't have ten favorites....
                          1) splash
                          5)I guess the fireworks, but I have only seent hem 3 times and have no plans to see them again.
                          6)I use to love the sky way (buckets..)

                          ...geez...I'm really thinking here...I mean we don't always ride indt or BTMR either....hmmmm...IDK...we usually go on a the first 2 or 3 then go to DCA....we usually hit POTC, but I always fight falling asleep on that one..or we talk quietly through it...


                          • #14
                            Re: Disneylands Top 10

                            If I can include extinct attractions as well...

                            1. Matterhorn
                            2. Submarines
                            3. Haunted Mansion
                            4. America Sings
                            5. Pirates
                            6. Adventure Thru Inner Space
                            7. People Mover
                            8. Splash Mountain
                            9. Country Bear Jamboree
                            10. Swiss Family Treehouse


                            • #15
                              Re: Disneylands Top 10

                              Great thread!
                              Okay, here is mine:
                              2. Space Mtn.
                              3. Indiana Jones
                              4. Splash Mountain
                              5. HM or HMH
                              6. TOT
                              7. Soarin
                              8. Aladdin a Musical Spectacular
                              9. California Screamin'
                              10. Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters


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