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My trip report


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  • [Review] My trip report

    Well I have finally made it here. It's been 22 years since being here. Boy is it different!
    I decided to make it my mission to collect as many pressed pennies as possible. In doing that I decided to ask a cast member how to find some. Who do I meet , but the famous Maynard! He sang and danced for me! What are the chances of finding him without trying?
    i highly recommend carnation cafe. I ate the mashed potatoes from the chicken fried chicken plate and also tried the pj &j soda - wow! I also had ice team from the Gibson girl while we waited for a table
    I got hugs and kisses from either Chip or Dale as they walked past. I finally got to meet THE MOUSE
    i rode star tours twice and went on the astro blaster..
    I had an awesome cm help me with the pressed pennies and said to come back for more help.
    i bought some pressed pennies folders as I can't get them at home. A new jacket as I have lost weight. Also a lovely thick beach towel that I'm using as a cushion. Also some Disney dollars
    on the negative side our shuttle only runs one a day each way and my silly bank has blocked my card. So that's awkward.
    Will add more tomorrow

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    Re: My trip report

    I had the same entree at Carnation Cafe. It's delicious.
    Merrily on our way to nowhere at all.


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      Re: My trip report

      So glad you had a fun trip!! Thanks for sharing!

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        Re: My trip report

        Can't wait to hear about day 2!
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          Re: My trip report

          I still haven't ridden some of the rides on my to do list. It will happen!
          today I worked more on my pressed pennies list. I got all but three (the machine was out of order) in California adventure and all of the ones in Downtown Disney. Thanks to helpful people including Chris at Flo's diner.
          We ate at Flo's diner. I can't eat much so I ate 2/3rds of the mash potato and a piece of roast beef the size of a quarter. What can I tell you apart from whoever recommend the place was right on the money and we plan to go there again
          i got to go to build a bear. I'm obsessed!
          We crossed over to DL for a bit as a helpful cm from yesterday was going to help on my mission to get all the pressed pennies, sadly we missed him.
          i went on the Hollywood tower hotel. The view was fantastic and I wasn't scared for the first time. We also went on Ariels ride as we only had a five minute wait. I chickened out and went on the stationary part of the Ferris wheel. The last ride of the day was was a river rapids ride. It broke down while we were waiting. On the ride I managed to get water up my nose!
          I discovered the ten dollar Disney note at guest services at CA has Mickey on it. Where as the one we got near its a small world (I think) has stitch on it.
          we managed to collect several of the free badges
          Later we went to target and were surprised its a part grocery store. So not like our target.
          I picked up some Divinty earlier in the day. It wasn't anything like I remembered. I will start taking pics soon. I have just been taking it all in
          I got a lot of things ticked off my list today. Now if only I can sleep.


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            Re: My trip report

            So another awesome day. We park hopped. The best of both worlds
            i got a lot of things crossed off my list. I have all the Disney pressed pennies apart from star arcade as they are undergoing maintainence. I tried a mint julep. Lovely. I got to ride the haunted mansion and pirates of the Caribbean. I got to go the enchanted tiki room. I had a dole whip float. I liked it but not as much as the mint julep. I became a pin collector/ trader thanks to an awesome cm in a shop that starts with Katts over at California Adventure. I went on Hollywood tower hotel and I'm no longer afraid. I went on splash mountain for the first time in 22 years. We did the muppet 3d experience. i saw a little of the mad hatters musical chairs and later the mad t party. We ended the day seeing some of the fireworks.
            We still need to see parades, fantastic and world of colour. There are still some rides, ok a lot of rides on my list to do.
            its funny to think us oldsters (40 year olds) out lasted the 21, 19 and 15 year olds who returned back to the hotel around six. We stayed until ten as that was the time of our only shuttle.
            tomorrow is a non Disney day as we hang out with our friend who has moved to LA


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              Re: My trip report

              All the pressed pennies!?! Wow, that must be quite a collection!
              I know there's at least 45 different penny machines with 3 designs each! You'll have to take a photo of your pennies!

              Don't forget the pennies inside the Disneyland Hotel, the Grand Californian, and the Paradise Pier hotel!
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                Re: My trip report

                Good idea! I got every available one barring and under maintainence. It took over two books. I got the hotel ones, tyvm I must admit I was on a mission. Now I'm trying to get as many of the different quarters. I don't actually know how to put pics up Oh I even managed to score two one dollar coins and decided to get some tokens too
                Im going to get other pressed pennies whenever I see them but I don't have to have a complete set, just whatever I see


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                  Re: My trip report

                  I second the request for your pressed pennies. I have a few from one trip where I decided to collect them, but I never followed through with getting the rest.

                  Sounds like a really productive trip!! Looking forward to hearing more!

                  Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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                    Re: My trip report

                    To put photos in your message, you have to first upload your photos to Photobucket, Flickr, or similar. Here's the instructions on how to put them in your message, once they're on one of those photo-share sites:


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                      Re: My trip report

                      I collect pressed pennies and have about 70 of them from all over. But can you guess where the majority of them are from? *wink wink* To refrain from getting them all, I just pick my favorite from the 3 designs they offer. Ohh the booklet, that's something I desperately need!
                      Thanks for sharing your tales with us!

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                        Re: My trip report

                        Thank you for the help
                        as for the booklet they don't sell them in Australia that I know of. So to get them I have to buy them off eBay, which is nit cheap so I waited until I got here. Now I'm just going to get them if I see them.
                        i won't be home for over three weeks so it will take time,
                        today we did some sight seeing. We ate at a cafe and I missed meeting the actress who plays Angela on bones as I was in the toilet
                        I did manage to see some of the stars on the walk of fame. I found Star Trek next gen per dispensers and saw the Hollywood sign.
                        I highly recommend eating at Hof's hut across from hojo's Buena park, amazing service and great food. I ended up getting some dinner there after a local Chinese shop screwed our order up and blamed us for stuffing up and hung up on us twice. I can only eat limited stuff ans small amounts. What I could eat from Hof's hut was sold out apart from mash potato which I'm sick of eating. They gave me a small container of pasta sauce for free as I was clearly distressed. So I had that and a bit of pecan pie for dinner around 10.
                        Tomorrow it's Venice beach


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                          Re: My trip report

                          Not a lot of time to report much except to say my friend did a good deed and got a fast pass as a reward you gotta love that.


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                            Re: My trip report

                            Disney is one of those places where good karma seems to kick in pretty quickly.

                            Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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